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The Application of Cloud Computing in Virtual
Enterprise’s Information Resources Sharing
Wei Wang1, Guan-Quan Liu1, Qiu Zhang2
1College of Management, Qingdao university of science, Qingdao, China; 2Business school, Qingdao university of science, Qingdao,
Received 2013
With the rapid development of social,science and technology ,we are always looking for the advanced and rapid manu-
facturing method and the management pattern.thus a new enterprise cooperation pattern-Virtual Enterprise arises at the
historic moment. The cooperation is a process which advantages the temporary enterprise resources each other. There-
fore, the virtual enterprise must encounter the problem that how to realize the virtual enterprises’ information resources
sharing and improve the efficiency of enterprise cooperation. This paper uses the cloud computing’s adva ntage to solve
the problem of virtual enterprise information resources sharing. Then enterpr ise is able to share th e information of dif-
ferent regions,different computing environment and improve the efficiency of virtual enterprise cooperation.
Keywords: CLOUD Computing; Virtual Enterprise; Information Sharing
1. Introduction
In the uniform and competitive market , the virtual en-
terprise slowly becomes an important enterprise man-
agement mode.Most of the virtual enterprises are consti-
tuted with the conventional enterprises which distribute
in different regions and countries . They use the informa-
tion and Internet technology to rapidly response to the
demand and change of the market and set up the dynamic
alliance. Therefore, the virtual enterprise is discrete, dy-
namic and cooperative, these characteristics show the
very important relationship between information sharing
and the successful operation of virtual enterprise.But
these characteristics make the virtual enterprise meet
with the problem that the different information systems
cause information transmission hindered,data loss and
the dilemma that parts of hardware and software update
causes the useless of information. It will lead the relevant
information system of virtual enterprise to be low effi-
ciency, more waste of manpower and material resources.
It will result in serious economic loss. Therefore, the
internal effective cooperation of team members relies on
that the different system environment, different regions,
different organizational structure and operation mode of
the enterprises realize effective information sharing. So
we should effectively solve the problem of information
sharing of virtual enterprise. Improving the capacity of
virtual enterprise partners’ cooperation, reducing the
management cost and enhancing its market competitive-
ness are beneficial for developing the wider profit space
At the end of 2007, Google and IBM present the cloud
computing in their cloud computing plans. Cloud com-
puting develops very fast, at present, some cloud com-
puting’s service is used. If the cloud computing are ap-
plied for information resources sharing in virtual enter-
prise, it will greatly improve the capability of informa-
tion resource sharing. The development of economic,
enterprise culture, science and technology technology,
network environment are huge differences in alliance
enterprises. It will lead the information resource distribu-
tion and requirement level of alliance enterprises to be
great difference . Therefore, raising the efficiency of in-
formation resources sharing, and satisfying all alliance
enterprises' information demand are important for virtual
enterprises’ succeed. Well, cloud computing uses distrib-
uted computing, virtual techno logy and utility computing
to expand the scope of the resource sharing, so long as
the network is continuo us ,we can u se an d access allian ce
enterprises’ information resource anywhere and any time;
It uses utility computing to measure, custo mize, lease . It
does not only save the resources, but also realize the re-
sidual resources sharing, make maximum use of the in-
formation resources and improve the efficiency of shar-
ing. To virtual enterprises’ information resource shar-
ing ,cloud computing are revolutionary technology, it is
just like the water, electricity which we use and take with
convenient everyday. By the computer or cell phone ter-
The Application of Cloud Computing in Virtual Enterprise’s Information Resources Sharing
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minal equipment, alliance enterprise can enjoy the in-
formation resources which are provided by cloud com-
puting at any time, any place ,if they have the Internet .
2. The Related Theory
2.1. Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is a revolutionary innovation in IT
technology field .By managing, integrating, allocating
computing resources which distribute in various network ,
cloud computing provides services to a large number of
users at the same time in a unified interface, users don't
need to know how to manage infrastructures which sup-
port the cloud computing, only need to pay for the func-
tion their use. It can reduce the investment in hardware,
software and professional skills [2].
1) The top layer is the application layer .Software
vendors will unitarily put the app lication software on the
remote data center server or server cluster. Users can use
the services according to which they need. This layer
mainly cater to users. The so-called cloud computing is
IT services. By the centralized data center, it provides
flexible calculation, extensible, application and stored
program and other services to the user .
2) The middle layer is the platform layer. It provides
application services to cloud computing’s applications
and provides integrated development environment and
hardware resources to users. This layer is mainly oriented
for network application developers and programmers. To
them, cloud computing is an Internet scale operation en-
vironment or software development platform.
