Advances in Physical Education
Vol.05 No.01(2015), Article ID:54129,2 pages

The Influences of Taekwondo of Nursing School in Beihai City on the Comprehensive Development of Health School Girls

Xianzhu He

Sports Educational Research Group of Health School of Beihai, Beihai, China


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Received 25 January 2015; accepted 13 February 2015; published 16 February 2015


Taekwondo can affect many aspects from physical, psychological, temperament, and the overall quality of Health School girls and other personal development, helping to enhance their personal qualities. This paper analyzes the positive impact of taekwondo on the physical condition of girls in Health School, psychological, physical, and the overall quality of temperament, hoping to provide a reference for the promotion of taekwondo.


Taekwondo, Health School, Girls, Influence

1. Introduction

Taekwondo is a fighting technique originated in the Korean Peninsula. Taekwondo practice not only can enhance the physique, physical fitness of students, but also has a positive impact on their sentiments (Liu, 2000) . Current domestic universities carry out taekwondo curriculum for college students actively in order to promote physical and mental growth, especially for girls who do not have large sports interest. The movement and the effects are more objective, and thus taekwondo becomes popular in girl groups. In the following parts of the thesis, we would briefly discuss the role and value of taekwondo on Health School girls’ comprehensive development.

2. Literature Review

Based on five journals concerning taekwondo from the internet, including the necessity and countermeasures of taekwondo in college education, The positive role of taekwondo on the development of college students, the significance of college students practicing taekwondo, I find the positive influences of taekwondo on students’ development. Regarding these as the theories, this thesis analyzes the influence of taekwondo on schoolgirls of Nursing Schools in Beihai City in several aspects, such as physical fitness, mentality, body, temperament and comprehensive quality.

2.1. Constitution of Taekwondo to Health School Girls

In the aspect of physical fitness, it refers to the basic ability of human muscle activity, which is the integrated response of the function of organs, including strength, speed, endurance, delicacy and flexibility (Zhang, 2008) . Take 100 schoolgirls in the taekwondo Association as an example. 89% of them have made improvement in strength, speed, endurance, delicacy and flexibility in different degree after one-term practice. And thus, taekwondo plays an important role on students’ physical fitness.

2.2. Effect of Taekwondo Exercises to Female Psychology

Taekwondo exercises help girls to actively improve their negative emotions and relationships. Taekwondo school students often need to shout at the time of the action, which will help the girls cry resolving negative emotions in mind, the mobilization of the nerve center of the brain to make it into the excited state, to boost their self-confidence and to play a role in your breath and courageous. In taekwondo competition, it also allows students to gradually increase the ability to control their own emotions, long-term exercise down. There is no doubt that taekwondo would be beneficial to mental health, reducing anxiety, depression and other negative emotions. Thus, it can be described as a valid exercise therapy. Health School female ones, just like other women in the world, are shy with poor communication methods with people. Taekwondo exercise can help them open their hearts, and gradually develop optimistic attitudes. In motion through communication with coaches, student exchanges gradual improvement in the ability to relate to people, affecting their mental choose from many aspects of daily life, enhancing their ability to communicate and cooperate with people, so that they can lead a better daily life and can learn better.

2.3. Effect of Taekwondo to Body of Health School Girls

Physical aspects of taekwondo itself as a fitness way can play a maintenance effect on the beauty of the female body. It is significant that taekwondo can help to lose weight and improve the physical effect. Thus, so much Health School girls welcome. Taekwondo can enhance the softness of the female body. It is aerobic exercise to consume the fat better by focusing on the legs the action. It also can be a good exercise to attack WHR, thigh muscles, keep muscles strong symmetry, so as to provide an effective exercise way to meet girls’ need in pursuit of physical beauty (Wang, 2013) .

