A research on the SportsTourism Special Project In
Hainan International Tourism Island
Xia MinhuiWangHuiWang XiaolinSuYou
(School of Physical Education,Hainan Normal University, Haikou, Hainan, China 571158)
Abstract: At the background of the constrictions of international tourist island, this paper applies the methods of
literature review,the interview,in-site investigation toanalyze the current development of the sportstourism in Hainan
with a benchmark of the construction plan of the Hainan international tourist island and the combination of the world's
four famous tourism Islanders. It makes a planning assumption of the development of the sports tourism in accordance
with the characteristics ofsportstourismresourcesinHainan.The tourism resources in Hainanarerichand unique.It
aims to set up the development planning guidelines and objectivesof sports tourism in Hainan,to clarify the spatial
layout of resources, the distribution of different sports tourism zones and the tourism routes, to propose the project plans
of the sports tourism in Hainan with a combination of the construction of international tourism island, to establish a
sports tourism industry in cooperationwith large enterprises in anew concept of society development.
The sports tourism development project makes a combination among the tourism products, tourism program and
tourist routes. It strengthens the cooperation in different bureaus in the sports and tourism management, to accelerate the
construction and sport tourism personnel training, to standardized the management, other safeguards and construct the
camp for self-driving tourists, the motel , the autotheater and launch the Hainan Card to increase the "migratory birds"
economic and promote the development of the tourism in Xisha Island, Nansha Island.
Keywords: Hainan;International Tourism Island; Sports tourism; Special project
As a kind of phenomenon of dominant economic, the
tourism industry displays strong momentum in Hainan
economy in recent years and has shown great influence
and potential in the development. During the"Twelve
-five “project, the tourism plays an importantrolein the
economy of our country witha sign that China enters a
period ofrapideconomygrowth.The sports tourism will
become the important content of ordinary people, as it is
a combination ofthe materialcivilization, thespiritual
civilization and ecological civilization.
In twenty-first Century, good health andleisure
activities are one of hot pursuitfor ordinary people, and
sports areoneofthehealth activities peopleadvocate. It
is suggested to merge the sports and tourism as a new
industrial mode at the background of the construction of
Hainan international tourismisland. It will bringmore
considerable economic benefits and social benefits tothe
construction ofHainan internationaltourismislandin the
near future, guideandinspire peopleto setup positive
attitude and healthy,civilizedwayof life.Therefore,the
sports tourismplaysan importantrole inthe construction
of international tourism island.
The development plan for the construction of Hainan
international tourism islandwasput forwardby Hainan
provincial Party committee andHainan provincial
government in June, 2010. With themethods of literature
review, the interview, on-the-spot investigation, this
research proposes on the development projects of the
sports tourism in Hainan are as follows:
2.TheResults AndThe Analysis
A The analysis of current development of sportstourism
in Hainan with the combination of the four largesttourist
islands in the world
At present,manyfamous touristislandresort spread
out theworld,such asthewell-known Hawaii inthe
United States, Jeju Island of South Korea,Bali Islandin
Indonesia and Phuket Island inThailand. From Table 1
The comparative analysis between Hainan Island and the
world'sfour largest tourist island,itis truethatHainan
Island is not inferior at the geographical location, the
climate, the natural scenery and the human culture to the
four famous touristislands. But itsinternational
reputation is far beyond the four famous tourist islands,
which shows that the development of Hainanis late and
its propaganda efforts were not enough.
In the opportunity ofthe international tourism island,
it is urgent to discover the unique characteristics in
Hainan onthe focus ofthe project in Hainantourism.
Hainan Island won’t attract theforeigntouristsonly by
the sunshine, the beach and the delicious food,
comparing with the four famous island resorts. The
government should developan attraction withlocal
characteristics of tourism recognized by the international
tourists. And the related industries of sports andtourism,
theintegrationanddevelopmentof sportstourism will
becomenew resourcesin theinternational tourism
A task ofA research onthe Sports Tourism SpecialProject In HainanInternational Tourism Island, the key research project in The
State General Administration of sport socialscience, number: 1461SS10015,The Second Chinese Postdoctoral Sports Forum
Report Anintroduction tothe author: XiaMinhui( 1963 ),female, Zigong, Sichuan,Deanof school ofP.E.,Hainan Normal
University, Professor, doctor, supervisorofmasters,researchfiled:sportshumanisticsociology. The Corresponding author:Wang
School ofP.E.