3) The bottom is infrastructure layer. It is a distributed
data center service which is linked by network and a very
flexible based structure. It requires infrastructure provid-
ers and managers to make services to be center.It offers
predefined,optimization and standardized infrastructure
to satisfy users’ application demand. The providers are
responsible to manage the hosting services and applica-
tions which users choice. This layer is mainly faced to
managers and provider, for them, cloud computing is cen-
ter infrastructure which carries on the large-scale, dis-
tributed, link data by the network.
2.2. Virtual Enterprise
Although the development of virtual enterprise has been
a long time, a unified definition had still not appeared at
present. We can see many similar concepts about virtual
enterprise in the documents, such as dynamic alliance,
virtual company, enterprise integration, virtual organization,
expand enterprise, e-commerce, supply chain manage-
ment, network organization and so on.
Figure 1. Three layer architectures of cloud computing.
Nowadays,there are several typical definitions as fol-
Definition 1: Byrne. J.A thinks that"virtual company is
constituted with independent companies suppliers, cus-
tomers, or even competitors, they share skills and cost,
go into each other's market by the connection of informa-
tion technology .It does not have central office or or-
ganization chart. It also does not have vertical integration
and levels"[3].
Definition 2: Qi Er-Shi proposes that"virtual enterprise
is comprised with some legal persons who have the core
competence, it treats network technology as the main
operation means, it is a temporary enterprise alliance
which can realize the resources sharing and share risks in
the fierce competitive market"[4].
I think that virtual enterprise is setted up with two or
more independent enterprise temporary which point to to
seize the fleeting market opportunities and adapt to
changed market environment, by the Internet, they con-
tribute their own core ability to share resources , cost and
risk, they cooperate with each other to realize the sched-
uled target. When the task is completed, the virtual en-
terprise will collapse.
3. The Pattern Design of Virtual
Enterprises’ Information Resource
Sharing Based on Cloud Computing
The model of virtual enterprises’ information resource
sharing based on cloud computing , which put the infor-
mation resources of various alliance en terprises together.
It uses the mixed cloud to realize mutual operation be-
tween private clouds and public cloud, then enhances the
efficiency of virtual enterprises’ information resources
sharing and makes the virtual enterprise have a better
development. It can generally be divided into informa-
tion resources sharing platform and cloud access plat-
3.1. The Platform of Virtual Enterprises’
Information Resources Sharing
The platform of virtual enterprises’ information re-
sources sharing is mixed cloud. The private cloud is each
alliance enterprise. Private clouds is managed by each
The Application of Cloud Computing in Virtual Enterprise’s Information Resources Sharing
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Figure 2. The model of virtual enterprise information re-
source sharing based on cloud computing.
enterprise.The public cloud is constituted with private
clouds and managed by the champion of the virtual en-
The platform model of Information resources sharing
is constituted with service layer, interface management
layer and resources layer . As shown in Figure 2, the
service layer is on the left, it is the information resour ces
sharing layer. This layer mainly provides platform to
realize information resources sharing. Middle layer is
between service layer and resource layer, it is the core
layer of realizing information resources sharing. This
layer is primarily responsible to manage the information
resources in public cloud,many application missions and
scheduling. so that it can enhance the efficiency of the
information resources and use safely. The information
resources pool layer is on the right side. Information re-
source pool layer is a resource pool which includes the
information resources of the alliance enterprise . Its pur-
pose is to integrate different information resources. Alli-
ance enterprise mutual consult with each other and come
up with the standardization of information resources.
Public clouds describes all kinds of information re-
sources which are provided by each layer provides and
establishes the index library for information resources.
According to the needs of the application, alliance enter-
prises can search in the index library . Because of many
information resources,the index library must be under-
standed by people and machine , so that it can improve
the efficiency of using alliance enterprise information
3.2. Establish Cloud Access Platform
Establishing an effective cloud access platform can make
the information resources sharing be more effective and
fully utilized. At the same time , alliance enterprises can
simply and quickly login to information resource sharing
"cloud". Establishing cloud access platform should ac-
cord to the requirements of the relevant information re-
sources sharing.On the one hand, access platform can be
well and easy to access, and it can help alliance enter-
prises complete inquiry, register, and access .The opera-
tion should be simplified, each alliance enterprise can
access information resources "cloud" anytime, anywhere .
On the other hand, access platform must be safe. It can
help the champion of virtual enterprise identify the login’s
identity and prevent illegal operation and illegal intru-
4. Summarizes
Virtual enterprise is the development direction of the
future enterprise organization model. With the wide-
spread application of the virtual enterprise ,It has become
the focus in the study of virtual enterprise that how to
improve the efficiency of the virtual enterprise informa-
tion sharing and ensure the normal operation of virtual
enterprise. This paper effectively combines cloud com-
puting with virtual enterprise information sharing to
make the virtual enterpr ise be more freedom in the cloud
environment , to share information resources in the more
extensive space and provide effective information re-
sources for the alliance enterprise fastly. It makes a
foundation for the development of the virtual enterprises.
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