2.4. Effect of Taekwondo to Health School Girls’ Temperament

Taekwondo training exercises and combat can calm mental quality and develop the independence of strong self- awareness of Health School girls. Taekwondo attaches great importance to etiquette and ethics training, long- term exercise training exercise, which can lower those prudent minds, enhance their physical and mental qualities, who will play a role in honing exercises and confrontation that is the reason why this movement be loved. Taekwondo martial spirit advocated that keep etiquette, self-denial patience, perseverance and tenacity, start training around these spiritual goals, make women gradually develop panic mentality inspire courage in the confrontation, exercise smart response, and enhance their self-control ability and adaptability (Liu, 2012) . Especially the confrontation in the face of strong challenges, can deeper physical and mental exercise, students gradually cool head and calm aspirations, enhance personal qualities. Taekwondo for Health School girls will meet current quality of exercise students’ overall training objectives. In taekwondo practice, fails and injured are normal, especially in combat, confrontation is everywhere, the courage to face confrontation, to face failure with undaunted spirit, and tenacity when facing pain, are a necessary journey of an outstanding women, down the long-term exercise, it can enhance their ability to cope with failures and setbacks, and also can enhance women' defense capability and capacity to respond to unexpected situations. Taekwondo as a sport emphasizes confrontation requires the exerciser to overcome the physical and psychological difficulties faced by independent fail to overcome cowardice, evasion of mind, the difficulties, it can cultivate a strong sense of ownership of female independence.

2.5. The Influences of Taekwondo on the Comprehensive Quality of Schoolgirls in Health School

For the overall quality, the taekwondo can enhance their moral and cultural qualities, aesthetic qualities. Health School girls are of the age of about 16 - 20 years old, women in this age group is still in a critical stage of growth physically and mentally sharp, personal values undergone dramatic changes, especially women own unique psychological characteristics, so their tending for personal self-awareness and personal demand is more intense, this emphasis on etiquette taekwondo movement, so that they can be influenced by good etiquette to help the good moral quality of training. Taekwondo additionally can enhance their own defense capabilities, and also cultivate strong aspirations, in keep etiquette, under the influence of indomitable spirit, their hearts also get exercise, get internal quality culture, undoubtedly help to improve their moral quality. For the cultural qualities, the Health School girls have a certain cultural basis, but the overall cultural quality has yet to be improved, the face of the rapid social and cultural system update, remove to learn professional knowledge, other knowledge acquisition is also very important. Compared to the boys actively seeking out and developing, covering a variety of subjects, girls in terms of fun-loving is slightly narrow, traditional cultural understanding are not deep enough, taekwondo itself as a unique cultural history of foreign movement, help girls develop their cultural connotations, and also to enhance their cultural quality. As neighbors, China and North Korea culture is homologous. Taekwondo can be seen in many of the shadow of Chinese culture, such as taekwondo spirit on our country by Confucianism, Taoism ideological influence, taekwondo in the long-term development, the formation of both the health, connotation ethics, philosophy, mechanics, and other cultural and defensive depth understanding of taekwondo, allowing girls to better understand the Chinese traditional culture, so that they can comprehend the profound oriental culture (Wang, 2010) . Taekwondo practice also allows girls to enhance the aesthetic sense, sensitive to capture life’s beauty, sports beauty, mechanical beauty, spiritual beauty of my form, to let them grasp comprehend the inherent implication, and to enhance the aesthetic realm of Health School girls. Taekwondo lets the girls leave a deep visual audio to exercise their physique and mental focus on participation, coordinated physical and mental health, so that they gain in success and failure in their insights on life, culture confident, cheerful and other personality traits, training hardworking spirit. Thus, they would become fun and elegant, perfect personality talents, and enhance the overall quality obtained.

3. Conclusion

In summary, through taekwondo Beihai Health School girls can be cultured to be gritty-minded and body- shaped so as to help them enhance their morality, culture and aesthetic accomplishment, and to promote their access to comprehensive development, taekwondo is a kind of multi-effects exercise, which is worth promoting learning.


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