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Practical Teaching Platform Construction Based on
Moodle—Taking “Education Technology Project Practice
as an Example
Ruonan Xing
Communication School, Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang, China
Received May 2013
Moodle platform is the international popular course management system. Based on the project practice of education
technology course as an example, this article has set up a platform of experimental teaching based on Moodle platform.
It mainly illustrates f rom the course management, self-regulated learning test, to procedural evaluation and so on. This
platform gives full express to the advantages of double main teaching model in which the teacher is dominant while
students are the main body, and it has significance on reference to the practical and experimental curriculum.
Keywords: Moodle; Teaching Platform; Practical Teaching
1. Introduction
The project practice of education technology is a required
course for educational technology, and it is the course
that facing the educational technology professional stu-
dents’ comprehensive intensive training about practice
project actual design and development ability. This cur-
riculum is based on project practice form of an open la-
boratory environment, under the guidance of students in
teacher’s timing, independent practice and to complete
project tasks. This article sets up an exp eriment aided by
teaching platform based on Moodle platform, trying to
improve the studentslearning initiative and the ability to
practice. It is hoped that the effect is obvious through
teaching practice.
2. The Experiment Teaching Current
The project practice of the education technology has been
opened for more than four years in our university. Cur-
rently we adopt the task driving teaching method based
on constructivism, every two to four weeks for a task,
alternating between theory teaching and practice with a
task for two to four weeks. Although it has obtained the
certain teaching effect, it also has the following main
2.1. Lacking of Learning Initiative
Studentsinitiative in the process of experimental learn-
ing is not enough, as they dont p review bef ore the ex pe-
riment, lack summary practice after class, and not have a
good command of experimental theory knowledge, which
is bad for students to further improve the ability of course-
ware, film and television and web site development, etc.
2.2. Lacking of Real Time Monitoring
A lot of causes content need to complete after class, be-
cause it lacks of real-time monitoring of the teachers. It
relies heavily on the studentsautonomy. Once students
havent enough self-discipline will make teaching diffi-
cult to achieve the expected effect.
2.3. Lacking of Practice
For fewer exper iment less ons, stud ents lack r ep eated prac-
tice, failed to achieve proficiency. With the time passed,
a lot of skills will be rusty.
3. Construction of Network Experimental
Teaching Platform
Experimental teaching platform of choice network teach-
ing breaks through the traditional teaching time and space
constraints, which has become a kind of brand-new edu-
cation ways and means. Along with the network tech-
nology, continues to change, Sharing, timeliness, interac-
tivity, pertinence of network teaching growing characte-
ristics such as rich teaching resources, network teaching
has become one of the most important teaching mode in
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colleges and universities [1]. As the project practice of
education technology, this practical course based on an
appropriate experimental teaching platform, and it will
help teachers and students interact better, conducive to
the students’ self-regulated learning, and then master
relevant skills.
3.1. Process Design of Experiment Teaching
In the experiment teaching, preview before class and sum-
mary after class directly affect the effect of the experi-
ment as well as the students master the knowledge and
skills. The majority of students learning initiative are poor,
however, there are a lot of students dont prepare ahead
of time, cant achieve the desired effect. Preview the re-
port was found that many are copying each other, if, check
them one by one for each and number is many, set of
experiments on time does not allow.
It can not only realize students prepare inspection, but
improve the working efficiency Combined with the net-
work teaching platform. Meanwhile it can solve some
problems of traditional experiment teaching, for example
teachers can only guide most of the students, and cant
take care of poor studentslearning basis for the sake of
time and space. It is difficult to treat all students one-on-
one tutoring alone communication problem [2].
In view of the above situation, the whole experiment
link for extension in time and place, the real experimental
environment and the network teaching platform to com-
plement each other, promote each other, the whole expe-
riment is divided into three stages.
1) Before the experiment stage: The learning guide is
accomplished mainly in the network teaching platform.
