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Study on Reserved Talents in Competition Sports in Henan
Province during the Period of Post-Olympics*
Weihua Yao
Physical Education College, Luoyang Normal University, Luoyang, Henan, C hina
Received 2012
Utilizing the methods of documentation, questionnaire, and statistics and so on, this paper prosecutes an
investigation of the current situation of reserved talents in competitive sports in Henan province to ana-
lyze the existing main problems and put forward the proper strategy for development aiming at providing
theoretical basis and practice reference for its healthy development.
Keywords: Competitive Sports; Reserved Talents; Cultivation
Under the condition of all-round social progress, day-by-day
commercialized, professionalizated and scientific world sports
circle, how could the cultivating mechanism for sports talents in
competitive sports adapt new situation and better realize sus-
tainable development needs to be contemplated, designed and
overall planned with wider view. Since Beijing Olympic Games,
although the scale of amateur training has been under way, the
work point of national sports transferred from competitive
sports to mass sports with invisible and formative change of
many policies and measures. The change of the form of owner-
ship and organization of amateur training and much contradict
caused by the pattern of whole nation which was also unfavor-
able to the development of sports industry which resulted in the
incommensurate problems between reserved talents and social
development leading to the decline of the quality of reserved
talents. Therefore, to explore the cultivation and countermea-
sures for development of reserved talents in competitive sports
under the background of new era is the meaning of this subject.
Study Methods
Documentation Method
The document, books related reserved talents were consulted
as well as the papers and material of State Physical Culture
Administration and Henan Municipal Sports Administration.
Investigation Met ho ds
1) Interview method
The related leaders of Henan Municipal Sports Administra-
tion, Luoyang Municipal Sports Administration, Jiaozuo Mu-
nicipal Sports Administration, Nanyang Municipal Sports Ad-
ministration, the sports school and the coaches was interviewed
to gain the related material by the way of visiting and sympo-
2) Questionnaire method
The questionnaires about some closeness and openness
problems were designed and questionnaire surveys were under-
taken on the related leaders, teachers and coaches to understand
the current situation and existing problem of reserved talents.
3) Logical analysis method
The logical knowledge and method was applied to classifica-
tion, compare and analyze the present material, the question-
naire and this writing.
4) Statistical analysis method
Statistics analysis software SPSS10.0 was applied to deal
with the data from the survey.
The Result and Analysis of the Study
The Survey of the Current Situation of Reserved
Talents in Competitive Sports in Henan Province
1) L ack of resource of reserved talents and low efficiency in
the distribution of resources
The main resources of reserved talents come from three as-
pects. Firstly, the resources come from 11 national high level
bases for reserved talents affiliated with sports system, 58 indi-
vidual training points at the provincial level, 19 training bases
at the provincial level, 18 city sports schools, sports school in
Henan province which are main fronts[1] With the problems of
mutual contradiction among the learning and training and the
difficult way out, the number of the students decreased day by
day. Lack of reserved talents and low quality of the talents are
the outstanding problem existing in the development of sports
school. From the view of the cities distribution, there are most
reserved talents bases of 11 national high level bases in
Zhengzhou (27.27%). From the view of program layout, the
sports of bicycle accounts for most. The data reflects that the
reserved talents in competitive sports are tend to centralize to
the superior area. However, there are many reserved talents in
some programs, but not excellent talents.
Secondly, the traditional sports programs school established
together by sports system and education system is the area
which could not be ignored to enlarge the scale of reserved
talents.13 national traditional sports program school and 253
provincial traditional sports program school were analyzed. The
number of the students involved in the training has reach to
*The project plan of soft science in Henan Pro vience.(Project Nunmber
112400430077); Teaching reform project in Luoyang Normal Univer-
sity in 2010(P roject Nunmber:2010040).
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about 37000 which the proportion account for about 7% of the
total number basically reaching the average level.
At last, the resources come from amateur training teams in
middle and elementary schools, high level sports teams in col-
lege affiliated with education system which are the essential
supplementary part. There are ten thousand students in college,
middle and elementary school participating extra curricula ex-
ercises. However, the influence of social environment, training
environment and lack of funds leads to the slow development of
competitive sports in school in Henan province. The competi-
tive sports level need to be improved urgently.
