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2012. Vol.3, Supplement, 67-69
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Discussion on Advanced Programming Language Courses Grades
Teaching in Agricultural and Forestry Unive rsity
Aiguo Zhang, Ping Song, Lanli ng Jia ng
College of Information and Electrical Engineering, Shenyang Agricultural University, Shenyang, China
Email: zhangaiguo1968@163 .com
Received 20 1 2
In view of studentsAdvanced Programming Language of different level in the higher forestry college,
the impl ementa tion gr aded la yers teac hing ca n well r ealize t he modern t eac hing conc ept whi ch taki ng the
student as the main body, and truly improve the quality of Advanced Programming Language courses
teac hing to bet ter meet the fores try a nd prof essiona l talent traini ng needs of s ociety. A dvanced Program-
ming Language course grade teaching in the higher forestry college needs to solve the teachersquality
and tea ching cost, t eac hing management and the student spsychologic al and other ma jor issues. It needs
to strength teaching concept of human-oriented, improve teachers teaching level; scientific choose or
write teaching material, carefully plan and design teaching content, Increase the teaching software and
hardware facilities investment, improve the modern teaching management level; Strengthen teacher hu-
manistic care consciousness and strengthen studentsphysical a nd psychological health level.
Key words: Advanced Programming Language; Grades Teaching; Agricultur al and Forestry Uni versit y
Along with the popularization of computer technology and
the rapid development of the information industry, especially
the development of agricultural information technology, more
and more people are aware of the computer in the process of
modernization of agriculture plays an important role [1]. As t h e
technology tools in the area of agricultural information, the
appl i cat ion of computer in agriculture has been regarded as an
important symbol for measuring the modern agriculture, com-
puter technology has become the modern quality standard for
measuring the people in the area of modern agriculture. In re-
cent years, as a result of college enrolment expansion, the base
education of non computer major falls in embarrassment, col-
lege students' computer knowledge and application ability is
put in bigger difference; knowledge is not fully used in profes-
sional and social practice and so on, causes the teachers and
students in teaching and learning process in a confusing [2].
Aiming at different levels of computer basic knowledge col-
lege students in agriculture and forestry colleges and profes-
sional demand difference, implementation of hierarchical
teaching can better realize of computer basis teaching break-
throughs, realize modern teaching concept of people-oriented
and take the student as the main body, truly improve the teach-
ing quality of computer foundation course, to better meet the
professional needs and social needs.
Theoretical Basis of Implementation of Hierarchical
Learning motivation is the inner psychological motivation to
cause and sustain studentslearning behaviour, and take the
behaviour to tend to certain objectives. According to “Self-
efficacy Theory[4] of the United States psychologists, human
behaviour will be impacted by the results and antecedent fac-
tors. If people predict to a particular behaviour will lead to a
particu lar out come, th en it may be acti vated an d selected . In t he
college, students' learning motivation are more diversified,
personalized and complicated, so to improve the quality of
teachin g basic co mput er cour ses, teacher s must first un derstan d
studentslearning motivation and stimulate learning motivation,
let the students have a high degree of sense of self-efficacy to
active learn ing in Computer Basic knowledge and b as ic skills.
The Necessity of Implement ation of H ie rarc hic al
The present analysis of advanced language program design
of non computer majors in Colleges and universities of agri-
culture and forestry The level of the teaching target who is
sophomore is uneven. The calendar year exam score distribu-
tions show: achievement and source zones and their profession-
al correlated significantly, poor students mostly from remote
and impoverished area, better performance of students, mostly
from the developed areas; Agriculture Automation, information
and computing science, biological engineering are higher in
computer programming ability than other professional students
such as Agriculture and Forestry Science.
The present analysis of teaching of non computer majors in
Colleges and universities of agriculture and forestry Many
colleges and universities of agriculture and forestry adopt uni-
for m teaching syllabus, teaching notes and performance as-
sessment, which result in students in the learning process ap-
pear more obvious polarization phenomenon. In the concrete
teaching, due to backward textbook and curriculum unreasona-
ble factor s, various schools and professional teaching content is
not different. Teaching plan is not suit to the needs of society
and professional needs and can not directly serve the needs of
professional, leading tolearn to use separation, also reduced
the studentslearning enthusiasm and initiative.
