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The Function and Implementation Strategy
of Campus Culture Activities in Training
Liangtao Yang
Experiment & Training Center, Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, Shanghai, China
Received December 2013
Campus culture activities are important ways to implement quality education and enhance the
student sawareness of innovation and practical ability. According to the practice and exploration
of campus culture activities, the campus culture activities should focus on three aspects: immerse
into the socialist core value system, actively create a good educational environment and develop
various campus culture activities. These measures have achieved very good results in practice.
Campus Culture Activities, Talent Cultivation, Socialist Core Value System
1. Introduction
In China, with the continuous development of our higher education, it has become the consensus for the various
colleges and universities to improve the overall quality of students [1]. How to improve the overall quality of
practice and innovation capacity is a new topic for educators. Campus culture activities are an important activity
for College Students, which are an important measure to create a good educational environment, an important
way to enhance the overall quality of students, and at the same time an importance channels for students to inte-
grate into the society [2]. Campus culture activities are playing an increasingly important role under the back-
ground of the popularization of higher education, which have a special significance.
Currently, many local colleges and universities ar e strengthenin g the construction of campus culture and car-
rying out a wide range of campus culture activities [3]. Shanghai Second Polytechnic University is a local ap-
plication-oriented engineering university. In the long-running practice, our school has always attached great
importance to the construction of campus culture, and adhered to combine campus culture activities with talent
cultivation. We actively try and explore how to carry out a variety of campus culture activities to cultivate and
foster the overall talents to adapt to the society. In practice, we have achieved remarkable results.
2. The Importance of Campus Culture Activities for Cultivating Talents
Campus culture activities refer to various forms of activities under the guidance of a particular university cultur-
L. T. Yang
al value, which meet the needs of the cultural construction. In other words, all activities which happen inside and
outside the university campus, such as technological innovation activities, social practice and culture & sports
activities, should be classified as Campus Culture activities [4]. Campus Culture activities can penetrate into the
moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic education, so that students affected by subtle participation in activities,
their thoughts and feelings get nurtured, enriched spiritual life, their moral realm has been sublimated.
A variety of campus culture activities provide a vast world to students to form colorful personality traits, so
that students’ personality and potential can be fully developed. Each of the specific campus culture activities can
cultivate studentstemperament, good psychological quality and humanistic spirit, motivate students to love
their motherland and school, thus they will study hard and make progress, so it can make subtle sense of entre-
preneurship and innovation of students, team spirit, collective ideology, sense of responsibility and mission,
self-confidence and motivation [5]. Campus cultur e activities are actually a common process of progress and can
improve students by participating in a variety of activities. In the process of participating in campus culture ac-
tivities, students can find their own shortcomings, recognize and learn the advantages of others, learn by practice,
improve by learning and ultimately achieve the purpose of self-improvement and self-motivation.
In the era of knowledge economy, it is imperative to break the traditional education mode and vigorously
carry out quality education for personnel training. Campus culture activities provide a broad platform for quality
education and it has an extremely important position to implement quality education and improve the effective
conduct. In the process of implementation of quality education, campus culture activities play an important role
in promoting the overall development of students [6]. It can not only better promote the harmonious develop-
ment of all students, but also can better promote the harmonious development of each student. Campus culture
activities with thoughtful, professional and entertaining features can make students establish correct outlook on
life and values, cultivate their sense of competitive and innovation spirit to adapt to the socialist market econo-
my, so that students will have a good foundation for harmonious development of the overall quality of students.
Practice has proved that, in improving students’ ideological and moral qualities, developing studentsinnovative
spirit, promoting students’ health and other aspects, campus culture activities play a more important role than
the classroom does.
3. Integration into Socialist Core Value System
Socialist core value system is a major theoretical innovation of our party on the ideological and cultural con-
struction. Confronting all kinds of new phenomenon and trend, universities must adhere to the socialist core
value system to lead the construction of campus culture. We must strive to make our universities to become
strong position of Marxism, experimental fields of innovation practices and the moral high ground of social
progress and development. We must actively guide the students to form a correct outlook on life and values in
order to build a healthy, civilized, harmonious campus culture [7]. Our university always put to practice the so-
cialist core value system as an important task throughout the whole process of cultivating talents, adhere to mo-
tivate students with patriotism and always adhere to lead fa sh i o n with the socialist concept of honor, and always
adhere to combine the construction of socialist core value system with personnel training.
