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Vol.05 No.18(2014), Article ID:50772,3 pages

To Deepen the Reform of Teaching Methods in Professional Education

Tian Zhang1, Man Liu2, Yuxia Chen3

1Training Department, Air Force Logistics College, Xuzhou, China

2Department of Basic Courses, Air Force Logistics College, Xuzhou, China

3Department of Military Supplies, Air Force Logistics College, Xuzhou, China


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Received 26 August 2014; revised 20 September 2014; accepted 25 September 2014


Teaching is a complex system; the reform of teaching methods is very important in education. The teaching methods in traditional schooling education had many disadvantages; it can not satisfy the requirements for professional education. Along with the progress in the professional education, it is necessary to analyze and grasp the characteristics of the teaching methods, abide by the principle of the teaching method reform carefully and build up the scientific teaching methods to satisfy the needs of the professional education.


Professional Education, Teaching Methods, Reform

1. Introduction

Teaching methods (Liu, 2002) are the faculty and students to connect with each other in a joint activity, in order to achieve the teaching purpose, complete the teaching task. It is the link of teaching object, teaching target, teaching content, teaching means and teaching effect, throughout the whole teaching process. Deepening the education teaching reform, it is not only to renew the educational idea, but perfect the teaching contents and optimize the educational design, etc. At the same time, aiming at the professional education, it is necessary to deepen the reform of teaching methods and build up the system of teaching methods to adapt for the need of professional education (Wei, 2004).

2. The Characteristic of Teaching Methods

Teaching method is a science, has its own characteristics. Deepening the teaching method reform of the professional education (Zhang, 2006), it is important to understand and grasp the main characteristics of the teaching method fully.

2.1. Inheritance

The development of teaching methods is the process of inheriting critically. The traditional teaching methods are not good for nothing, they are summed up by the general faculty in the long-term teaching practice, it still is the wealth of the teaching method reform. Modern teaching methods can not fully absorb the traditional teaching method, and not all be negative, the reform and innovation must be based on the traditional teaching methods. It should focus on summing up the results of teaching methods, and form the system of teaching methods matching with the new outline, the new teaching content.

2.2. Diversity

Due to the diversity of the teaching task, the differences of teaching objects and the rich of teaching contents, the teaching method is varied. At the same time, with the development of science and technology, especially the educational technology, it provides the developing platform and the space for the innovation of teaching methods, it provides the condition for the teachers to apply and develop the new teaching methods. Therefore, along with the deepening of the reform of teaching practice, the teaching methods will be more and more colorful and abundant and varied.

2.3. Limitations

Any teaching method has its own unique performance, range and application, there is not exist the teaching method that applies to any environment and conditions. Each teaching method has its advantages and disadvantages. In order to finish the teaching task, we should choice the corresponding teaching method, when the teaching is carrying out the corresponding methods should be applied, once beyond the scope of applications, the teaching method will be lose its value. Only we use the different teaching methods along with the teaching properly, the education can be successful and play the whole role of teaching.

3. Abiding by the Principle of the Teaching Method Reform

Different teaching methods has different application, we should consider every part in the teaching. In general, it should follow the following principles.

3.1. It Must Be Based on the Special Requirements of the Teaching Goal in the Teaching Methods Reform

The teaching method is the method to achieve the teaching goal, according to the different teaching goal we should choose the different teaching method. Therefore, the teaching goal is first considered in the teaching method reform, and service for the teaching task. In order to make the students obtain the perceptual knowledge, the teaching methods are many, such as demonstrating, visiting and so on. Furthermore, to make students obtain the rational knowledge from the perceptual knowledge, the teaching methods can be discussing, interacting, casing, etc. To make students gain the practical skill, the teaching methods can be test, simulation, assignments, drill and so on.

3.2. It Must Be Based on the Nature of the Teaching Content in the Teaching Method Reform

Different teaching contents have different characteristics, the teaching methods reform should be according to the teaching contents in the education. Teachers should grasp the characteristics of the course, and analyze the contents of the material, turn all into their own knowledge, idea and language, sequentially get more on the teaching methods. If teachers can not grasp the teaching contents sufficiently, when choose the teaching methods may be failure. For example, for the theory, can explain, discuss, inspire, case, for the skill, can demonstrate, practice, drill, for tactics, can practice, drill, excise and so on.

