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2012. Vol.3, Supplement, 133-136
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Research on the Employment Capital Accumulation Orientation
of Finance Personnel Training in Local Institutions
Yuzhi Zhang, Ke Liu
College of Business Administration, Changchun University of Technology, Changchun, Chin a
Received 2012
The local institutions undertake the important task of talent for the local economic and social development.
The conversion of graduates and staff roles are into the run-in period contradiction between supply and
demand of finance professional .The fundamental reason is that the employment of capital accumulation
is not in place. Therefore, the penetration of a set of employment of capital accumulation in the finance
professional classroom teaching process orientation has become an urgent task of local talents cultivation.
Keywords: Finance Professional; Personnel Training; Capital; Oriented
Oriented problems on personnel training, domestic and for-
eign experts and scholars most focus on the needs of the com-
munity and the research also involved in employment or social
needs, and it has been an extremely important reference for an
exploration for personnel training oriented problem[1]. Current
the biggest contradiction between supply and demand of
finance professionals is that graduates to switch roles for the
staff of "zero run" is not in place.The fundamental reason is that
the employment of capital accumulation is not in place. There-
fore, the penetration of a set of employment of capital accumu-
lation orientation in the classroom teaching process has become
an urgent task to local colleges for finance professional per-
sonnel training.
Problem of Finance Professional Training
Orientation of Local Institutions
Currently local institutions which set up finance profession
are based on Economic and Financial Institutions and compre-
hensive university. Some institutions in the finance professional
teaching practice, the following personnel training-oriented
problem should be solved.
Emphasizing on the Application of Educational and
Neglecting Applies to Education
The application of senior personnel is the targeting of most
finance professionals . Personnel training practice tells us that
Applied Talents is a useful attempt to mass higher education
and the application of personnel for the economic and social
development has made a significant contribution for over sev-
eral years[2]. However, to ensure growth, stable prices, adjust
the structure and switch the way of the new historical period,
more and more financial institutions to show the desire of ap-
plicable talent, increasingly strong demand for the application
of talent .This is the adaptive talent more with their talent and
learn to use the combination of study and apply what they have
learned .The local institutions still adhering to the concept of
the application of personnel training. Of course, it is unable to
meet the needs of the applicable personnel.
Emphasizing on Entrepreneurship and Ignoring
Employment Ability
With the finance professional in a strong proponent of inno-
vation and entrepreneurship culture, some institutions open a
certain percentage of innovation and entrepreneurship training
programs, increase innovation and entrepreneurship theory
courses such as "Venture Investment" credits and increase the
practice of innovation and entrepreneurship sectors such as
innovation and entrepreneurship training hours. The aim is to
enable students to understand the entrepreneurial idea, be fa-
miliar with the entrepreneurial process and master the skills of
entrepreneurship; however, this is nothing wrong. However, too
much emphasizing on entrepreneurship and ignoring e mpl oya-
bility development and training, it is obviously not the law of
education. Finance professional of local institutions are based
on developing finance talent to service local economic con-
struction and neglect the talent needs of the local financial in-
stitutions, so even with the high level of the entrepreneurial
ability can only be separated from the outside of the industry.
Instead of committing to non-professional personnel training
and coming to reputation of chair warmer, it is committed to
empl oyment ability of this major and then get reputation of
Emphasizing on Curricular Training and Ignoring
the Extra-curricular Trainingy
Classroom teaching can not only enrich students financial li-
teracy, but also improve the students theoretical knowledge.
Some theoretical curriculum curricular training can help stu-
dents understand and digest the knowledge points, can help
students to deepen and enhance the perceptual knowledge and
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can help students to exercise and improve the operational capa-
bility[3]. Given the special nature of banking financial institu-
tions, the student is difficult to contact with the banking busi-
ness closely. Moreover, with the disappointments of people in
investment and finance, the performance of non-bank financial
institutions are not optimistic and the enthusiasm of the recep-
tion student internships also decline. In this context, some uni-
versities have gradually ignored the extra-curricular training. In
fact, relying solely on curricular training, personnel training
objectives for the achievement of qualified builders and reliable
successors is not enough[4]. Then with a wealth of curricular
analog operation without extra-curricular practical training, you
will always be on paper, and it is likely that even the best
theory is not proven in practice and can never be accepted.
