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The Ordinary College Undergraduate Course Teaching Mode
Jianling Wang1, Hongbo Lai2
1College of Engineering Science&Technology, Shanghai Ocean University, shanghai, China
2School of Art Design and Media, East China University of science and technology, Shanghai, China
Received 2012
The teaching mode is reformed for the university talents training target, namely the cultivation of innova-
tive talents. The teaching model is introduced into the classroom, compared with the traditional teaching
model, the teaching mode gains achieved good results.
Keywords: Classroom Teaching; Innovative Thinking; Method Reform
Teaching mode can be defined as: under the guidance of the
certain teaching ideas and teaching theory, around the certain
teaching goals, to finish the teaching task and set up relatively
stable teaching activities of “paradigm”[1]. The students of
ordinary higher school which basis is weaker than the students
of research higher schools, so the ordinary higher schools in
China carry out “teaching is primary, scientific research is sub-
ordinate” as the goal.The undergraduate talents training goal
mainly locates in the training of the students' practice ability
and innovation ability, the course settings and practice settings
are corresponding adjusted, but also on the teachers' classroom
teaching is puted forward new demands.
Student Groups Hierarchy
In traditional teaching, classroom teaching progress often
bases on the students which levels are moderate and difficultly
consider the students which levels are good or poor. Nearly
20% of good students, classroom teaching can not meet their
learning needs; and almost 20% of poor students can not under-
stand, unable to complete their studies.
For the three class students need teachers to different treat-
ment: secondary students in accordance with the requirements
of its normal teaching schedule master knowledge within the
classroom; students with good foundation, encourage them to
take part in various types of project declaration, such as innova-
tion project, to enable students to master the project reporting,
planning, construction in terms of the specialized knowledge
and skills, and by doing all kinds of projects, so that its know-
ledge to learn in order to practice; students with poor founda-
tion, encourage and guide them to take part in the various kinds
of test of the occupation qualification certificate, to lay a good
foundation for their future employment.
Based on the Cont ent
For the basic teaching content here divides it into the digital
calculation content and concept category content. For calcula-
tion digital content, in the theoretical deduction of the formula,
due to operational symbol is abstract, not mathematics major
students understand difficultly, so it is necessary to specific
digital auxiliary derivation; for example explains, if only to
show the slides courseware, some students can not catch know-
ledge much, some students can not understand, some students
are feeling all understand, but their titles can do nothing.In view
of this situation, teachers can make an example decomposed
into several steps, let students base on the corresponding theo-
retical formula by each step of the operation, with every step,
teacher write out the correct answer and explanation of the step
at blackboard, and then students check their answers, which can
timely understand the cause of the error in every step, and is
corrected in time, such an example completed, students is very
clear the solving process for this class of problem.
Case Teaching
Case teaching method is that teachers according to the
teaching content and the teaching goal, through the creation of
a case, case as the basic materials, organize the students to car-
ry out research, analysis, expression and other activities, lets the
student in the specific situation of positive thinking, active ex-
ploration, to cultivate the students' comprehensive quality of a
teaching method[2]. On the textbook knowledge summary is
the universal law, case teaching can make students with basic
theories to explain the phenomenon, thereby shortening the
distance between teaching context and teaching theory. Also
due to the teaching and scientific research projects are closely
linked, in case of, and research project to link in scientific re-
search project, we will encounter some new problems, to these
new problems and solve methods into classroom, can not only
make up for the lack of textbooks, but also can arouse students'
interest in learning, make students change from knowledge,
memories into thinking training.
Practice Teachi ng
Practice teaching is an important part of undergraduate
teaching, which has application and supplementary role for the
*Foundation item: 2012 University Key Course Construction (Opera-
tions Research
Systems Engineering, A-2600-12-0000-10).
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theory teaching contents, enables students to apply theoretical
knowledge to practice, but also improves their thinking ability
innovation ability and the ability to solve practical problems. In
order to cultivate the innovative talents, school encourages to
make the practice teaching into the curriculum.
Practice content not only conform to the teaching content,
but also closely connect with the society and the needs of in-
dustry, with the development of the society, which need to be
constantly updated, so as to make students always pay attention
to professional development and absorb new knowledge, ac-
cording to science and technology development, which can
increase the breadth and depth of their knowledge structure. In
the past practice, the traditional teaching method is a topic, let
all students do this one problem, so that the content limitations
which the students can do is too small, sometimes a problem is
not transformed in a few years, the contents is old. Along with
the social needs constantly updated, practical teaching content
and practical teaching methods need to be improved. In practice
we can let each student a topic and also let the students self
subject. Through the teachers and students interacting, com-
plete the course teaching practice.