Hainan NormalUniversit
research filed:s
orts humanisticsociolo
Open Journal of Applied Sciences
Supplement2012 world Congress on Engineering and Technology
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Table 1 The comparative analysis between Hainan Island andthe world's four largesttourist island
Bali IslandHawaiiPhuket IslandJeju IslandHainan Island
Indonesia’s most
dazzling Island,
located in 8
degrees of the
equator of Indian
ocean, East Java
Located in the
Pacific, the
largest island
in the Hawaii
A city of southern
Thailand and the
island, located
off the west coast
of the Malay
Peninsula of
Dammam ,warm
Located in the East
China Sea, in the
southwest area of
the Korean
Peninsula, the
biggest South
Korean island
Hainan Island is
located in the
southern part ofthe
Leizhou peninsula in
our, north across the
Qiongzhou Strait, the
second largest island
in China.
tropical island,
hot, the annual
temperature is
about 28 degrees
in the
tropical ,
mild and
in the tropics,
temperate maritime
climate ofthe
annual average
temperature of 14.7
degrees Celsius,
winter 4.7 C
The maritime tropical
monsoon climate, the
average annual
temperature between
22 degrees and26
" Thenavel of the
world" Mount
Agung, national
forest, the
largest lake,
beautiful beaches
Wilkie beach
and Pearl
Volcano Island
the beach, the odd
shape lime rock
and the jungle
Three treasure,
Jeju island volcano
and lava tubes,
bonsai garden,
Halla etc.
Majestic volcano
scenery, mangrove,
Yalong Bay, Monkey
Island, Coconut
Grove, the remotest
corners of the globe
A strong religious
culture, almost
all culture
related religion,
such as music,
sculpture, shadow
plays and so on
culture, and a
such as Hula
the rich Buddhist
culture, carnival
from November,
Seafood Festival
Jeju folk
performances, such
as the female
dance, the famous
Yeongju sites
a strong cultureof
nationalities with
Li, Miao, Huiminority
Flower island,
South Park, Fairy
Island, Island of
thousands of
Pacific pearlThai PearlSouthKorea's
Hawaii, the
honeymoon island,
romantic island
The eastern Hawaiiand
the pearl of the
Chinese southern sea
According toSong Jingmin’s [2], (2010) research,
sports tourism resources in Hainan can be divided into
two major parts: the natural and the humanities.
The natural tropical sports tourism resources include
four subclasses: the sea,the mountain, thewater, and the
ecological. The humanisticsports tourism resources also
include four subclasses:the folk, the festivals, the events
and thevenuesbase.Sports tourism resources in Hainan
include 512kinds ofprograms; therefore, Hainan Island
sports tourismresources are rich, unique,and indeed
superior to the world's fourfamous islands.
B The guided theory and targetof the sports tourism
The guided theory
With the guideofthe scientificdevelopment and the
twelvefive planningof Hainannationaleconomy and
social development, the help of the development project
of the construction ofHainan international tourism island,
The provincial government makes the development
strategy to speed up the tourism industry, the planning
principle topromote thetourism andsports,tourism
industry chain, thegoals of development in the sports
tourism products and cultivation of the International
tourismbrand, theleading rolesof the sports tourism.
The governmentconstructs HainanIsland as the
international, the first-class Asian sports tourism
destination [3 ].
The goals of three stages:
The goal in the near future (2010-2013 ) -
From 2010to 2013,Hainan Government will
improve infrastructure constructionofHainan sports
tourism and initially establish the image of the
characteristics of sports tourism. With the full
implementation of the "one mountain, two islands, two
bays, two drift,a culture, two base"and "the sea,the
mountain, the hill, the spring" sports tourism model, the
benefit of sports tourism economic will begin to rise and
make Hainan a unique island for sports tourism.
The metaphase target (2014- 2017 )
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An aim to build large-scale comprehensive sports
facilities in Hainan and hold large and medium-sized
domestic and international sporting events, the
government will perfectthe sportstourism industry
system to influent "bead trigonometry" and "extensive
bead triangle" areasports tourism market. The sports
tourism economic implementation grows rapidly, so that
the sports tourisminHainanwillbecome thedominant
one to lay the foundation for Hainan to become a tropical
sports tourism vocational resort.
