Announcement from Editorial Board
The following article has been retracted due to the investigation of complaints
received against it.
Title: Studying cosmological time variability of the fine-structure constant from the
analysis of quasar spectra
Authors: Le Duc Thong, Nguyen Thi Thu Huong
The substantial portions of the text came from Le Duc Thong’s former article, " New
Method of Searching for Cosmological Time Variation of t h e F i n e - S t r u c t u r e C o n s t a n t
", which has also been retraced by Prog. Theor. Phys. because of plagiarism.
The scientific community takes a very strong view on this matter and we treat all
unethical behavior such as plagiarism seriously. This paper published in Vol.2 No.6
533-537, 2011, has been removed from this site.
JMP Editorial Board
May 24, 2012