First, actively carrying out educational activities closely linked to the theme of the times. In 2011, combining
some major events, such as the 90th anniversary, the 100th anniversary of the Revolution, the Sixth Plenary
Session of the Seventeenth, our university grasp major historical node to carry out a series of publicity and edu-
cation activities, such as red classic movie screenings, my favorite red movie online voting and online comments,
Hundred Questions martyr—a dialogue across time and spacemartyrs campus activities. By these activities,
we vigorously carry forward the spirit of patriotism and revolutionary heroism and love school wing school
emotions. In 2011, the students’ learning on situation and policies focus on some major events such as the scien-
tific concept of development, the General Secretary Hu Jintaos important speech at Tsinghua University to cel-
ebrate the 100th anniversary and the “Julyimportant speech. We take a variety of forms to learn including con -
centrated study, to hire experts for learning guidance report, discussion exchange and self-learning activities.
Second, we focus on propaganda of typical characters and adhere to take advantage of typical characters to
encourage and infect teachers and students. Through the campus network, newspaper and other ways, we have
vigorously propagated advanced models, actively promoted these spirits such as dedication, lovin g our students
and rigorous scholarship, guided our teachers influence and educate students with their exemplary deeds and
behavioral norms. Our university has emerged outstanding educators in large numbers who are engaging in
L. T. Yang
teaching, research and management. Last year, our university propagated Dai Zhenwei in the department of
Computer and Information Science who donated blood stem cells deeds. Dai Zhenwei, who has donated volun-
tarily blood nine times in three years, won the 2011 Shanghai Party Committee System spiritual ten good deeds.
4. Creating a Good Educational Environment
Good campus culture and environment can influence teachers and students and at the same time create the
unique character. Our university emphasizes that the construction of material culture should integr ate university
spirit, and pay attention to the function of material culture of the university. After moving into Pudong Caolu,
new campus set up school motto walls and motto nameplate of respecting for students, emphasis on moral
education, focus on technology, build boat docks, install wind power generation equipment and erectPIN
word sculpture. Using these typical material identifications to carry forward the glorious tradition and highlight
the university spirit and ultimately form a vibrant, lively, harmonious, progressive campus culture.
By the platforms of 50th anniversary, our university further explored historical heritage, cultural heritage, re-
fined the spirit of model workers more deeply, in tegrated into the construction of campus culture and ultimately
form a unique brand of campus culture. We establisha wall, a grapp le”, a museum, three bridgesto
strengthen cultural symbols which contain the university spirit of model workers. “A wallrefers to the estab-
lishment of model workers alumni display wall which includes the 76 national model workers and provincial
model worker graduated from our school. The wall shows the style of model workers, knowledge application,
courage and pioneering spirit. “A grapplerefers to QiFan grapple”, which was invented by Bao QiFan, who is
known as the king of grapple. A Museumrefers to history museum about our university. It wonderfully and
completely has presented the history after the expansion and has become university spirit and important window.
Three bridgesrefer to QiFan bridge, GongDe bridgeand WenWu bridge, which are named according to
the outstanding alumnus’ name such as Bao QiFan, Yu Hong and Li Bin. All of the above will stimulate the
students and staff, create a strong cultural atmosphere and optimize the educational environment.
Our university has placed great emphasis on the construction of study style and combined campus culture ac-
tivities with the construction of study style to create a good learning environment. Construction of study style
infect all the students, subtly promoting mutual learning of all students, competing with each other and trainin g
students diligent and realistic attitude towards learning. Study style is an important guarantee for the quality of
personnel training. Therefore, we should take style construction as the core, focus on the guiding role of campus
culture activities, motivate students to study hard and to forge ahead, correct their attitude towards learning and
develop good learning habits. Through various forms of campus culture activities, the students’ interest and en-
thusiasm are fully mobilized. We should find the best combination to carry out campus culture activities and the
construction of study style, encourage and strengthen the studentsgood motivation and sense of innovation,
stimulate intrinsic motivation fundamentally student learning and innovation activities.
