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Byuons, Quantum Information Channel,
Consciousness and Universe
Y. A. Baurov
Research Institute of Cosmic Physics, Closed Joint Stock Company
Moscow Region, Korolyo v, Russia
Received May 29, 2011; revised July 12, 2011; accepted July 25, 2011
The physics of consciousness and universal mind is shown on the base of theory of byuons, the theory of
“life’ of special unobservable discrete objects—byuons from which the surrounding space and the world of
elementary particles are formed. An essential distinction of that theory from the modern models in the clas-
sical and quantum field theories is that the potentials of physical fields (gravitational, electromagnetic, asf.)
gain exactly fixable, measurable values. Basic axioms and some conclusions of this theory are discussed.
The theory of byuons predicts the existence of a new force and a new quantum information channel in nature.
All objects of the Universe are shown to be united into the unique information field due to the huge interval
of uncertainty in the coordinate (Δx = L = 1028 cm) of objects 4b (object formed during four-contact
byuon-byuon interaction ( = 33 eV)) forming the surrounding physical space. It is a new quantum in-
formation channel.
Keywords: Byuon, New Force, Quantum Information Channel, Mind, Consciousness, Universe
1. Introduction
Today many authors discuss the following questions:
Why should there be a universe? Why Does Life Start?
What Does It Do? Where Will It Be? What is Con-
sciousness? [1-3].
Yes, these problems are very interesting for our mind
but I think they are very old and have no solution in the
framework of standard cosmological theories [4-6].
Therefore, I would like to consider some problems
from the viewpoint of byuon theory [7,8]. That is a the-
ory of “life’ of special discrete objects from which the
surrounding space and the world of elementary particles
are formed. The intrinsic dynamics of byuons determines
such fundamental phenomena as the course of time, phy-
sics of space, masses of elementary particles, rotation of
planets and stars, spins of elementary particles, asf.
2. Basic Foundations of Byuon Theory
Any theory begins with axioms, that is, with basic pos-
tulates accepted without proof.
Thus, let us assume that there are no space, no time,
no world of elementary particles from which all sur-
rounding us physical bodies (and living object too) con-
sist, but there is an object, the byuon (i), being unob-
servable in itself and characterized by discrete states (i.e.
numbered by the series of natural numbers) having in-
herent “vectorial” property. The expression for (i) is
() ,
where Ag is an inner potential equal, by magnitude, to the
cosmological vector-potential Ag, a novel fundamental
vectorial constant introduced by the author [7,8]; it is not
an ordinary potential of any field theory since we have
yet no notions of its field and potential; x(i) is “length” of
the byuon, a real (positive or negative) value depending
on the index i = 0, 1, 2, . The index i is a quantum
number for (i). It should be noted that the vector (i) is
not an ordinary vector in some space but an object with
“inner” vectorial properties that are manifesting them-
selves when the value x(i) changes in the process of
physical space formation. The quantum number is a
“face” of an object, that is, the value that characterizes
just that same its state in question but not another (for
example, “smiling” or “frowning”). We have to do with a
special property of the byuon that we call therefore the
inner byuon potential. The dimensionality of x(i) is that
of distance, so we will measure x(i) in centimeters (cm),
and Ag in Gauss centimeter (Ag 1.951011 Gscm). That
is, our fundamental object is dimensional. That was pre-
sumed by many authors which searched for so called
“universum” (the thing from which all the other things
are built up), since the real world cannot be constructed
from the dimensionless 0 and 1. But the question of di-
mensionality of that object remained an enigma. Our
object, the byuon, has dimensionality of Gs cm2, as
also have (in CGSE-system) such physical objects as
electric charge, magnetic flux, and Dirak’s monopole, a
hypothetic object not yet detected in experiments.
Further, the notion of time is introduced. In accor-
dance with our conception, by the discrete time of byuon
is meant a sequence of events corresponding to discrete
changes in index i from 1 up or down, which means a
transition from one state to another. In connection with
the discrete time, a time quantum
0 and space quantum
are introduced in the one-dimensional discrete space
R1 formed by states of byuon (
o 0.910–43s, 0
2.810–33 cm).
Statics. In the set {(i)}, no static states with time t >
o are meant. That is, the byuon is always in the state of
continuous changing.
Kinematics. A free byuon state (that is, not interacting
with another state) can correspond only to one of four so
called vacuum states II+, I+, I, II (VS) depending on
whether the vector (i) is real or imaginary, its length x(i)
positive or negative, decreases or increases in modulus.
Introduce the following definitions:
1) The free byuon is in vacuum state II+ if its positive
length discretely increases of a quantum of distance 0
in a quantum of time
0. At that the speed of byuon
propagation (increasing in length) 0
(c0 is
speed of light).
