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International City Traffic Congestion Based Analysis and
Countermeasures Research
Fei Li
Zhongsha n Avenue 12 Government-R u n, Xuan h ua Dist rict, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, China
Received January 6, 2011; revised January 19 , 20 11; accepted January 24, 2011
New York, London, Paris and Tokyo, these world-class cities have traffic congestion problems. Paper
pointed out that the main reason for traffic jams is incompatible with transport planning and transport devel-
opment, the Metropolitan Transportation properly classified according to physical distance, to borrow the
metaphor of Chinese classical culture, that “pie”, “Gun Xiuqiu”, “sword cut” and “kite flying” and four are
independent, interconnected transportation planning program. Use of an important node in the network traf-
fic, the transportation planning program four seamless integration, expanding the concept of traffic, build
traffic new venues to meet the sea, land and waited in vain for multi-functional travel needs through one-way
loop that Basic theory, integrated network group, established metropolitan cellular transport network system,
with sophisticated network management software, intelligent transportation and immediate traffic manage-
ment methods to various means of transportation in big cities of the diversion of human nature, which break
the cities Traffic congestion, to achieve smooth traffic international cities.
Keywords: Cities, Traffic Congestion, One-Way Loop, Cellular Transport Network Group
1. Introduction
In the world, with the rapid increase in the number of
transport, transport function of the expansion of diversi-
fied transportation trends in the world. States cities have
developed many ways to implement various measures,
still exist to varying degrees, the phenomenon of traffic
congestion. The root causes of traffic jams caused by big
cities, where is? To solve this problem, the physical dis-
tance of major cities were classified, and borrowed the
image of the Chinese classic culture metaphor that “pie”,
“Gun Xiuqiu”, “cutting sword” and “kite flying” and
four are independent, Layered access, interoperability of
transportation planning programs, the establishment of
metropolitan transport network model of honeycomb
from the big city traffic aspects of hardware and software
to solve traffic congestion problems large cities [1].
2. First, Build the Hardware Platform to
Solve Urban Congestion
2.1. “Pie” Planning [2]
This is the traditional mode of transportation planning
and construction around the world are present, people
with disabilities Road, walking trails, bike paths, lanes
and other traffic criss-cross the formation of a typical
straight-line box pie, as city residents most frequently
used daily travel Channel, is also the basis for the city
channel. The program is mainly responsible for solving
the short-distance traffic roaming city alley.
2.2. “Gun Xiuqiu” Planning
Establish a priority in urban transport planning the con-
struction of new ideas, through one-way circulation pat-
terns, building large cities cellular transport network
group, since any two adjacent rings are the same between
the driving direction, so the abolition of the traffic lights
in the traffic network settings. The program is mainly
responsible for address range through the city (such as
multi-center, satellite) in the middle of traffic.
Cellular transport network model is the most signifi-
cant features: open. In the computer network ring topol-
ogy, the network data transmission characteristics of a
one-way, to this principle in the map to the transport
network is one-way loop road transport network in the
traffic jam phenomenon does not realize the big city traf-
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fic from “A red” to “a green” changes.
2.3. “Cutting Sword” Planning
As the Chinese saying “one asked in the end”, the prov-
erb, illustrates the meaning of this plan, und er the lines in
this plan, regardless of how much each is to achieve “line
in the end”, the one-off transport through the city, not
stay the way. As a line which is like a melon, a knife
down, the “city” split in half. The program is mainly
responsible for solving the long-distance traffic across
the city.
2.4. “Kite Flying” Planning
Similar to the airport as “small but perfectly formed”, but
a much smaller scale than the airport, more affordable,
and kite flying is similar to that in the transport network
in the new transport landing site, if it is the coastal city,
But also planning of transport access to the sea port. The
program primarily responsible for solving the sky and
the sea, and other special transportation.
Need of special note is that only four types of trans-
port planning principles and models, is the topology,
different countries to combine their own national condi-
tions, according to the local urban population, land area,
vehicle type, degree of openness such as to make the
field of space Reasonable and scien t i fic decisions .
3. In Beijing, China, for Example, the
Establishment of Beijing Transportation
Network Model of Honeycomb in Order
to Further Understanding and Knowledge
of the System
Assume that China’s urban transportation planning for
the Beijing radius 300 × 300 square kilometers, if the
basic unit of 10 km, then to form a total of 900 30 × 30
cellular transport network. Transportation Planning four
as follows:
0 km away, in accordance with the “pie” Planning
building. The formation of (30 0/10) × (300/10) To tal 90 0
groups of urban construction land, the planning of new
groups, a small city as cities group, which contains a
huge wealth. In order to build a livable city Beijing to
achieve natural and harmonious living environment, the
proposed alternative construction of 10 km every eco-
logical zone, the ecological zone as the city’s natural
forests, the lungs of the city.
10 kilometers, according to “Gun Xiuqiu” planning
construction. The formation of (300/10) × (300/10) Total
900 network traffic lines. This is the main form of
one-way loop road, but also solve traffic congestion in
Beijing an important p art.