Emphasizing on Theoretical Education and Ignoring
the Ideal of Education
If the theoretical education is root, practical education is stem,
applicable education is flower and ability education is fruit,
then, the ideal education is lush soil ,a rich fertilizer, and warm
sunshine and plenty of moisture. Rooted in such an environ-
ment, any seedlings will grow up, on the contrary, the lack of
such an environment, even if the re-developed root system, its
development will be inherent. Trees takes a hundred years. We
often emphasize on theory of education, no matter how solid
the foundation is, and once we leave the ideal educat ion, trained
people can not be called talent, let alone applied. It is worrying
that some local institutions finance professional fall into a
strange circle. They ignore education of ideal, belief and the
view of world, li f e, value and they form a closed school, scho-
lasticism, eager for quick success and instant benefits and be
constrained by the sight of talent training orientation.
Design of Local Institutions Finance
Professional Employment of Captital
Accumulation Personnel Training Orientation
Students of local institutions finance majors in addition to the
completion of the normal academic qualification examination,
passing the relevant sectors of society organizations become a
habit. In this case, how to guide students to complete their stu-
dies, at the same time, design students employment of capital
accumulation orientation, it becomes obligatory responsibility
of professional and even schools.
The Fusion of Class and Certificate
On the one hand, as the main battlefield of expertise in edu-
cation, the theoretical teaching, experimental teaching and
practice teaching address accumulating knowledge and up-
grading understanding and training capacity; on the other hand,
as the main positions of the quality-oriented education, it can
set up learning organization by professional, such as finance
community, to carry out the professional training activities of
the banking, insurance, securities, futures, funds, and other
industry qualification examination, as well as foreign languages,
computers and other level certificate examination training ac-
tivities and then prompt the student to obtain the qualifications
of practitioners of related industries as well as other types of
rating certificate and accumulate employment of the capital of
the technology.
The Combinatio n of Book and Network
Course group guide with the question before class, explain
knowledge in classroom, tutor and answer questions afterschool
and so on to stimulate students' interest in reading and make
textbooks to promote the students' content of professional qual-
ity; it can esta bl i sh course website, upload teaching resources,
sharing information and other means to broaden communica-
tion channels between teachers and students and mobilize the
enthusiasm of the students 'reading; people in a team can rec-
ommend extracurricular reading materials, summary of the
classic case, organize teachers and students to discuss and other
forms to improve the students' enthusiasm for reading, so that
students like to study, read good books, accumulate of the em-
ployment of knowledge capital.
The Coupling of Gen e ral Educat ion and Professional
It can transmit studies foundation of module economics and
the basic theory of finance , play aspects of the learning poten-
tial of students' general education and gradually master the
basic theory to make basic theoretical knowledge "live"; it can
penetrate through humanistic quality of the module ideal moral
sentiment and "Three Views", tap the cognitive potential of
students in the education sector and patiently cultivate inclusive
quality to make personality growth mature; it can expand the
required course of the professional core modules and elective
theory and practice ,develop students' professional education
aspects of the radiation potential, continuously improve the
operation ability to combine theory and practice off the "real"
and accumulate the capital of the quality of employment.
The Fit of Supply and Demand
Talent is a specia l commodity and it also exist the con tradic-
tion between supply and demand. The survey data show that the
last two years seek to expand the enrollment scale of finance
professional. Some independent institutions of each enrollment
are up to more than 10 classes and even more than 400 people.
These students after graduation, will undoubtedly increase the
contradiction between supply and demand. How to resolve
conflicts, in the context of today's talent oversupply is both
difficult and urgent. Local institutions only play to the advan-
tage of serving local economic construction, finance profes-
sionals is only followed by the development situation in the
financial industry and university students only grasp the pulse
of financial sector development, in order to cultivate talents to
meet industry needs, resolve the contradiction between supply
and demand and accumulate employment professional capital.
The Combination of Colleges and Enterprises
As a useful attempt of combining production and learning,
the combination between colleges and enterprises are not new.