The similar programs among each city result in resource
consumption with low efficiency in the distribution of re-
sources. To fulfill the sustainable development of competitive
sports not only needs plenty of reserved resources but also fo-
cus on the internal adjusting allocation of the system to collect
resource advantage, reasonably arrange advantaged programs,
further to improve the benefit of the allocation of resources.
2) T he structure of coach is not reasonable and the scientific
training level needs to improve.
The teams of coaches with high quality are the necessary
condition for the better development of competitive sports. The
situation of sports system has been analyzed due to the ade-
quate professional coaches. The survey shows that the propor-
tion of the coaches under 35 years old accounts for 52.49%
which demonstrates that the team is full of youthful spirit but
also means rough task for the training and exercises. The pro-
portion of the coaches with rich experience between 35 and 45
accounts for 28.13% which little less obviously. The percentage
of the coaches with teaching over 11 years accounts for 85.5%
which demonstrates a relative stable coach team in Henan
province. Form 1 shows that the coaches retired from specia-
lized teams have rich experience but with low academic level
which would influence the further improvement. The coaches
have learned from college after retirement with rich practical
experience, academic knowledge and best effect of teaching.
However, the percentage of this group is too low with unrea-
sonable structure.
Constant improvement of scientific training level is the es-
sential support for the enhancement of sports accomplishment.
Scientific training should focus on scientific material, physical
training, the recovery of fatigue, psychology training and
sporting equipment and so on [2]. However, a large portion of
coaches select material according to their experience or rec-
ommended by P.E. teachers. Only 29.13% of the coaches select
according to the standard. The creative sense and scientific
training level need to be improved.
3) Lack of means to adjust and allocate the resources of
competitive sports
The resource investment of the competitive sports at this
stage is still mainly from financial appropriation in Henan
province. The market mechanism has not yet play ed its leading
Form 1.
The survey of the source situation of the coaches in sports system in
Henan province .
The source of coaches % No.
Retired from specialized teams
Graduated f rom P.E. college
Learned from P.E. college after retirement
role with no good increasing income channel. The transform of
the sports resources was used by society, enterprise and indi-
vidual which is the inevitable outcome of the development of
economy. The related policies shoud be enacted and standar-
dized based on the situation of the level of economic develop-
ment of the local place and the province.
4) The adverse effects of the disadvantage of the competitive
system to the transport of reserved talents
With the ef fect of golden medal-oriented, there are the situa-
tion of “fake introduction” with impostors which dampen the
grass-roots coaches’ enthusiasm and stifle the talents in some
cities. In addition, some coaches are enthusing about in
low-level contention for championship neglecting the long-term
cultivation of reserved talents. Therefore, the problem and un-
favorable effect resulting from competitive system should be
retested to further perfect the transport and communication of
reserved talents.
5) The puzz le existing i n the base construction
Firstly, many-layered administration, slow follow-up coun-
terpart funds and obstructed channel of purchase make the de-
voted funds output slow lacking necessary supervision me-
chanism. Second, the scale of the training point is too large to
take advantage of the pattern of whole province”. Third, the
way of “appropriation based on medals” needs to be improved.
Forth, the current registration system is unfavorable to the
common communication among athletes.
The Strategies of Cultivation of Reserved Talents in
Competiti ve Sports in Henan Province
1) Set up vi ew of tal ent to a cceler ate t he over all deve lopm ent
of reserved talents.
In the new era of knowledge-based economy, it is more im-
portant of possessing high quality human resources than the
investment and accumulation of funds, than the possession and
expansion of the market with the social focus of the develop-
ment, cultivation and utilization of the talents [3]. Therefore,
the cultivation of reserved talents should be designed and
planed from a long-term and broader view to set up new opi-
nion and transfer the way from training first” to “the combina-
tion of knowledge and trainingwhich demands the players
take sports on the condition of learning of knowledge.
2) Promote the diversification of the way of the distribution
and allocation of resources to optimize the resources of com-
petitive sports
As the subject of the distribution, sports administration at all
levels in Henan province take good advantage of sports re-
sources based on the overall condition to attract the various
economic subjects to develop programs independently. At
present, the current situation of the sports school conducted by
government and wushu school conducted by society have
represented the reasonable distribution which enhances the
application rate of resources to form win-win setup of competi-
tive sports.
