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A Large Celiac Artery Aneurysm
Harinder Singh Bedi*, Kamal Negi
Department of Cardiovascular, Thoracic Surgery Christian Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana, India
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Received May 11, 2013; revised June 12, 2013; accepted June 20, 2013
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We report preoperative , int rao per ative and postoperative images of a large celiac artery aneurysm.
Keywords: Celiac Artery Aneurysm; Graft
A 40-year-old lady presented with complaints of an up-
per abdominal swelling of recent onset. A multislice CT
angiogram (Figure 1) revealed a giant aneurysm of the
celiac artery. The aneurysm was 15 × 12.7 cm—the larg-
est reported in the literature [1]. The patient underwent
successful resection of the aneurysm (Figure 2) and re-
vascularization with a ringed synthetic graft from the
aorta to the hepatic artery (Figure 3)—the hepatic artery
did not have any significant backflow. The splenic artery
Figure 1. (cover image): CT angiogram showing the large
aneurysm (A) arising from the celiac artery (C), S = supe-
rior mesenteric artery.
Figure 2. Intraoperative photograph showing the large an-
eurysm at laparotomy. A = aneurysm; L = liver.
Figure 3. Ringed graft betwee n the ce liac and hepatic ar tery.
C = celiac artery end; P = gr aft; H = he patic artery end.
*Corresponding a uthor.
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H. S. BEDI, K. NEGI 107
Figure 4. Post op CT angiogram showing good patency of
the graft (arrow).
was friable and had a very good backflow and so was
ligated. The left gastric artery could not be separately
identified. Histopatholgy showed all layers (true aneu-
rysm) but did not reveal any specific etiology. A post op
CT angiogram showed a good flow in the graft (Figure
[1] D. M. McMullan, M. McBride, J. L. Livesay, K. G.
Dougherty and Z. Krajcer, “Celiac Artery Aneurysm—A
Case Report,” Texas Heart Institute Journal, Vol. 33, No.
2, 2006, pp. 235-240.
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