Natural Science, 2009, 1, 1-1
News and Announcement
We are pleased to announce that the Editorial Board Member of NS, Kuo-Chen Chou, has been identified by Sci-
ence Watch ( as the author with the highest numbers of Hot Papers pub-
lished over the preceding two years (2007 and 2008). Among the 13 authors listed in the table of “Scientists with Multi-
ple Hot Papers” by Science Watch, Professor Dr. Kuo-Chen Chou of Gordon Life Science institute and Shanghai
Jiaotong University ranks No.1 with 17 hot papers.
Meanwhile, the review article by Kuo-Chen Chou and Hong-Bin Shen, entitled “Recent Progresses in Protein Sub-
cellular Location Prediction” published in Analytical Biochemistry, has been identified by Science Watch as the New Hot
Paper in the field of Biology & Biochemistry (
For more information about the hot research and hot papers, go to visit the web-sites at; http://sciencewatch .com/ana/fea/pdf/09maraprFea.pdf; and
Please join us to send our sincere and warm congratulations to our fellow board member, Kuo-Chen Chou, for his
prominent contributions in science. Meanwhile, we hope this announcement can attract more researchers to submit their
best papers to NS, the journal that publishes the highest quality of research and review articles in all important aspects
of natural sciences and their intersection.
NS Editorial Office