20 kilometers, according to “kite flying” Planning
building. The formation of (30 0/20) × (300/20) To tal 22 5
“kite flying” space. According to Beijing put the number
of aircraft and air traffic control requirements for con-
struction, transport services have been set up for each
site area, to respond to emergencies, the implementation
of traffic control.
30 kilometers, according to “cut sword”, Planning
building. The formation of (300/30) × (300/30) in Bei-
jing a total of 100 across the “bridge”. It should be noted
that the daily closure of the footbridge node, if you en-
counter special circumstances, such as the outbreak of
war, node collapse, heavy rain snow and so on, around
each node based on the actual need of immediate open-
ing, so that the formation of a larger transportation net-
work, prevention of urban Traffic was paralyzed in order
to meet the disposal of urban forces, mass transfer, mate-
rial supply and other emergency needs.
Through a century building, Beijing, China hopes to
achieve this goal: blue sky, the capital city as red and
green chessboard, shade, such as jade, Red House, such
as precious stones, thread, such as gold, undulating like
ocean waves, such as Heaven Habitat, driving, such as
flying. Beijing, China will build into a large number of
Beijing, a large forest in Beijing, a large network in Bei-
jing, smoot h bi g Be i jing.
4. Closely with the Four Transportation
Planning Program, it is Also Important to
Note the Following Questions
4.1. Cause the Four Focus
4.1.1. Open the City’s Airspace
Aircraft had been “parachuted” to the residents living in
the hope that countries acco rding to th eir actu al situatio n,
the city-owned open space areas, open up a section for
people to air channel. Otherwise, the people have not
cooked rice without rice pot. For example, Manhattan,
New York in 2010 to make a “fly” to work, an active
open space aviation authority to allow private plane took
off [3].
4.1.2. Fac tur ing Airbus
Pyramid, solar appearance, is divided into N layers (e.g.,
N = 7), to accommodate tens of thousands and thousands
of cars, using solar energy and electricity can drive. In
order to save the city’s land, the main Airbus pyramid
cities across the main channel in the “flo ating ” operation,
from the air, overlooking one of Airbus as “moving” of
the pyramid, keep the shuttle in the city, classical and
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stylish , the existence of the pyramid, will be the largest
city in a beautiful landscape. Meanwhile, in the network
nodes in all important transfer station to be set up.
This is the world faces a new task. This “walking the
Pyramid” has a lot of advantages: load capacity, low
energy consumption, low-carbon nature, less pollution,
noise, environmental protection is good, driving fast, a
short distance and efficiency. Daily traffic can be “pas-
sengers sightseeing, car travel”. Engineers also want to
stick to one pattern, designed to meet the future transport
needs of a wide variety of transport.
4.1.3. Universal Rail Transportation
In the cellular transport network should cover the entire
rail network of more than 80%, to a high starting point
plan, generous construction, all the nodes to achieve a
one-stop transfer. So people can save time and improve
efficiency. In large cities, construction of rail traffic is
very necessary and very important, cause some countries
to pay sp ecial attention , do not b e taken lightly. Th e pub -
lic will that they will choose the most economical way to
determine their own travel, or even a region will affect
the price of the traffic heavy traffic in the region and
depression. For example, in November 2010, China
“Guangzhou Daily” reported: Guangzhou Free Metro
crowded, traffic is very “hot” than the previous day by
more than 200 free people. Only “0” price subway on the
“Day” by pulling 200 million people [4]. This message
reflects the mass psychology of a trend: the majority of
people still hope that public transport prices as low as
possible, and even a free or subsidized travel. 200 mil-
lion people in the subway, may reduce the tens of thou-
sands of traffic to Guangzhou or hundreds of thousands
of vehicles, greatly reduced the traffic pressure, under-
standing and knowledge of public preferences for modes
of transportation, for the problems of urban congestion
has a very important role, because people understand the
city Preferences, you can modify the established traffic
patterns and reduce the probability of congestion. The
city in large cities, the number of rail traffic and transpo rt
network is much improved, can be said to be a barometer
of the efficiency of urban transit and compass, is the ur-
ban traffic congestion is frequently an important factor.
4.1.4. Pay Close Attention to the N ode Construction
Three-dimensional transport can not be separated to
achieve the construction of transportation hub, an impor-
tant node bears a very busy transit work, although the
four transport non-interferen ce between channels, but the
traffic through the node while ensuring interoperability
of four designs on the world sea Security design, etc., so
the scientific design of the node is very important in
solving urban traffic cong estion, and plays a role in con-
necting link.
4.2. To Do Three Interfaces
4.2.1. Contains the Entrance
In an important node, open up “Airbus” loading interface,
play fast bulk transfer transport role. If in a particular
region severe traffic jams, congestion in the road trans-
port will set out the entrance and transferred to Airbus to
go, then Airbus is responsible for the “add traffic jam”
transport to the destination. Transport take a “free” air
transportation. On the monitor will display part of the
vehicle suddenly in the congested road “collective dis-
appear”, thus easing the traffic congestion of the road.