Fulfillment of superiority complementary of sports resources
could give full play to the maximum efficiency of the limited
resources [4]. Based on the planning, the layout of the programs
should be considered from the view of sustainable development
to ensure the key project group, to reasonably plan the training
net with the supports and guarantee of funds and policies, to
ensure efficiency of these projects in terms of integration of
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human resources, financial investment and science intervention
to achieve the goal of optimal resources. Based on the talent
base of individual event at provincial level, Hebi city has de-
veloped quickly and has gained 3 gold medals of boxing in the
11th Games. The reasonable layout and optimization of the
resources of competitive sports in various cities could not only
decrease the consumption of resources but also pursue the
maximum benefit.
3) Enlarge the scale of reserved talents by stages, level and
points to improve the matriculate quality
Whether in nonprofessional sports school or traditional
sports school, there will be the existential c risis with no econo-
mies of scale and will be no force of sustainable development
with scanty reserved talents [5]. Therefore, the advantage of
large population in Henan province should be utilized with
better work of popularization to increase the way to create jobs
and transfer the population advantage into talent advantage.
Firstly, break the state of the scattered reserved talents to im-
prove the talent exchange market. Bring the cultivation into the
system of education to enlarge the scale of the teams of re-
served talents [6]. Secondly, enlarge the scale of the steady
students to improve the matriculate quality depending on the
training base of reserved talents in different levels. What’s
more, “sun-light P.E.”, a special activity of school sports in
Henan province should be fully utilized to enlarge the scale of
reserved talents and broaden the way of athletes, deal with the
contradiction between the learning and training.
4) Introduce externally and unite internally to improve the
coach training mechanism
Firstly, strengthen post training, build the system of training,
create learning organization, strengthen the specific training
work to high-end and compound coaches with high-level. Se-
condly, perfect the talent mobility mechanism, optimize the
internal distribution and establish strategic partnership with
other provinces to accelerate the communication and coopera-
tion of talent resources, introduce actively competitive me-
chanism with supports of policy and funds. Thirdly, introduce
the famous coaches at home and abroad as consultant to train
the athletes regularly whose training level will improve rapidly
by the guidance.
5) Gradually reform the current competitive mechanism and
strengthen the internal administration
Set up the major sports with secondary sports and take the
comprehend test of basic skill and quality at the same time.
Pursue registration system strictly to regulate the market and
deal efficiently with the relationships of interest among the
units and arouse the maximum enthusiasm of the athletes and
coaches. Strengthen the internal administration with further
efforts of the supervision.
6) Perfect the construction of cultivation system of reserved
talents and fulfill the strategic transform of the combination of
sports and education.
Build the coordination mechanism of exchange of benefit
based on the principle of market and make the cultivation of
reserved talents become involved into the system of education,
follow the road of the system of education cultivating the com-
petitive talents and fulfill the strategic transform of the combi-
nation of sports and education [7]. Accomplish the real fusion
of sports and education and gradually build the cultivation sys-
tem of reserved talents of competitive sports with the specific
situation of Henan province.
The current situation of reserved talents in competitive sports
in Henan province seems not to be optimistic. The main exist-
ing problems are as follow: the lack of resources of reserved
talents; the single means to adjust and allocate the resources;
the unreasonable structure of the coaches and the scientific
training level needing to be improved; the disadvantage of
competitive mechanism influencing the transportation and
communication of sports reserved talents; irregular construction
and administration of the base and lack of necessary supervi-
sion mechanism when using funds. To fulfill the sustainable
development needs to set up talent opinion to promote the
overall development of reserved talents, to promote diversifica-
tion of means of resource adjustment and allocation to optimize
the competitive sports resources, to enlarge the scale of re-
served talents to the point by stages, multi-level to improve the
quality of the students, to introduce new resource to perfect the
coach training mechanism, to reform recent competitive me-
chanism, to perfect the construction of system of reserved tal-
ents to fulfill the strategic transform with the combination of
sports and education.
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