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Comparative Study on the Present Situation in the Development of
the Chinese Long River Delta Women Football Team
Hongxia Zhang
Physical Education college, Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang, China
Received 2012
Chinese Long River Delta has three Women Football Teams. The present situation of Chinese Long River
Delta Women Football Team attending the 2005 spring training was investigated and studied through
questionnaires,observations and visiting. The present management system, fund sources, basic conditions
of the coaches and players in the Chinese Long River Delta Women Football Teams are clear. It was
found that at present the management system of Shanghai and Jiangsu Women football teams are come up
to the professional management system. But Zhejiang Women football hasn’t been very well popularized.
An orderly system of succession hasn’t been formed. The unstable coach population requires to be trained
and to raise their level. And their manage policy and measures is insufficient compare with Shanghai and
Jiangsu women football team.
Keywords: The Chinese Long River Delta ;Women Football; Present Situation
Chinese Long River Delta is one of the areas with fastest de-
velopment of economy and largest total economical scale in our
country. Total GDP in 2009 is the first super-trillion U.S. dol-
lars, accounting for 21.4% of China's GDP, ranking 11th in the
world. October Games Group score in three provinces of the
sport's overall strength is that Shanghai is No.5, Jiangsu is No.3,
Zhejiangis No.8, which is in the forefront. Shanghai Women's
movement has been in a leading position in China, who re-
ceived nearly 30 national championship. In 2009's October
Games, Jiangsu Women have made considerable progress,
accessing to adult runner-up. Moreover, in the youth group
games below 18 years of age, Jiangsu has got women’s football
championship, Shanghai women’s runner-up, Zhejinag wom-
en’s acciss to twelfth. According to Haigeng spring training in
2010 with three teams during this series of studies, the three
provinces should be based on resource sharing, complementary
advantages, mutual benefit and common development, jointly
promote the development of the Yangtze River Delta Women's
Movement, play the Yangtze River Delta geographical region
and economic advantages, and learn the successful experiences
of the rapid rise of the Jiangsu team in order to improve the
overall level of the Yangtze River Delta Women and jointly
promote the development of the movement of women's football
as a way to explore China's overall development status of their
football development of reference.
Subjects and Methods
The subjects are the three women's football team in 2010 by
the Chinese Football Association Women's organizations in
Kunming Haigeng national women football camp in Yangtze
River Delta ( Shanghai TV station SVA women's football,
Jiangsu China and Thailand women's football, Zhejiang
Hangzhou West women's football).
1) Literature data method We provide reference basis for text
analysis through accessing to literature data so as to under-
stand the domestic and foreign scholars on women's football
development research status.
2) Questionnaire survey method
After the questionnaire reliability, validity and related statis-
tical test, we issue related questionnaires to three teams, coach-
es and athletes. Both recovery rate and efficiency were 100%.
3) Questionnaire Survey Method
We exchange forum with the coaches of three teams and
study the correlation between interview and communication
with the leadership of the Football Association, Institute of
experts, professional football coaches during the research and
writing of women's football training period.
4) Questionnaire survey method
We statistically process and analyze the investigation of the
acquired data.
The Results and Analysis
The Basic Situation of the Ya ng tze River Delt a
Region Women's Football
1) The Shanghai Women's Football
The team was founded in 1984. In December 27, 1998 they
changed its name to Shanghai based women's football club. The
first team is the Shanghai SVA women's football. Shanghai
based women's football has been the China's first-class wom-
en's football team for many years, and in the domestic competi-
tion it has made a brilliant record. Especially since the c lub wa s
founded in 2000, 2003, 2004, the team has won the National
League three degrees, championship, League three champion,
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created our country women's history record, thus it became our
country the only" Grand Slam" team at present. The women's
football club built by the Shanghai Municipal Sports School
and Shanghai TV station benefited from the promotion of
Sports Bureau strong industry management and Shanghai tele-
vision media. Currently the modern advanced facility some-
where has been made according to the Chinese Football As-
sociation for the occupation Club requests in Shanghai Qingpu
District Scenic Dianshan Lake, including available one or two,
three troops, and office building complex as well as a natural
grass, one artificialturf, a piece of land and 6000 square meters
of indoor football museum.
2) The Jiangsu Women's Football
Its full name is Jiangsu Huatai Ladies Footbal Club, the ac-
counting nets school football team, which is founded in 1998
and consists of a few small players who has been in Jiangsu
Taizhou city sports school football program short-term training
and juvenile athletes at Jiangsu sports school in athletics, vol-
leyball, fencing and other items. Then several players were
introduced from Wuhan and Zhejiang to form a team to enter
the early in the national youth competition, and in 2000 began
to participate in the adult game. This spring, training has got
high quality from the coaches to athletes due to their actively
training and diligent. As the host of October Games, Jiangsu
women's football team has achieved the best results since their
establishment ( ranking the fourth ). In October Games they
have made adult female runner, young women football cham-
pionship honors. The team is currently has its own training base
in Nanjing, Jiangning and its soft, hardware facilities in the
country have come full out in front.