4.2.2. Take off and Land Ports
In a dynamic driving on the road, sometimes the density
of vehicles increases suddenly and may jeopardize the
safety of aircraft took off from, in order to avoid traffic
safety problems, the network needs to establish a number
of aircraft landing field, aims to have the fly Func tion of
transport available to take off and landing entrances and
exits. So to have the air-land transport amphibious re-
leased into the sky, reducing the number of road trans-
port to ease traffic congestion in the road. In many nodes,
landing field is a multi-design, an increase of urban ca-
pacity, but also ease the difficult parking problems.
Of course, in the case of smooth road, with flying ca-
pabilities of transport on the road can be completed in
two basic actions: on the road transport took off at any
time; in the sky, land transport at any time.
4.2.3. Un d er the Sea
For coastal cities, if you travel in no hurry to reach their
destination, so people can choose to travel into the sea,
so that vehicles on the road the number be reduced; same
time, the marine traffic or leisure, entertainment, surfing
is a good project. New offer of transportation to the pub-
lic a wide range of travel, highlighting the human ori-
ented thought, happy in the realization of the people in
traffic. For example, in 2008 the Swiss car design com-
pany Rin-speed (Cloud-speed) launched the world's first
concept car sQuba [5]. The car can be as common as cars
on the highway; also be the same as the submarine or
underwater vehicle in the water, very human.
Traffic congestion in the road, the entrance through
the set, part of the transport moved to Airbus; by landing
port, transport, transfer to another part of the sky; through
the next to the sea, there are still some vehicles trans-
ferred to the ocean. Through the above three methods,
the physical segregation of the three types of transport,
the congestion in the number of road transport will be
greatly reduced, along with traffic congestion problems
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4.3. To Solve the Two Questions
4.3.1. Transfer One-Way Loop Road is Not
This understanding may be affected by a single line, to
explain the one-way loop road is not exactly the same
one-way street. Establishment of one-way loop road
network is to increase the number of (multi) “air high-
way” or “sea highway”, the transport means to the limit,
a combination to achieve the sharing of resources, im-
prove transportation efficiency To further improve the
traffic network system. As part of the car to release the
single loop road to the sky or the sea, thus reducing the
number of ground transportation, it is to solve the traffic
congestion rather than moving p lug points.
4.3.2. Aircraft Will Not Happen between the
This fear is very necessary and must be addressed. Cel-
lular transport network in each individual ring, the air-
craft are all one-way flight, aircraft, completed only in
the node to switch between different regions, so the air-
craft does not occur relative collision phenomenon, and,
as the field of urban space further open space can also be
layered to set Road, greatly enriched and facilitated the
free navigation of aircraft.
4.4. To Resolve a Contradiction
New traffic plan, must reach the old city construction
and traffic management, innovation and old-fashioned
dispute exists, the formation of a contradiction. New
traffic plan may also span to multiple independent ad-
ministrative, and even across countries. On the one hand
cellular network planning to follow the traditional rules
of the game. Cultural monuments such as experience,
military areas and other special circumstances, in order
to build a large circle, put a small circle. On the other
hand strict implementation of traffic planning. Within the
red line in the planning of the “obstacles” to vigorously
demolition, involving land, compensation and other spe-
cific issues, through political, economic and other means
to a reasonable solution; encou ntered transnational trans-
port planning, to use diplomatic means to give up the
struggle, the traffic between the countries unite to
achieve a planning multi-country pass.
With the progress of science and technology widely
used in the transportation field, the unit already has a
variety of vehicles travel. Urban transport planning and
forward-looking cities to solve traffic congestion as one
of important factors, transport planning is necessary to
meet the current mode of transportation, but also con-
sider the future direction of development of transport.
5. Second, the Custom Software System to
Solve Urban Congestion
Establish a set of intelligent network traffic management
software system, which is the living soul of cellular
transport network is an important means to ensure the
smooth flow of traffic. To enter the transit network to be
free share for each vehicle traffic information, video and
voice applications, pictures and understand and observe
the network in a timely manner, the dynamic traffic con-
ditions, and enhance the transparency of network opera-
tions. For example, the transportation network in place
somewhere in a traffic accident or traffic jam, the com-
puter network system immediately issued a directive, on
the one hand to the o ther driv ers to adj ust the dr iving lin e,
the other party inform traffic management officers in
time, to resolve the problem, restore the traffic network.
In addition, each state must adopt laws and ethics, and
many other acts to regulate traffic, improve traffic effi-
ciency and reduce the number of trips, reduce urban traf-
fic pressure to ensure the smooth flow of large cities.
Traffic congestion in big cities in the world, many
countries are facing a new task, but also a new problem.
Rapid development in the international transport of the
times, breaking the national boundaries, brought together
national intelligence, share new results of traffic, the
large flow of traffic for the world to do their own contri-
6. References
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