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However, due to the past combination between the colleges and
enterprises , it is constrained that schools set up practice base in
the financial institutions, send students to practice in the base,
and financial institutions train staff in schools, be empl oyed by
the school as visiting professor, etc., so that the vast space of
the joint between colleges and enterprises has not been com-
pletely opened. Just because of these the strategic cooperation
between the school and financial institutions can be possible.
Schools can build professional together with financial institu-
tions, employ experienced staff of financial institutions as a
part-time teachers, send young teachers to the financial institu-
tions for refresher training and other means, continue to provide
students with fresh materials and hone opportunities, and ac-
cumulate employment ability of capital.
Implementation of Local Institutions Finance
Professional Employment of Capital
Accumulation Personner Training Orientation
Establishing the Goal of External Introduction and
Internal Training and Continuously Optimizing of
the Overall Structure
First , appointing part-time teache rs to enrich the team. Part-
time teachers from the organs, institutions, financial institutions
and other enterprises with politicians, practitioners, business
experience, on the one hand, can express a different view of the
hot issues of social development and exercise of dialectical
thinking ability of the students and on other hand, can solve the
problem of the unreasonable career structure of teachers.
Second, encouraging teachers to further their studies . To de-
velop and implement a series of incentive-service encourage
teachers to continue to pursue a degree, participate in university
teacher training and visiting and encourage the team members
concerned about the new dynamics of financial sector devel-
opment, improve the structure of the team's experience. Third,
encouraging teachers to guide students to carry out scientific
research. On the foundation of guiding students to carry out the
work of experiment and innovate projects, it can raise funds by
various channels to establish a Finance Professional Student
Research Fund, and finance college students research projects.
Implementing the Concept of Stressing Great
Importance to the Performance and Effect and
Accelerating the Reform of Classroom Teaching
First, organizing teachers to reform teaching in the classroom.
It should actively guide the teachers based on discipline con-
struction, continuously introduce teaching reform achievements,
make professional become provincial characteristics of profes-
sional, team become the provincial outstanding teaching team,
the core curriculum become provincial quality courses, and get
a higher goal. Second, promoting teachers to improve class-
room teaching. It can continue to improve teachers' teaching
ability and professional competence by adjusting the training
programs and curricula, and carrying out teaching seminars and
exchanges, promoting teaching materials and system reform
activities. Third ,setting up research awards system. According
to personnel training objectives, it can encourage veteran
teachers to develop teaching and scientific research, amply
reward high level teaching and research, and research papers
and major scientific research.
Carrying ou t the Activities of the Network
Evaluation and Poll and Focusing on Improving
the Qual i ty M anagemen t S ystem
First, organizing regular teaching quality assessment activi-
ties. On the basis of two teaching management system for the
implementation of the colleges ,it can evalua te teaching quality
and effectiveness by organizing studentsnetwork evaluation,
teachers’ site evaluation, as well as off-campus peer forum.
Second, promoting the institutionalization of teaching quality
evaluation. It should strengthen the institutionalization of pro-
fessional and make the professional more scientific so that it
can effectively protect the quality of classroom teaching and
practical teaching to enhance students' ability to practice. Third,
improving the teaching quality management system. It should
design evaluation by evaluating teaching methods, teaching
effectiveness and teaching results to urge the group of ranked
programs to speed up improvements, and continuously improve
teaching quality management system.
Building "Virtual Training to Real Practice"
Mechanisms, and Actively Building a Practice
Teaching Platform
First, constructing and improving simulation laboratory. It
can introduce financial and investment simulation operation,
commercial banking business, the modern insurance practices
and such simulated teaching software to carry out the simula-
tion of a single stocks, futures, foreign exchange, bank teller,
business, insurance claims and other business operations.
Second, expanding the practice teaching base. It should estab-
lish the set of banks, insurance companies, securities companies,
futures companies, fund companies, trust companies and other
organizations in one financial class practice teaching base and
service awareness internship, production internship, graduation
practice and other aspects of the practice of teaching tasks.
Third, carrying out school-enterprise exchange. It can establish
the platform of the exchange of teachers and business manage-
ment and technical personnel, continuously develop compre-
hensive ability, further improve the teachers' practical ability,
and thus accumulate the base of student's employment and en-
hance the employment ability of the students.
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