Energy and Power Engineering, 2013, 5, 881-883
doi:10.4236/epe.2013.54B169 Published Online July 2013 (
Research and Application of 3G Electrical Safety Job Site
Intelligent Monitoring Device
Changqing Zhao, Chenxu Zhao, Heng Xu, Haijun Zhang, Minghao Sun
The Bayannur power Bureau of Inner Mongolia Electric Power Group Co.Ltd, HuHeHaoTe, China
Received February, 2013
This paper describes the shortcomings and difficulties of power company security construction, such as site
management for construction site security monitoring personnel is limited, in recent years, rural power grids and Urban
Network alteration Faced with new situation . The use o f ad vanced science and technology and co mmunication terminal
in order to better strengthen the means of power construction site safety supervision, improve the level of safety
production supervision, design and development of a new electrical safety job site intelligent monitoring devices. The
device consists of three parts of the remote wide angle 360 degrees of portable video surveillance equipment and 3G
smart terminal equipment and portable battery. Through the application of such a device, professionals can remotely
monitor the construction job site safety, diagnose, and effectively improve the security of the electricity sector
management and reduce security risks and personnel on-site monitoring costs for improving the security of the entire
power industry field operations with significance.
Keywords: Safety; Electrical; Intelligent Monitoring; Application
1. Introduction
As we all know, the personal safety of electric power
construction site is the basic requirements for safe
production. Part of the construction site, some of the
work team, one-sided pursuit of speed of construction to
the neglect of the safety management, the problem of
illegal operations and inappropriate measures occur at
any time, leaving many security risks, these problems
have been plaguing the safety and production of
electricity. Safety oversight becomes the focus of the
work of production safety, only to strengthen the
monitoring of security operations at the scene, in order to
effectively control the occurrence of the accident.
Monitoring of the power system is still generally the
on-site supervision of security p ersonnel and fixed within
the scope of on-site monitoring, but most of the power
construction work in the outdoors, mountains and
pastoral areas and away from the city area, the safety of
operations at the scene cannot be effective monitoring
and protection. In order to ensure the personal safety of
the construction site, the traditional methods of
surveillance and security managers rely on on-site
inspection, in recent years, supervision of rural power
grids and city power grids due to limited manpower, has
been unable to meet over a broad area of a new situation.
Therefore, to strengthen the means of power construc tion
site safety supervision is important. Improve the level of
safety production supervision, is the first task placed the
safety supervision department of the Power Supply
Bureau. The events of a Power failure, some staffs lack
of the technical level, rather than cannot quickly
determine the point of failure. Not only affects th e user a
reliable power supply, and the extended outage time.
Therefore, the necessary research and development of a
mobile monitoring device, it can move with the job site
and are subject to monitoring, so as to achieve effective
control of field operations. With digital video
compression, transmission, storage and playback as the
core of a new generation of video surveillance system,
this system is known as network digital video
surveillance systems. The system has some of the
advantages of the traditional monitoring system does not
have, such as multi- functional, anti-jamming is strong,
easy to maintain, easy to preserve. The digitization of
information, networking and intelligent is a trend of
social development, Therefore, the system for a mobile
intelligent field operations monitoring devices, video
compression and monitoring functions are concentrated
into a small device, to provide reliable and uninterrupted
power supply, Internet directly through the 3G network
connection, plug and look to achieve on-site monitoring.
Ensure scene safety operations thousands of miles away,
you can also remotely monitor and viewing[1].
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2. 3G Operations Monitoring Device Design
2.1. Technical Principle
The monitoring device is the use of a remote wide angle
of 360 degrees, portable video surveillance equipment,
homemade tripod, portable battery providing battery
composed of three parts. Through 3G communication
module Remote transfer Audio, v ideo surveillance terminal,
it can enter the site to monitor construction to achieve a
work-site monitoring equipment, all the data together to
monitor the terminal, be adjusted by management im-
plemented through the computer screen, a 360-degreepull
into the wide-angle monitor with no blind spots, to
achieve real-time supervision of distribution at various
points of the multiple-site construction site.
2.2. Technical Features
The device produced by the current international state-
of-the-art CCD camera monitoring equipment, it by
microcomputer control the display of the host circulation
or location to display the surveillance images, the use of
Unicom's 3G network to transmit. The device enables
security managers in front of the computer terminal to
monitor any construction site monitoring equipment, can
also be monitored through intelligent mobile phone
terminals, observed at any time to master the con-struc-
tion site of the security situation, especially the scene
violation is found, can be promptly corrected to protect
the construction site safety management. When the
construction site, such as unplanned failures, have
technical personnel and remote technical support, the
construction site of the monitoring station can record
important information as a future security. The device
has the following characteristics:
1) High image quality. It can work in a situation
complicated geographical conditions of the day and night,
mountain, are able to ensure the image is clear, stable,
true, in a timely manner to reflect the situation of the
construction site.