The long term goals (2018-2020 )
By the formation and perfection of the sports
tourismindustry system and20 typesof sports tourism,
the completionof thesportstourism andregional
economic optimization, it will preliminary built Hainan
into the first-class, world famoustropical tourism
C The developmentproject of themain field of sports
The project of Hainansports tourism mainly
integrates withthe sportstourismproducts, tourism
program, thetouristroutes.Thisresearchimplementsthe
756 project at the National Space base with the layout of
sports tourism and the different partition of recreational
1The implementationof the "756 project"
" 7":The sevenzonesand sevenCentersSevensports
tourism zone:
( 1) The diving sports tourism zone in Chinese southern
The west Island Yalong BayDadong Sea
Wuzhizhou Island
(2) The exploration offolk sports tourism zone in central
Five Fingers Mountain mountaineeringdrifting in the
Five Fingers Mountain exploring offolk culture the
Five FingersMountaintheRainforest Adventure
(3) The leisure sports tourism zone in the eastern part:
The Wanquan River upstream explorationdriftingof
Wanquan River downstream area Boao GolfBoao
Hot Spring
(4) The southwest tropical rain forest or wilderness
adventuresports tourism zone
The adventure of tropicalrain forestin DiaoLuo
mountain a view of theDiaoLuo mountain
fallJianfeng Mount mountaineeringSeven Fairy
Mount mountaineering, the rock climbingthe spa
( 5) The recovery sports tourism zonein the southeast:
Enjoy Xinglong hot springstourthe forestparkplay
golftour the tropical botanical gardentour the
garden of Southeast AsianDongshan Mount
(6)The northern suburbs of Haikou sports tourism
The western BeachThe holidays beachThe roller
skating leisure gallerythe sailing training base watch
the impressionof Hainan show
(7) The northeast mountain sports tourism zone:
Tongguling mountaineeringtour Moon Baythe
White Gold Coast Beach Sports
Gao Long Bay National beach volleyball training base
visit thespace launchbase
Seven sports tourism service center: Haikou, Sanya,
Qionghai,Wenchang,Five Fingers Mountain County,
Baoting, Xinglong.
The " 5":Fivesports tourismthemesandfivesports
tourism focus
Five sports tourism theme:fitness and leisure sports
tourism, the adventure sports tourism, the sports events
tourism, the festivals sports tourism, the folk culture
sports tourism.
Five major sportstourism zone:
(1) the Dadong Sea, Yalong Bay, West sea sports
tourism zone
(2) Five Fingers mountain, rafting, adventure sports and
folk culture tourism zone
(3)Seven Fairy Mount Mountaineering,rock climbing,
hot springs Sports TourismZone
(4) hotspring in Xinglong, theSoutheast Asian garden,
the forest oxygen bar SportsTourism Zone
(5) Tongguling Mount,Gao Long Bay, Qinglan harbor
MarineLeisure Sports Tourism Zone
" 6": Six sports tourism products and six sports
tourism system
The six sports tourism products: golf leisure travel,
tropical seaside spa tour, folk customs tour, Li Miao
boutique tour, sports event tour, the Diving tour in South
China Sea, the tropical Valley rafting tour.
Six sports tourism system: a comprehensive sports
tourism service system; innovative features sports
tourism productsystem; strict implementation ofquality
assurance system;normative and orderlyoperation ofthe
market system; the convenience and flexibility of the
information and marketing system;people-oriented
management system.
2The map of the spatial distribution of development of
sports tourism project (Figure 1)
3Sports tourism routes
According to the distribution of Hainan sports
tourism resource, the transportation and industry, Hainan
sports tourism routesmaybedevelopedinthefollowing
combinations routes:
Coastal sportstourism routes:
The southern line: Yalong BayDadong Seabeach
sports and diving of the west island, marine sports line.
The Eastern Line: Tongguling
mountaineeringswimming inthe seabeachbase
Gao Long bay beach volleyball base line.
