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Vol.06 No.02(2016), Article ID:65509,3 pages

The Mentally Offset Human and the Society

Kong Derick Njikeh

Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University of Yaounde I, Yaounde, Cameroon

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Received 25 December 2015; accepted 11 April 2016; published 14 April 2016


A human being is a complex type of creature whose existence depends on three components; the spirit, the soul and the body which interact in a reversible manner. I do believe that there comes a time when there is lack of a reversible interaction between the soul and the spirit in certain individuals which leads to a state of mental offset. For humans to live in sociality the world is governed by humans’ laws but the mentally offset human do not live according to these laws. Due to this, they are considered as being useless in the society but I do believe that they have complete natural human rights and are not useless for they are aware of each act they perform. It is observed that the mentally offset human hardly acquire a disease from natural origin, I do believe that due to this lack of a reversible interaction between the soul and the spirit, the immune system is reprogrammed such that there is a lack of recognition of exogenous and endogenous pathological substances and there is no means of interaction between these substances and the body cells.


Human Being, Spirit, Soul, Body, Mentally Offset Human, Natural Human Rights

1. Introduction

A human being is made up of three parts [1] ; the spirit which I believe is the invisible and intangible part, the soul which is the visible and intangible part and the body which is the visible and tangible part. All these three parts work together to coordinate human existence. In this visible world that humans live, the spirit coordinates the body for what so ever is manifested by the body in the visibility is of origin from the spirit in the invisibility. The spiritual part of human is the mind for we have to think before we act. All thoughts are not being manifested by the body because the spirit is the one in control. Dreams are carried out in the spirit and this explains why some dreams are about things that happened in the past, others about things that happen in the presents, others about things that will happen in the future and others about things that will never happen in the visible world.

2. Meaning of the Mentally Offset Human

The mentally offset human is a state in a normal human being when there is lack of a reversible communication of information between the spirit and the soul. In a normal human being, the body connects the external environment (the world) to the soul and the soul then connects to the spirit. So information of things coming from the environment is being communicated to the soul and from the soul to the spirit with a reversible pathway. I do believe that the mentally offset human have a disconnection of the passage of information from the soul to the spirit, so information goes only in one direction; that is from the spirit to the soul then to the body.

I believe this state can be caused through induction of the soul by another human being and through natural means. I believe it also depends on genetic, environmental and neurobiological factors. This is correlated to schizophrenia which means in Greek “splitting of the mind” meaning separation of function between personality, thinking, memory and perception [2] .

3. The Mentally Offset Human and Human Laws

In the mentally offset human, I do believe that information from the environment does not influence the action of the spirit. Naturally, we are created with human rights in which we are free to do anything at anytime and at anyplace for we know the good and bad effect on the environment of any act we perform. But due to the unnatural acquired characters of some humans, our world is governed by human laws in other for us to live in sociality and justice which then has as consequents a limitation to our natural human rights by influencing the action of our spirit. In the mentally offset human, since the environment does not influence the action of the spirit, they directly act by spirit which makes them to have natural human rights and do not respect human laws. With reference to this, they are classified by the society as being mentally ill (madman). For example, some mentally offset walk naked, talk by themselves, live in unhygienic areas, feed on inappropriate substances and so on.

Talking about the spoken language of the mentally offset human, it is considered to be inappropriate and useless by the society. But I wish to say that language is something that we learn at any age from when we come into this world still when we will leave. It can be arranged in any pattern given that a message is passed out which can be understood. Since the society cannot understand the language of the mentally offset, it is considered to be useless but I do believe that their language is understood amongst them because they act in spirit. If I may ask, “we do have different languages in the world, why is the society not considering each other’s language as being useless and inappropriate?”

I which to say, that even some persons in the society with same language pattern do use phrases which are not understood by others but it is understood among themselves. For example, the politicians; most of the spoken words of the politicians are things that they will not fulfill but they speak them in a metaphorical manner in which the society does not understand [3] . So why are they, not considered mentally ill?

With reference to the confinement of the mentally offset human in the so called mental facilities, I do believe that it is unjust. I believe that since they no longer respect human laws in order to live in sociality with the society, an area should be created for them where they have the freedom to express their natural human rights, interact amongst them and are not controlled by the society but provided for. The mentally offset do not need psycho pharmacotherapy for it has no effect on their state [4] . I do believe that nature at it appropriate time, with the help of a normal human support through psychotherapy and other means, will restore the equilibrium state lost in the mentally offset.

4. Health State in the Mentally Offset Human

It is observed that the mentally offset human hardly get sick due to the fact that they hardly contact a disease. I do believe that this is due to the fact that normally, in a normal human being, the immune system of the body is responsible for the fight against diseases in the body. This immune system is programmed and coordinated by the spirit due to communication of information from the environment through the body by the soul to the spirit, to recognize exogenous or endogenous pathologic substances. When there is disequilibrium within the body in the immune system, there is the appearance of a disease. But in the mentally offset, since they act directly by the spirit and there is no communication of information from the environment to the spirit by the soul, the immune systems is reprogrammed and coordinated by the spirit not to recognize exogenous and endogenous pathologic substances and the presence of these substances in the body have no effect on the body to cause a disease. This can been observed in the fact that, the mentally offset can drink dirty and contaminated water, eat contaminated food and poisonous fruits, bath in dirty and contaminated water and live in dirty environments without having any health effect meanwhile all of these conditions have a deleterious health effect on the normal human being.

5. Conclusion

The mentally offset humans are a special group of people who presence with complete natural human rights and should be allowed by the society to express them in an environment provided for them, without being control but provided for. I believe with time, nature will play it role, associated with our support through psychotherapy, for them to regain their normal human state so that they can again be integrated in the society.

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