3.3. It Must Be Based on the Students’ Individual Character Characteristic in the Teaching Method Reform

Students are the main body of teaching, considering students is an important factor to achieve the teaching effect. Scientific teaching methods must conform to the age, knowledge and learning methods of students. For the students’ different age, knowledge base, level of ability and experience of practice, the different teaching methods should be applied. Such as the grow cadres for training, they are colleges from local and just enlist, they are good basic knowledge, but weak in technical quality and lack of the practical experience of army. So in the process of teaching, the interactive teaching should be put to use, in the arrangement of teaching, first theory, after practice, also first practice, after theory, or practice and theory are at the same time, the theoretical teaching and practical teaching are interactive. In the process of teaching, the explanation should be careful and thorough, the case type, discussion, analogue of teaching methods should be adopted.

4. Applying the Professional Educational Methods Scientifically

In the process of teaching, according to the characteristics, task of teaching, objective of education, a variety of teaching methods should be used comprehensively, in particular, we should pay attention to the application and combination of the following teaching methods.

4.1. Case Teaching Method

With the deepening of the reform of professional education, case teaching, as an effective method, has been used by many teachers, but some teachers have some deviation on the understanding of case teaching, think the case teaching as examples or demonstration. In the process of teaching, teachers can not simply think the case teaching as examples corresponding the education or the analysis of the case. The case teaching should keep to the following: one is the cases are selected meticulous. The case selected should be typical, representative, revealing the theory. The second is introducing the cases, by the simplest scene description, offering the cases to students read or teachers explain. The third is analyzing the case, by finding the question and solving the question between students, teachers should do well in spiring and come up with the thinking. The fourth is concluding the cases, after discussing teachers make necessary summary according to the reality, and asking students to write the process of the case.

4.2. Discussing Teaching Method

Discussing teaching method is based on the intensive teaching, for the key and difficulty contents, doubtful questions and controversial academic problems of teaching, by the students thinking independently, discussing or communicate, finally teachers make a summary and achieve the teaching objectives. In order to carry out the discussing teaching method, the following must be grasped, the first is making sure the discussing contents. According to the basic situation and learning requirement of students, referring to the teaching outline, ensuring the contents of discussing, drawing up the topic of research. The second is making preparations of discussing, by carrying out the appropriate class earnestly, making preparations for necessary theory and knowledge. The third is organizing the class discussion, discussing the teaching contents and goals, teachers must grasp the direction in the class, deal with the problems appearing in the classroom flexibly. The fourth is commenting on the discussion, at the end of discussion, teachers summarize and comment according to the case of discussion.

4.3. The Analog Teaching Method

The simulated teaching is leaving students in the similar things and developing situation, by contacting with the simulated conditions and actual materials, obtaining the necessary perceptual knowledge and skills, so deepening the rational knowledge, improving the students the ability of applying the theory to solve the practical problems, consequently reaching the teaching effects simulating practice, operation and live-fire drills. The simulated teaching method is mainly divided into material simulation, environment simulation and characteristical simulation, the importance of simulated teaching is not reaching new knowledge, but rather promoting the students to apply the knowledge they had to judge and quickly form the comprehensive ability in the complex and changeable condition, at last training the system and science of the educational methods.

4.4. The Type of Job Teaching Method

The assignments for training is an effective teaching method, by supposing the basic situation, the intention and development of both sides in the future war to organize the operational and tactical training. It is an important part of the battle and tactical training. When organizing the assignments for training the following must be noticed, first is that teachers choice the contents of assignments, apply scientifically, highlight the make-up operation, terrain exercise and practical confrontation drill on schedule. The second is teachers not only pay attention to offering the condition of assignments, organization and discussion, comment on and appraise the working procedure, but also introduce students to make conclusions by the characteristics and methods they grasp. The third is faculty should guide students to query and doubt, inspire their creativity, cultivate their ability to work independently.

5. Conclusion

Teaching is a complex system, and the teaching methods are the priority of the reform, only to fully grasp the characteristics of the education teaching methods, follow the principle of teaching method reform for education, scientifically apply the professional teaching methods, promote the reform of education teaching method thoroughly, in order to improve the quality of personnel training constantly.


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