The Sports tourism routes in the forest:
(1) The Diao Luo Mount national Forest Park
Baihualing fallsSeven Fairy Mount spaa tropical
rain forestadventureSports tourism in the wild
(2) Adventure in tropical rain forest of Bawang
MountAdventure inTropical Rainforest of
JianfenglingMao Gongshan Nature Reserve The hotsprings sports tourism routes:
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(1) Guantanghot springs in the southeasthot springin
Xinglong TropicalBotanical GardenHot Springin
(2) Danzhou Lanyang HotSprings Songtaolake
Changjiang Qizi Bay natural landscape adventure sports tourism routes
(1)Climbing Five FigureMountthedriftingthe
tropicalrainforestfolksports tourism infolk culture
adventuresports tourism lines.
(2) The drifting in Wanquan RiverBoao Golf and
auto test baseBoao hot spring tourism line.
The sportstourism routes in thesuburban
The sports tourism tour in the suburbanof Haikou:
swimming in West Coast, skating, sailing, windsurfing,
marinesports, hotsprings spa,mountaineering in the
volcano park
The sportstourism tourin thesuburban of
Wenchang: Mangrove Nature Reserve, the civilized
eco-village tour, space launch base tour, the coconut tree
climbing contest, the experience of 9 people volleyball
match in Hainan.
3.The DevelopmentStrategy ofthe
Sports Tourism
A The match between the sports tourism planning and
the construction of international tourism island
It is in need tounderstand the development of sports
tourism, toestablish anewconcept ofthe development
of sports tourism industry,market, product, to introduce
the regional sports tourism resources asawhole tourism
products to market,to discover thecultural connotation
in sports tourism, to optimize the environment of
regional sports tourism, to integrate the sports tourism
products, to improvethe sports tourism image andits
industry system, to achievethe harmonious social,
economic and cultural development betweenthe sports
tourismin the urban and rural.
BMakingusesofthe leadingrole ofthegovernment
and having aHainan characteristic sporttourism
Hainan government implements the dominant
development strategy of sportstourism, plans the
development of sports tourism ina sound way. Inorder
to ensure that the Hainan sports tourism is in accordance
with the right direction of development, theaccurate
development policy, reasonable resource integration,
scientific layout ofresources andthe rational ofplanning
and management, it should combinethe national fitness
and the recreation together.Theplans show the
prominent characteristic of tropical island sports tourism
and promote the further development of sports tourism in
C Strengthening the cooperation between the Sports
Departments and The Tourism Departments, advertising
and promoting the developmentofthe international
tourism island
The Sportstourism isthe combinationof sportsand
tourism, a new form of generatingthefeaturesbetween
the tourism and the sports. Its development must depend
on the integration of the two industries.Strengthening
the cooperationbetween theSports DepartmentsandThe
Tourism Departments,these two departments need the
management andthe coordination theprovincialParty
committee, especially solve the problem of assigning the
specific work of each part and the distribution of profit,
to advertise and promote development of the
international tourism island
D The acceleration of the process of infrastructure of the
international sports tourism
Toacceleratethe infrastructureof thesports tourism,
the Sports TourismBureau cooperateswith the large
enterprises to create a good atmosphere of
development.With theconstruction of Hainan National
Park Planning,wehope thatthe developmentofsports
tourism andthesports facilitiesmay beincludedinthe
planning andconstruction of InternationalIsland atthe
same time
EAccelerating thesports tour personnel training and
solving the shortage of talents
With the rapid development of sports tourism, the
lack of the sports tourism professionals is a big problem.
At present, the sports tourismprofessionals are hardly
foundinthesport tourism market, most ofthem are
laypersons.Fewprofessionals areengaged inthe
managementand trainingwork ofsports tourism, which
seriously restricting development of the sports tourism.
With the construction of theinternationaltourism island,
an increasein demand fortalented people is in need,it is
suggested the government help the provincial
universities to establish the related majors, in order to
speed up thetraining of sports tourism professionals.
FStrengthening the standard management and
carrying out the active theindustrial orientated
Sports tourismis aspecialformoftourism,which
means many specialequipment conditions must be
satisfied. It must gothrough a strictexaminationand
approval becauseit isrelated tothe safetyof thetourists.
With the guarantee of the safety, the sports tourism must
meet four conditionsincluding the resources, the
facilities, theservices andthe insurance, mostimportant
of all, the standard andprofessional management team. It
is necessary to create an active sport tourism industry
chain in ordertopromote the developmentof related
4. Suggestions
AStrengthening the Building of International Camping
Facilities such as Auto camps and Motels
International Camping sitesare importantpackage
facilities needed for the building of Hainan International
Tourism Island. Tourists on the drive are to be
accommodated atauto camps, theprovision of whichis
based on the flow of sport tourists.Auto camps and
motels of differentsizes should also beestablished in the
East, Central and theWest express way areas.