5. Carrying out Various Campus Culture Activities
For a long time, our university has closely linked campus culture activities and training objectives, especially
pay particular attention to inspire students to apply the knowledge to analyze and solve practical problems,
strengthened students’ practical and innovative awareness, fostered innovative spirit and ability and ultimately
enhanced studentscomprehensive quality. Currently, we have built a content-rich, diverse culture activities
system, which effectively promote personnel training.
One is technological innovation activities. Technological innovation activities are practical activities to de-
velop studentsability to carry out a comprehensive application, focus on training students to preliminary re-
search capacity, integrated applications and innovative ability. These activities include a variety of science and
technology competitions organized by our university, kinds of mathematical modeling contest, electronic Design
Contest, mechanical innovation design competition and other extra-curricular science and technology activities
organized by outside organizations. Science and technology competitions organized regularly each year include
CNC machining, mathematical modeling contest, advertising design contest, Electronic Design Contest, English
speech contest, PPT Design Competition, multimedia production and robotics competitions and other competi-
tions. At the same time, we also actively organize students to participate in extracurricular innovation activities
and competitions. There are lots of students who win award every year in a variety of national competitions or in
Shanghai. In 2013, for example, our students participated electronic design, mathematical modeling, robotics
L. T. Yang
competition, advertising and other kinds of Contest, have made 22 first prizes, 32 second and 45 third place
prizes. In addition, our university organizes regularly science and technology Festival every year. The Festival
promotes technological innovation, courage to compete. By the ways such as showing significant achievements
of our students in recent years, inviting experts to carry out a series of popular science lectures and reports, we
create a favorable academic atmosphere, attract the majority of students to p articipate in extracurricular scientif-
ic practice and inspire students’ technological innovation.
The second is social practice. Services for society are an important function for universities, and at the same
time are also important values. Our schools organize the young students to carry out various forms of social
practice. Through various forms of public service activities and volunteer service, the young students can prac-
tice the socialist honor concepts; develop noble thoughts and good moral character; form scientific, civilized and
healthy lifestyle. Our university has 30 student volunteers’ teams, including five university-level teams and 25
institute-level teams. Everyone involved in volunteer advocate the concept of voluntary service; by building a
multi-level system, expand volunteer service platform to find their own volunteer service projects. In their spare
time such as important festival and weekends, college students volunteer service team have insisted to help the
weak and the disabled, support education and science service, propagate the theme of environment protection.
Only in 2013, there are nearly 2,000 students participated in volunteer service and there are nearly 20,000
people who accepted volunteer service.
The third is cultural and sports activities. Our university actively mobilizes and organizes students to partici-
pate in extracurricular cultural activities and has set up cluster point theaters, elegant Music Club, Hip-hop clubs,
radio stations and other associations. All kinds of associations regularly organize events section, and guide stu-
dents to carry out healthy, a variety of community activities. Our university conscientiously implements various
tasks proposed inNational Fitness Program for the Development of Shanghaiand regularly carry out kinds of
sports activities every year such as annual athletic meets, dragon boat race, thousand students & one hundred
teamsshuttlecock game, basketball, football, badminton competitions and other sports activities. Our university
vigorously carry forward the traditional culture, develop dragon bo at and shuttlecock sport to enrich students
extracurricular sports activities, enhance national sports connotation and allow students to experience the charm
of national sports culture. Dragon boat shuttlecock sports have participated in the competition many times on
behalf Shanghai and achieved good results. Dragon Culturewas named outstanding projects by the Shanghai
Municipal Education Commission of Campus Culture. In 2011, the team of dragon boat attended the Tianjin
Fourth Chinese Dragon Boat Championships and won the mens 200 meters and straight mens 500 racing. In
2010, shuttlecock team attended the fourth National Sports Conference and won the mens doubles & mens
team prizes. In September 2011, on behalf of the Shanghai, our shuttlecock team participated in the Ninth Na-
tional Games and won the third prize.
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