2) Without cable restrictions. Transmission over 3G
communication network, monitoring range, can any one
point of view of 360-degree monitor the construction site,
and simultaneous viewing of intelligent mobile terminals.
3) It is compact, easy to operate, easy to carry.
4) Electricity supply by the battery supply, in excep tional
circumstances, then the vehicle power supply.
2.3. Key Technology
The performance of 3G mobile devices in the smart
device is the key technology for device applications. 3G
key technologies mainly refer to the processor technology,
RF technology, display technology, battery and power
consumption, camera technology. Include the following
1) Processor technologies to gradually adapt to the
diversity of 3G terminals, high function and high quality
development trends. 2) RF technology including the
performance of the receiver and transmitter performance
and antenna performance.3G RF characteristics of wide
bandwidth, full duplex, zero-IF technology, multi-mode,
etc. 3) 3G terminals in the average power consumption
and 2G compared to a large increase, increased battery
capacity requirements of 3G terminals.
3. Use Characteristics
3.1. Work Efficiency of the Site
Through the device, the safety supervision personnel to
remote work site personnel arrangement layout, less than
the site can propose a more reliable and reasonable job.
Make the right judgments in the shortest possible time
and to operate. Based on the distribution of “trans-
parency” safety management, security management can
always understand the state of the field staffs, such as
checking the safety of field operations, check the security
measures implemented, and staffs mental state are good.
Full security operations under the supervision of staffs
timely and accurate processing failure. Even if the staffs
are not on the scene, and timely access to the system
configuration of the wireless transmitter module fault
information; device according to the system reflects the
actual usage, and facilitate staff and reasonable arrange-
ments for the relevant maintenance work.
3.2. Device Used in Emergency Repair Work
Monitoring by the monitoring device, after the em-
ergency repairs and disaster (fire, earthquake, flood, etc.),
some of the technical staff cannot come to the scene, the
need for all professionals in consultation, the use of the
device, and professionals through remote video terminals,
the use of mobile phones through the 3G network mo-
nitoring to the site to construction site, to convene an
expert consultation meeting. Effectively reduce the
power-off time. Use the device through the job site,
workers can be a short period of time to analyze the
cause of the malfunction, graphic and video information
sent wirelessly through the 3G network. Workers not on
the scene can also understand the specific fault infor-
mation, remote master site equipment failures caused by
information, accurate and timely processing failure,
effectively help to reduce power outage time and
improve productivity[3].
4. Domestic and International Research
In recent years, foreign countries already have some of
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Copyright © 2013 SciRes. EPE
the more mature wireless video-based server products,
these products are generally side to complete video
surveillance video capture and image compression and
image network transfer functions. Such products in the
domestic part of the company’s own design and pro-
duction, most of the monitoring systems use this program.
Dedicated video server to network video surveillance,
and basically meet the general monitoring requirements
in the area, but all of the integrated system is relatively
expensive. These products due to its own high price have
hindered their use, such as some construction job site,
and outdoor spaces. According to the research of related
products at home and abroad, the use of 3G com-
munications, mobile video surveillance have been
success stories, but the monitor has been in power the job
site is still blank, so the authors draw on the advanced
methods used in the construction of power lines, power
failure, repair the security scene technological innova-
5. Implementation Effect
Use this de vi ce, th e use of p orta ble re mot e vide o mo nito rin g
equipment, with construction personnel entering the
scene, and placed to the construction site safety sup-
ervision personnel remote to control the computer screen.
Intelligent mobile terminal may use remote monitoring,
real-time supervision of the distribution of multiple site
construction site, both to reduce the in tensity of the work
safety supervision personnel, but also to strengthen the
safety supervision, improve the work efficiency.
Monitoring system put into use, the addition of a solid
and reliable line of defense for job site safety manage-
ment, leadership and safety sup ervision, remote real-time
supervision of job site, to en sure the safety of the job site.
In particular in:
1) Monitoring devices can accurately record the job
site a variety of behavior, you can reproduce the
functions of the job site scenarios is complicated and
more staffs on-site, you can repeat playback function,
careful observation of each operating officer if there are
2) The monitoring device can reduce the waste of
human resources and can be achieved through the
addition of the monitoring device to person more than
one job site supervision .
6. Applications
The application of the device through the year, the timely
control of job site conditions, to detect and deter the
staffs violation; a substantial increase in the level of job
site safety management, standardize the order of the job
site, to eliminate the blank the status of illegal
punishment. Security management can be realized from
the office can be on the job site of the real-time security
monitoring, reminded the safety o f operations at any time,
thereby reducing the staffs to go out the use of vehicle.
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