2) The free byuon is in VS I+ if its lenght discretely
decreases of a quantum of distance 0
in a quantum of
0. In this case 0
3) The free byuon is in VS II if the modulus of its
negative length discretely increases of 0
in a time
Therewith 0
4) The free byuon is in VS I if the modulus of its
negative length discretely decreases of 0
in a time
In this case
Location of byuon in one or another VS is of prob-
abilistic character and described by four
with indexes corresponding both to VSs and magnitudes
of quantum number i: 2,
, determining the proc-
esses of byuon length magnitude origin and increase at
positive and negative X(i), respectively; II
determining the processes of byuon length magnitude
cancellation and decrease at positive and negative X(i),
Assume that for the byuons with the length greater
than 0
, only contact interactions are realized, by which
we will mean existence of at least two byuons at a quan-
tum of space R1 (one-dimensional space).
Hypothesis 1. Assume the observable three-dimen-
sional space R3 to appear as a result of minimization of
the potential energy (E(i)) of byuon interaction in the
one-dimensional space R1 formed by them. More pre-
cisely, the space R3 is fixed by us as the result of this
byuon dynamics. In the space R3 therewith the dynamic
processes for objects with the residual positive potential
energy of byuon interactions originate, and in conse-
quence, the wave properties of elementary particles
For obtaining a basic results (the fundamental scales
of physical space; the fundamental constants; mass spec-
tra and so on (see Appendix)) the theoretical model
doesn’t require of a new mathematics creation.
The minimization of E(i) is achieved in the func-
tional space of the following variables:
022 ,2,
,,,,cos, cos,,
NkPNkPi iNkPkiNkPi
  
 
 
where k, N, P are the assumed periods in i; сosI+II+ etc.
are functions minimizing the potential energy of interac-
tion of byuons entering into the expressions for potential
energies II
,2 2,
,, ,
iiNkP iNkP i
 
 
etc.; these functions
are “responsible” for the appearance of a minimum plane
object and introduction of the concept of spin.
Only some part of theory requires to develop a mathe-
matical model basing on a new algebra of probabilistic
events since the elementary events (a discrete decrease
) or increase (D) in the length of byuon) are assumed
to be probabilistic in character. For example, for the de-
terministic approach the event
D 0 is illogical by
Von Neumann, but in the probabilistic space of events
the existence of
D 0 is possible.
Note that the known fundamental constant, light speed
appears in the byuon theory as a result of byuon changes.
The reader will know from [7,8] that, when having
specified only three constants: modulus of Ag,
0, and
, we obtain values of all other fundamental constants
and basic properties of the entire world as well and the
life, too (see Appendix).
The interpretation of the nature of quantum mechanics
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on the basis of byuon theory was given in [7-9].
In this references we have shown that all objects of the
Universe are bound into unique information field due to
the huge interval of uncertainty in coordinate (Δx = L =
1028 cm) of objects 4b (object formed during four-contact
byuon-byuon interaction in VSs II+ I+ I II (to read as
“4b-object”, = 33 eV.)), forming the surrounding
space (see Appendix). The author has named this infor-
mation field the new quantum information channel (QIC).
In [7-10] we have considered experiments carried out
with the aid of various measuring devices being capable
to sense signals passing through QIC. As a rule, all in-
formation on Earth is transmitted with the aid of elec-
tromagnetic field in the form of radiowaves, TV-waves,
photons of various frequency. Here we will be dealt with
information which cannot be transmitted in the ordinary
way by the electromagnetic field but can be transmitted
by means of changes in the structure of the physical
space formed by the objects 4b.
The byuon theory predicts the existence of a new force
in nature [7-12].
An analysis of great run of experiments with strong
magnets and torsion or piezoresonance balances carried
out throughout many years, has shown that the new force
is of a nonlinear and nonlocal character as to variation of
some summary potential A(|A| |Ag|). The summary
potential A contains potentials of all existent fields of all
possible sources (Earth, Sun, Galaxy, etc.), and the new
force can be represented as a complex series (sum) in
terms of changes in this summary potential A. The first
term of the series is
 (2)
where N is the number of stable particles (electrons, pro-
tons, and neutrons) in the test body.
The value of the new force (coefficients of this com-
plex series (λ1, λ2, λ3) and ΔA) will be an indicator of
this new information.
As an example of QIC we can consider a nervous
3. QIC and Consciousness
The nature of the nervous pulse lies in diffusion of Na
ions through the membrane inward the fiber, and of K
ions—out of it [13]. Thus some circular currents arise in
the section planes of the cylinder perpendicular to its axis.