Oneself demand analysis of non computer majors in Colleges
and universities of agriculture and forestry In 2010, we con-
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ducted questionnaire and random sampling in Shenyang Agri-
cultural University, the results showed: 94.5% of the students
thought they were interest ed in advanced language program
design, 15.2% of the students thought it is quite easy to learn,
25.2% of them thought it is more difficult, which has 9.4% of
them thought it cannot be started. For advanced language pro-
gram design course, the teacher should how to “teach”, students
should be how to “learn”, studentsown suggestions: first, hie-
rarchical teaching; second, increase the practice time and con-
tent; third, increase practical training content as a public elec-
tive course. The findings show that, students have strong learn-
ing desire, but the current teaching mode can’t meet the needs
of students of knowledge, cannot reflect the profound meaning
of quality education, so the implementation of hierarchical
teaching is students' learning of basic computer courses in their
own needs.
The Principle and Method of Implementation of
Hierarchical Teaching
The Principle of I mplementatio n of Hierarchical
First of all, agriculture and forestry colleges need to change
concept, innovate the mode of talent training, should adopt mod-
ern teaching concepts such as student-centered, teacher-led”
and “taking application as the purpose and tanking practi ce as
the target , emphasizing the Main body position of the students
in the teaching activity, give full play to the initiative of student
learning, stimulate students innovation [5]. On the teaching
mode and teaching method, aiming at the student level, using
different teaching methods and means, according to different
students, using lectures, guided, upper class demonstration
operation content, to the different student classification guid-
ance. At the same time, make full use of network teaching re-
sources in classroom, let students autonomous learning. Thus,
in the teaching content, teaching method and teaching mode, is
formed with the students as the center, forming students' auto-
nomous learning, teachersguidance, teaching at different le-
vels, in order to satisfy the need of different subject
Secondly, according to the d ifferent major hav e differen t ad-
vanced language programming course, such as: agriculture,
managemen t open Visual Foxpro, mechanism, water conser-
vancy open Visual Basic, information and computation
science open C language”, etc. At the same time, should
choose textbook suitable for students in agriculture and forestry
colleges, teach ing con tent, material sel ection, sample should be
close as possible to the agricultural and for estry specialty.
The Method of Implementation of Hierarchical
According to the different major, students should be divided
into four classes A, B, C, D. Class A as a bias towards arts,
openVisual Foxpro; Class B as a bias towards engineering
openVisual Basic; Class C as a bias towards science op en “C
programming language; D is biased information open Java
programming. Each class should be divided into two levels.
The first level start from basic education, lear n the basic me-
thods and basic skills; the second levels from the p rogramming
skills to learn the application of relevant and professional. Ac-
cording to the four categories and two levels, combined with
the professional direction, according to the similarity principle
placement, teach students in accordance with their aptitude,
meet the needs of different students’ learning needs.
In the hierarchical teaching design, should adopt student-
centered, teacher-led teaching principle and establish corres-
ponding teaching method and mode with graded-teaching,
modify teaching syllabus, perfect the evaluation standard, so
that all students can stimulate good learning motivation, to
produce the greatest s ense of self-efficacy.
The Main Program Need to Solve in
Implementation of Hierarchical Teaching
The Quality of Teachers
Hierarchical teaching requires sufficient quantity of the
teacher and the teacher must have a wide range of knowledge.
Facing different levels of students, teachers should have the
corresponding teaching ideas and teaching methods, it is in-
evitable to put forward higher requirements to computer basic
course teachers. But now, teachers and the quality are facing
serious problems in Agricultural and Forestry College’s com-
puter basic course. Taking Shenyang Agricultural University as
an example, school enrolment has increased year by year, but
the number of teachers engaged in teaching basic computer is
decreasin g, especially the severe shortage of teachers, resultin g
in age structure, professional title structure unreasonable factors,
teachers’ knowledge is ob solete, the t eaching idea and teaching
method is backward, the overall quality is not to improve the
[7] .