After determining the subject, teachers can help each group
of students to solve the core problem and the difficulty. In this
process, the emphasis should let students into a learning state,
according to their level of knowledge and practice requirement,
choose their own way, gradually get rid of teacher s ` help,
achieve self control and self regulation in the practice process.
Practice teaching should not only attach importance to
teaching process, but also pay attention to the teaching effect.
For learning in order to practice, curriculum design and various
competitions can be linked, such as innovation competition, let
students use the curriculum design to declare competition, after
expert assessment the students can know their own level and
have the foundation for graduation thesis.
To sum up, the practice teaching process is as follows:
The first step: student grouping, identify each theme in prac-
The second step: determine the core content of practice;
The third step: effective teaching practice;
The fourth step: practice application: declare competition.
Teaching Effect
Teaching mode will directly affect the efficiency and effect
of the teaching process, compared with the past teaching mode
" explain-accept", the problem, heuristic, exploration, interac-
tive of teaching mode can arouse the students' learning enthu-
siasm and initiative, which is conducive to the cultivation of
students' innovative ability.
In order to evaluate the teachers' teaching, each university
has a teaching evaluation system for teachers, teaching quality
and effect are evaluated, in order to promote the improvement
of the teaching process and to improve teaching quality. Taking
Shanghai Ocean University as an example, its teaching evalua-
tion index and weight are as follows Table 1.
In this paper, for the ordinary college undergraduate course
the teaching mode is constantly explored in the process of
teaching, summed up a few years continuously, and applied in
the practical teaching, and achieved good results. The " opera-
tions research and systems engineering" course is used as an
example, the teaching object is the industrial engineering stu-
dents of Shanghai Ocean University, the grade 2006 students
Table 1.
Shanghai Ocean University teaching evaluation.
One level
index score Two level index weight
attitude 0.3
teaching seriously, rigorous teaching style,
pay attention to teach by precept and example,
can be a model for other s, imparting knowledge
and educating pe ople
Take a variety of forms for answering questions 0.10
Don`t stop class at random, class, class on time,
mobile pho ne shutdown on class 0.05
Operation setting proper, correctly and timely
feedback t o s olve proble ms seriously 0.05
Lectures have appeal and can attract the attention
of students 0.05
In the teaching process use standard M a ndarin,
use standard Chinese characters in writing on the
blackboard, teaching courseware, teaching
materials, lecture notes, papers
Teaching s ki l l , clear thinking, clear, focused,
clear difficulties, not echo what the books say 0.10
About the c ont ent, a large amount of information 0.05
On the issue, explain profound theories in simple
language 0.10
Pay attention to the cont inuity of the teaching
content and update kn owledge, pay attention to
communicate with the s t udents, give the studen t s
thinking, Lenovo, inno vation
The teacher accordi ng to the tea ching conten t s
use various teaching methods, effect is good 0.05
On the cla ss room teaching order management is
effective, arouse the students' emotions, active
classroom atmosphere 0.05
Teachers selecte appropriate textbooks, provide
extra reference, and timely give guidance for
students learning 0.05
effect 0.1 Through teachers' teaching, improve the inter est
of curriculum content, master basic theories and
skills of the curriculum 0.10
Table 2.
"Operations research and systems engineering" teaching evaluation.
Term: the second semester of 2007-2008 school yea r
Speciality: 2006 Industrial Engineering
The effective questionnaire number: 45
Teaching at t i tude Teaching situa t ion Teaching effect
28.88 43.03 7.89
Total score: 79.80
Term: the second semester of 2010-2011 school year
Speciality: 2009 Industrial Engineering
The effective questionnaire number: 52
Teaching at t i tude Teaching situa t ion Teaching effect
27.64 54.97 8.79
Total score: 91.40
are used the traditional teaching method, the grade 2009 stu-
dents are used the new teaching method. The teachers' teaching
evaluation for the two grades`students are as follows Table 2.
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From Table 1 and Table 2, we can see that the current
teaching method is better than the traditional teaching method,
the student evaluation score is high.
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