Major findings

Neuner et al., 2004

-North Uganda (2000, 2001)


-n = 43


(4 months, one year)

PTSD: PTSD absent one year follow-up (71%).

Anxiety, Depression, Psychological Functioning:

No significant difference between cases and non-cases

Neuner et al., 2008

-South Uganda (2003, 2004).

-Flexible (intuition) Trauma Counseling.


-n = 277


(3, 6, 9 months)

PTSD: NET, flexible counseling significant improved Physical symptoms: not significant indicating

Farchi & Gidron, 2010

-Israel (2001-2009).


-Emotional Ventilation

-n = ??


(one month)

Mental Resilience: no changes

Yeomans et al., 2010



-Reconciliation intervention

-Psycho-education, (including reconciliation)

-n = 124

PTSD: Significant improvement intervention groups (Reconciliation, Psycho-education)

PTSD + culture validated questionnaire:

Only significant Reconciliation group Anxiety, Depression, somatic symptoms: no significant differences

Ayoughi, S et al., 2012



-Manualised local developed counseling practice + medication

-Medication only

-n = 61 women


(3 months)

Anxiety: Counseling group significant reduction at 3 months follow-up Depression: Counseling group significant reduction at 3 months follow-up Local depression questionnaire: significant reduction 3 months follow-up Psychosocial Stressors: Significant reduction of psychosocial stressors at 3 months follow-up. Coping Mechanisms: Significant improvement at 3 months follow-up.