With specific tasks as the theme, teachers release relevant
experiment content and learning resources in the network
teaching platform course management and resource mod-
ule to, and to design the experiment before the test is
used to monitor the preparation of the students; Students
login before class network teaching platform for teacher
to arrange the exp erimental task, learn ing related to teach-
ing resources, design experimental procedure, understand
the matters needing attention, and accept online tests at
last, through testing the students practice ability is quali-
fied in the experiment.
2) The experimental stage: It was conducted in lab, first
of all, the teacher through the network teaching platform
to test results to determine the experiments list, lead the
whole experiment process, supervise students complete
experiment, timely feedback to the student reviews; On
the experiment class, students complete the experiment,
and then fill in test report and record experimental
3) After the experiment stage: On network teaching
platform, the teacher use Moodle statistical analysis of
the studentspreview and test situation after class, com-
prehensive given to students evaluation, reconsiders one-
self in the teaching problems, also can through the net-
work platform for further communicate with students,
answer questions; Students can through the network teach-
ing platform at any time chat, have BBS module group
discussions on the problems in the experiment.
3.2. Main Module of Experimental Teaching
Combining with the experimental process of the above
mentioned, experiment teaching based on Moodle plat-
form mainly includes the following functional modules.
1) Experiment task management: Using Moodle plat-
form of curriculum management, resource management
system with task as the theme, released subtasks imple-
mentation experiment, experiment content, experiment
purpose, learning materials (documents, pictures, video,
etc.) sharing, etc. It can configurate activities flexibly
during the course management, BBS, test, resources, pro-
ject discussion, questionnaire survey, homework, Students
self-study could be easily before class and can be easily
exchanged and discussed after class. Mor eo ver , students
participate in the adjustment of experiment contents, expe-
riment teaching closer to the actual content more actively
through voting and the questionnaire survey.
2) Self-regulated learning, test and summary: Provid-
ing a preview and test preparation resources for some
students of learning initiative poorly, preparing and check-
ing problem difficultly. At the same time, using the Moodle
platform of automatic test system to evaluate students
preview and experiment preparation before the experi-
ment. Only the students passed the test can enter the la-
boratory and complete the test, or they must be review
until passing the test to obtain the status of the experi-
ment. Students can use the BBS or panel discussion and
other activities to discuss and summary the common prob-
lems in the experiment and summary, which help students
to master relevant knowledge and skills better.
3) Process-based assessment in stages: We can eva-
luate students combined quantitative evaluation with qua-
litative evaluation. Experiment process in stages consists
of three aspects: Pr epare readiness before exp eriment, Ex-
perimental operation process and Experimental summary.
Teachers can design good test to quantitative evaluate
students Prepare readiness before experiment. The teacher
gives a qualitative evaluation on the student in the process
of experiments, and then feedback to students at the same
time, students can conduct mutually the experimental sum-
mary stage [3]. The Moodle test and evaluation system
can help teachers realize automatic quantitatively evalua-
tion. This reduces the teachers work strength, and makes
the evaluation more realistic.
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Before the experiment
Module of the
Assessment in
questionnaire survey
Test system
BBS topic discussion
Experimental summary
(Peer evaluation)
(Quantitative evaluation by test)
Easy to statistics
Analyzing the teaching effect
(Qualitative evaluation on s tudent s)
Figure 1. Experimental teaching platform module.
4) Learning archives management: In the Moodle plat-
form every learner own an independent account, all of
the testing process will be recorded, it is realized the elec-
tronic learning file management. Unlike the traditional
experimental teaching management, These e lectronic files
are very easy for statistical summary, it is beneficial to
teachers to analyze the teaching effect, In order to adjust
the experiment courses constantly, and it is also helpful
for students to review their own learning content [4].
4. Conclusion
The experimental teaching based on Moodle platform
can help teachers and students interactive communication
better, and it is good for the students self-study, master-
ing practical project design and technical realization me-
thods skillfully. The construction of the experimental
teaching platform based on the modern instructional and
learning theory. It fully embodies the double main
teaching mode: dominated by teachers, and with the stu-
dents as the main body.
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