halin applied PRE has also been shown to cause as little as 1% crop injury and no yield reduction in white bean [25] .

4. Conclusion

This study concludes that UAN can be used as the carrier solution for dimethenamid-p, pendimethalin, imazethapyr and halosulfuron applied PPI or PRE and does not cause any incompatibility problems in respect to the spray solution. Herbicide carrier (water or UAN at 200 L∙ha−1) has minimal effect on the tolerance of white bean to dimethenamid-p, pendimethalin, imazethapyr and halosulfuron applied preplant incorporated or pree-mer- gence under Ontario environmental conditions.

Table 2. Main effects and interaction for white bean injury, plant stand, dry weight, height, seed moisture at harvest and yield with various herbicides applied PRE in water or UAN. Means followed by the same letter within a column are not significantly different according to Fisher’s Protected LSD at P < 0.05. Means for a main effect were separated only if there was no significant interaction involving that main effect.a

aAbbreviations: C, herbicide carrier; H, herbicide treatment; NS, not significant at P = 0.05 level; PRE, preemergence. bSignificance at P < 0.05 and P < 0.01 levels denoted by * and **, respectively.


The authors would like to acknowledge Todd Cowan for his expertise and technical assistance in these studies. Funding for this project was provided by the Ontario Bean Growers and the Growing Forward II of the Agricultural Adaptation Council.

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*Corresponding author.

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