B Developing “Recreation Vehicles” with Hainan
With the rapiddevelopment of Self-drivetourism,
Recreation Vehicle (RV) has caught the attention of RV
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manufacturers fromhome andbroad, RVclubs and
camping lovers. RV travel becomes popular among a
growing number of tourists and has attracted more
RVin our country, we should makea vigorous effort to
develop RVs with distinctive Hainan characteristics as
soon as possible.
C “Auto Cinema”, Place to experience a fashionable
cultural life.
Auto cinema offers tourists a fascinatingway of
entertainment thatenables them tosee a movie in the
open while sitting in their carswith an easy tune for
audio streams. Needless to say, it has become a venue for
romantic gathering among families and friends. Going
forward, weshouldconsider theprospect ofbuilding
auto cinemas on the west coast ofHaikou as well as in
Sanya to keep upwith the increasing number of
self-drivecamps andmotels, taking fulladvantageof the
island’s soothing naturalenvironment andbroad
DDeveloping “MarineSports” and “Marine
Knownas “Pearlofthe SouthChina Sea”,Hainan is
blessedwith a favorablegeographical location, amild
climateandbountifultourism resources.Activities
related totheocean, diving andthebeach are distinctive
local features. Locatedon thewest coastof Haikou, the
National OffshoreYachting and BoardsailingBase is
also the venue for the Yachting and Boardsailing
preliminary race in the 10th National Games. It is
prospectivethat theareabe built into amarine sport
center that accommodates touristsaswellasthosewho
come to spend their leisure time and holidays. Moreover,
the introduction of “Diving Festival”, “Ocean Festival”,
“Beach Festival” and “Water Festival” will add to the
unique charm of the tropical island.
E RevitalizeHainanasWinter Training Base for
National Sports
The favorable naturalenvironment andclimate
conditionsmakes itpossibleto maintain the supply of
fresh fruitsand vegetables allyear round inHainan,
which has laid a solid foundation for a growing winter
trainingindustry.Yetthepast years haveseenthe
shut-down of some training bases due to the lack of
infrastructure and facilities that suitshigh-level sport
training.Athletes are a high consumption group that has
much to contribute to thelocal economy.An athletewho
1,000 tourists combined. Thisspecial group brings
enormous economic and social benefitsto Hainan.
Therefore, relevantadministrative departments should
attach more importance to the building ofthese winter
training bases.
F Seek to Develop Advanced Sports Economy and
Emphasize the Role of“Migratory birds”
“Migratorybirds”hererefersto amediumand
long-term group of tourists who play asignificant role in
an internationaltourism island.Goingforward,anumber
of internationalized, high-standard nursinghomes will be
built forthe elderly, where health andnursing services
will be provided. Meanwhile, efforts will be made to
promote Tai-Chi, dances and variant sports activities for
senior citizens to ensure they have a comfortable and
healthy stay andatthe same time encourage them to
provide intellectualsupport for the scientific
development of Hainan.
HDeveloping aConvenient ElectronicFinancial
system for Tourists—“Hainan Card”
Known as oneof theearliest and themost
successful electronic currencies in the world, Hong
Kong’s Octopus card is immensely popular among
tourists for its convenience to payand flexibility to
recharge.Thecardiswidely accepted in public
transportation, stores, restaurants,parking lots and etc.
One may even useit as anaccess cardto schools,offices
and houses.The purpose to build an international tourism
island is to serve tourists from both home and abroadand
thepeopleofHainan. Apartfromdevelopinghardware
facilities, the financial sector in Hainan should consider
the viability ofa “Hainan card”to makelifemore
convenient for residentson the island aswell as for the
tourists. We may even consider the prospect of
interworking with Octopus.
GMaking Xisha and Nasha Travel Available to
In its bid todevelop itself into an International
Tourism island, Hainan should seek more policy support
from the central government to make it available for
tourists totravel toXisha,Nansha andotherSouth China
Sea islands withinChina’s jurisdiction. By doingso,
Hainan will beable to live upto the responsibility of
defending and developing the South China Sea area,
serve theneed of building an InternationalTourism
Island aswellasthe needtosafeguardnational
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