The Teaching Cost
Hierarchical teaching activities need to break the normal
procedure of teaching management, demand mor e multimedia
classroom and computer room. In addition, in order to improve
the overall quality of the teachers, adjusting teacher’s age struc-
ture, knowledge structure and professional title structure, should
timely bring in teachers, form reasonable teaching echelon; at
the same time, should send backbone teachers to join modern
education training fo r perfecting the knowledge structure of
teachers. All of these will increase the cost of teach i ng.
Students’ Psychology
In the university stage, the students will have to study more
courses and be with strong independence and initiative, many
students can not adapt to the learning method. Secondly, many
students cannot adapt to the collective life in the university,
lack of sel f manag ement an d sel f service abili ty of stud ents i s a
grim challenge, many students don’t know how to adapt the
loss in the psychological sense of oppression [8]. In particular
the h ierarchi cal teaching, they have to l eave the or iginal nat ural
class, it make some st udents in the interperson al aspects appear
confused with each other, the thoughts and feelings are of lack
of timely communication and expression, it leads to loneliness,
depression and feelings of inferiority.
The Main Strategy in Implementation of
Hierarchical Teaching
Strengthen People Oriented Teaching Concept,
Enhance TeachersTeaching Level
The modern concept of teaching in higher education should
be based on the students, strengthen the people oriented teach-
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ing concept, strengthening the basic subject and subject binding.
The school should have regular introduction of highly educated
young teachers enrich basic computer teaching team, send
young backbone teachers to join modern education training to
enrich the acad emic level, renew kn owledge of the teachers. In
short, the school should take strong measures to strengthen the
building of the contingent of teachers, comprehensively en-
hance t he l evel of teach in g staff, con stru ct hi gh-qual ity teach ers
of computer foundation.
Scientifically Choose Textbook, Carefully Plan and
Design Teaching Cont ent and Teaching Met hod
Schools should set up a scientific teaching evaluati on system,
according to the teaching syllabus and teaching plan, try to
choose the National Publishing House of the national planning
textbook. In order to improve the practicality of the teaching
material, the school should encourage teachers to compile text-
book, improve the quality of the textbook and teachers’ overall
quality and level.
The school should change id ea focu sing on the talent training
goal, in the ideology, advocate the traditional teaching method
and modern teaching mode combining with teaching reform
project, encourage and promote teachers to use advanced and
flexible teaching methods and means of teaching to arouse
studentslearning interest. In teaching methods, the school
should bold explore and attempt, effort to promote multimedia
teachin g, network teachin g and other modern educat ion means,
explore bilingual teaching to the high-level students, cultivate
studentsautonomous learning and creative thinking ability [9].
Increase the Teaching Hardware and Software
Facilities; Improve the Modernization Level of
Teaching Management
The school should strengthen the modernization of teaching
equipment investment, regular updates the engine room equip-
ment to guarantee the studentsexperimental machine; educa-
tional departments should cooperate with the computer basis
teaching and research section to finish grading and grouping
work, reasonably arrange the multimedia classroom, rationally
allocat e and use of teachi ng resources.
Strengthen TeachersHumanities Concern
Consciousness; Str engthen the Student s ’
Physical and M ental Health
The school depends on the quality of teachers, it det ermin es
the quality of school teaching level, determines the students'
overall quality and ability, which requires schools to concern of
teachers work and life. The school should solve the teacher’s
worries behind, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers, can
make the teacher take the energy to the teaching reform and
practice, enhan ce the overall level of teachers and the quality.
The school should increase education strength, strengthen
student’s ideal and belief, advance specialized ideological edu-
cation, plan career, to guide students to establish the concept of
lifelong learning and independent learning. At the same time,
strengthen ideological and political work, pay attention to the
humanistic care and psychological guidance, adhere to the
people-oriented education concept, prompt the overall devel-
opment of students, especially to care for vulnerable groups, to
promote the harmonious development of the campus.
In short, implementing graded teaching for Advanced Pro-
gramming Language in agricultural and forestry colleges, not
onl y is benefici al to th e teach ers to car ry out teach in g activit ies,
also can make students with different knowledge can obtain
greater progress and improve in learning computer courses.
This is a “student-centered, teacher -led ” teachin g strategy, full y
embodies the principle of teach students in accordance with
their aptitude.
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