Let’s imagine that we have a stick in a hand (as if a
nervous fiber). [Insert Figere1 Here] A torus-type rubber
ring is put on the stick, and some currents are passing
over the surface of this torus. Then we start to move the
ring over the cylinder in such a manner that it rolls and at
the same time turns inside out. That is just a model of
nervous pulse passage through the nervous fiber (Figure
1). On the basis of that model we may explain the me-
teodependence of some people and a role of byuons in
this dependence. Hence annular currents arise in the sec-
tion planes through the axis of the cylinder. These cur-
rents on the whole form a torus, in which there always
exists a magnetic field on the order of 30Gs in magnitude
(see (2), new force). The field of the vector-potential
associated with the magnetic field and currents, can form
nearly 30Gs gradients of change in modulus of the sum-
mary potential A.
Now we have a situation similar to that observed in
the experiments on QIC investigation with the aid of the
-decay [7-9,14], gravimeters with magnets [7,8], and, to
some extent, with a system of two quartzes [8,10], one of
which being inside the magnet system generating the
field of vectorial potential. When a nervous pulse passes,
there arises a mechanism of amplification of all signals
coming from the Universe and associated with changes
in A or with a solar flare and magnetic storm on Earth
due to the existence of a substantional value of
(approximately equal to 30 Gs). Note further that there is
no necessity for any special orientation of the nervous
fiber to amplify the signal passing through the structure
of physical space, since a torus has always six current
rings, the planes of which contain the effective directions
of action of the new force. This force will act on the
nervous fiber, causing a corresponding pain reactions by
some people which may be named “meteodependent”.
From all theoretical results recently obtained by the
author, one has mostly agitated him: that the spread in a
coordinate of R3-space is of the order of 10 cm for the
objects 4b forming an electron. This value actually coin-
cides with the characteristic size of human brain (volume
Figure 1. Model of nervous pulse passage through the ner-
vous fiber.
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103 cm3), and hence DNA, albumens, and other the
most complex biophysical objects of our brain can ex-
change by information, due to the objects 4b, at distances
of ~10 cm without dissipative losses and without any
current systems only owing to quantum effects (that is,
owing to the Heisenberg’s interval of uncertainty). It is
the physics of consciousness.
Therewith the amount of information units, bits, in the
spatial structure of DNA, is very great (no less than 1015
bits of information carried by objects 4b). So, one double
spiral of DNA carries in itself no less than 1015 bits of
information carried by objects 4b. This estimate is ob-
tained from the fact that an electron contains 1.5104 ob-
jects 4b, and the characteristics of DNA are the follow-
ing: length of ~10–4 cm, “width” of ~10–8 cm, mass of ~
10–12 g.
Does the Universal mind exist? Why is this question
put at all in the theory of byuon? Let’s attempt to reply to
these questions [10].
We have just now considered why the information
channel is built which has given the human brain and
consciousness the chance to appear in nature and occupy
in physical space the volume of characteristic size of 10
cm. But the theory of byuon says that the free objects 4b
forming the entire physical space, integrate all objects of
this space into one common information field. The Uni-
verse arisen has precisely the same communication chan-
nel as the human brain. Therefore, blasphemous though it
may seem, it turns out that we live within an object that
is constantly reading information on all that happens
with us and any other things in this Universe. For exam-
ple, whether you are going along the street, speaking at a
seminar or making some other things. But at this time
microcurrents flowing in your body change the summary
potential A, and the objects 4b forming the free physical
space in which the currents are flowing, distribute infor-
mation on all the changes instantly over all the Universe
because these objects are at the same time inside your
electrons and at another end of the Universe that corre-
sponds, in an information sense, to an enormous brain.
Note that the byuon theory hasn’t the speeds more c0 for
objects, and the STR postulate about constancy of c0 is
the consequence of byuon theory.
Thus the theory of byuon predicts the existence of the
Universal mind with which together we will live practi-
cally for ever.
Therefore the answers on the raised questions (origin
of life on Earth, etc.) are not panspermia, microbes or
viral visitors but it is QIC plus Universal mind. From this
viewpoint we see the evolution in nature: QIC crushes
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Table 1. Basic results of byuon theory.
Given Obtained
a) The fundamental scales: x0 = k 0
10–17 cm;
ct* = kN 0
10–13 cm; L = kNP 0
1028 cm;
k,N,P - calculated periods of interaction of byuons.
b) The fundamental constants: speed of light 00
, the elementary electric charge
Planck’s constant
 t
 .
c) The constants of all interactions, for example, vector constant of weak interaction Cv = eoAg23
d) Mass spectra of leptons (electron, muon, tau-lepton asf.), main barions, and mesons , for example,
the mass of electron: mec2 = m4бс2(сt*/xo); the minimum value of that residual potential energy:
= m4бс2 = 33 eV.
1) The quantum of space
2.810–33 cm.
2) The quantum of time
0.910–43 s.
3) The module of cosmological
vector-potential Ag.
Ag 1.951011 Gscm
e) The density of matter in the Universe ~ 10–29 g/cm3 (physics of dark matter (Baurov & Malov,
2010)); dark energy: physics on the base of new force (Baurov & Malov, 2010) and asf.
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