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2013. Vol.4, No.9, 56-58
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Bulk Simulation D ata in Programming Class
Tana Kraikruan
Training Center of Green Cyber Advance Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
Received July 2013
This paper discusses a few issues related to Development of Learning Environment to solve problems that
are commonly found from IT graduated students from college and university, which cannot solve and
manage mega transaction of database from reality business.
Keywords: Development of Learning Environment; Teaching Improvement; Database Management;
Teaching Environment; Teaching in Information Technology; Computer Lab Improvement
In real business database will contain a million transactions
Most companies ha ve their own database server. Some of them
have storage area network tha t needs quality and experience
recruitment. T he problem is that most colleges and universities
focus agenda on programming skill and teach students to install
both compiler and database in the same computer that is well
known like “localhost database”, which means graduated stu-
dent never face with mega data ba se and don’t know the best
practice to manage to be successful in business.
Problem Motivation
Computer Training Room Environment
When we are teaching student in programing class, after ba-
sic lesson we teach them to creat e database and write program
connecting database to manage database like to add, to edit and
to delete records. We found that almost student computers have
all in one virtual server program that is already installed and
ready to use in a limit of PC hard disk si ze. We teach them to
connect server and al mos t use “localhostor “ t
means connecting to own a PC like virtual database server (in
Figure 1).
Almost com puter labs do not own centralized database facili-
Recruitment Experience Resume
New graduated students will face with experience required
due to recruitment company must define successful recruitment
consultant for 3rd party human resource department.
Almost all the resumes from new graduated students will
have only one programmin g language that they have been learn-
ing from university or school. They cannot refer to experience
from computer lab room as it cannot guarantee anything.
Business Database Server
In real business, a data center has various of database servers
and the size will be larger than that of the usual PC hard disk.
Some companies use San Stor age that has more than a million
transactions that new graduated students never have expe-
Server farm as shown in Figure 2 is a collection of computer
servers which are usually maintained by an enterprise to ac-
complish server needs far beyond the capability of one machine.
Almost have SAN Stolage with Terabyte capacity.
Figure 1.
Computer lap in almost school and university.
Figure 2.
Sample of database farm in business company.
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Define Standard of Environment for Lab
Database server with terabyte hard drive.
DBMS for Server edition.
SOAP for XML request XML (Tang, 2009), request teaching
resource platform.
Virtual machine (Saxena & Kumar, 2012), representation of
an object-oriented UML database on hand-held devices.
Define Sample Bulk Simulation Data
Sample database in various database format.
Various sizes of data transaction simulation.
Database backup.
Disaster simulation.
Financial and tax database.
Define Network Infrastructure for Computer Lab
We can use the old server to make virtual database server using
VMWARE or Open Source Software to import transaction and
Various of OS server type like SOAP, Linux and Windows.
The new infrastructure (in Figure 3) will not affect budget
due to we focus on data more than hardware. In 2013, Computer
hard-disk in a market almos t has over 500 GB capacity that can
install and dump simulation data more than 100,000,000 records.
Sample Customer Database as shown in Figure 4, captures
from the CRM department will show that a million of transac-
tions can run on Virtual Server and use only 193 MB.
Figure 3.
New Concept of computer lap infrastructure
Figure 4.
MySQL transa ction 1,044,915 re cords/size 193 MB.
The Key Performance Indicator Eval uation Pr oc e ss
Database skill improvement (Gao, Coldwell-Neilson, & Go-
scinski, 2013) represent to Improving Teaching.
Quantitative and qualitative consultant, SQL programming
code evaluation.
Identification and commendation of exceptional perfor mance
Timely identification of issues and resolution during the da-
tabase query process
Understanding the Basics of Business.
New Concept of Computer Lap Infrastructure will make
teamwork and relationship between students in the classroom
work together with the s a me database and faci liti e s li ke virtual
Students (in Figure 5) can work together to join relationship
database by using Various of SQL query command proposed a
novel approach to the information content of data in a database
(Feng & Salt, 2010).
SQL server supports bulk exporting and importing using SQL
command as refer from MSDN (Wang, Wang, Liang, & Xiao,
2010), Computer Assisted Instruction as shown in Figure 6.
Key Elements for Teamwork Evaluation Process
Agreement on project key performance indicator goal of
Quarterly key performance indicator evaluation of project
team members.
In project key performance indicator evaluation at project
Teamwork A B C D
Figure 5.
Student A-D join a project in the classroom.
Figure 6.
Methods for bulk data for examination (MSDN).
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Post project evaluati on of key performance indicators agai nst
agreed targets.
Evaluating Examination
After renovation computer lab, teachers can evaluate both
programming skills and business skills. Students will have ex-
perience with bulk with simulation data and must solve the
problem like disaste r wit h financial database. The examination
will cover logic and skills.
Database server with data simulation database is very impor-
tant to help students to meet the real experience with business
database. Server and Data transaction environment are one im-
portant option to upgrade learning sys t em in IT area education.
Simulations will help students to have experience and can
solve a variety of problems. Experience will help students to
have better opportunities in recruitment.
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