ctions from the articular surface (Figure 3(D)).

The results described here suggest the use of LLLT as an aid in the formation of a fibrous pseudo-joint to accelerate the healing process and improve the quality of formed tissue, thus enabling the animals subjected to this type of procedure a better and more rapid recovery, thereby suggesting the application of LLLT in physical therapy in patients with femoral neck fracture or excision of the femoral head.

The protocol of this study is consistent with the Ethical Principles in Animal Experimentation (COBEA/June 1991) and follows the Standards for the Practice of Scientific-Didactic Vivisection of Animals (Law 6638 of 08.05.1979) and was therefore approved by the Research Ethics Committee of UNIVAP.


We thank Fundação Valeparaibana de Ensino, Brazil for supporting this work.


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