3) The Zhejiang Women’s Football
Its full name is the Zhejiang Hangzhou West Women's foot-
ball team, established in February 5, 2004, and it belongs to the
Zhejiang province sports training a group of long-term training
team. In 2007 it changed its name as the Hangzhou West Lake
women's football. The West Women's foundation still came out
in front in the construction of the country female super club. At
present, both the West Women's football No.1 and No.2 team
training is in the Tonglu stadium. In order to meet the training,
the training base was started last year with a billion budget,
there will be a stadium with lights and grandstand and 5 train-
ing field, in which there is a plastic field. The West Women's
consideration is also given to the players amateur life and not
only the standardization of training, board and lodging. The
club pay a visit to Hangzhou every two weeks with the players,
it also held several activities similar to expanding outdoor fun
activities, visiting Qiandao Lake. But compared with Shanghai,
Jiangsu on the overall strength, difference is comprehensive. In
2004 the national female ultra league and championship game,
although only scoring, it did not record the position ( YOYO
fitness failing ) yet even cannot get the preliminaries in October
Games. The ten games won the twelfth of youth group (the last
one ). The main purpose to participate in this year's spring
training is to exercise team for the adjustment of the team, im-
prove their ability after striving for two years ( School of tech-
nology and awareness, to improve anti ), something should be
done in three years : balance, individual comprehensive tech-
nology, defense in place, high success rate, clearness of field
team members responsibility. Then it can prepare for the
"Twelve National Games" and strive to become the strong team
of the women's football.
The Basic Situation of Yangtze River De l ta Region
Women' s F ootball C oaches
1)The Shanghai Women's Football
At the beginning of 2002, the club restarted to appoint the
coach group. It made 7 consecutive championships under the
coach Lin Zhihua in the match, who hae been considered as
best coaches of 2004 female ultra league tournament by the
Chinese Football Association. Currently there are 4 coaches, 2
research coaches, 3 university degree person or above, 2 Senior
title person, and 2 intermediate title person. There are 4 coaches
after association of coaches' post training, among whom there
are 3 person in Class A and 1 person in class B
2) The Jiangsu Women's Football
The team's original coach is the national youth team coach
Gao Rongming, who has been the women's football coach since
the beginning of 1987 in Shaanxi, Sichuan, Shenzhen and other
provinces and cities' team as the head coach and has won the
national top three place. In recent years, she has always served
as the national youth football coach and national team assistant
coach. Present coach, Li Hongbing, whose distinctive features
of coach work is the strong pertinence, puts the work to be in
line with the actual situation. His training methods are com-
bined with theory and practice to explain profound theories in
simple language, which are easy to understand, and the players
has overcome their blindness to increase awareness after under-
standing the football rules based on learning tactics and got
great training and working effect. In 2009 Li Hongbing ob-
tained the NvChao best coach. Currently there are 4 coaches, 1
university degree person or above, 1 Senior .
Title person. There are 4 coaches after association of coach-
es' post training, among whom there are 2 person in Class A
and 2 person in class B.
Table 1.
The Yangtze River Delta region women's football team management and funding basic team.
Team name department Nature of team purpose Source of funds Annual expenditure
Shanghai SVA
Women Football club Enterprises long-term development State appropriation enterprise
sponsored 800000010000000
Jiangsu Huatai
Women's Spo r t s Bureau of Jiangsu
Province state appropriation,
Enterprise long-term development State appropriation enterprise
sponsored 6000000
Zhejiang West Lake
women's Sports Bureau of Zhejiang
Province state appropriation
Enterprise long-term development State appropriation enterprise
sponsored 1000000 + 5000000 yuan
Hangzhou We st sponsorship
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3) The Zhejiang Women's Football
Because the team was a young team, it has always changed
its coaches and menbers since its establishment. It first hired
Shen Lidong coach from the Football Association of Hubei,
who has began coaching the Zhejiang women's football since
2004 February. It obtained great progress under the women's
football coach Shang Ruihua's guidance in 2007. After the
Olympics, Shang Ruihua left the West Women's. Wang Liping
served as head coach who has previously served as assistant
coach to former international. And her target is the 2009 Na-
tional Games Qualifier. At the preliminary round, the West
Women's goal is to enter the National Games finals. But in
Sichuan and host team's key competition, because of the refe-
ree's two missing judgments, Zhejiang women has lost the qua-
lifying with pity. Failed to reach the club 's goal, Wang Liping
chose to leave. Then Li Huayun took the women's West pointer
who was a former international football player.
The Basic Situation of Yangtze River De l ta Region
Women's Football Players
1) The Shanghai Women's Football
Now there exist 25 athletes in Shanghai SVA women's foot-
ball team. There are more than 20 people, such as Sun Wen,
Shui Qingxia and Pu Wei, selected for the national team in the
history. Now the average height of the team is 1.70 meters, a
maximum of 35 years of age, a minimum of 16 years old, and
the average age is 23 years ol d. Because t he national team pre-
paring for the Olympics national youth team for World Youth
Championship in 2008, it has been drawn up to 8 players. In the
team, there are 12 people with university degree or above and
13 people with secondary education.
2) The Jiangsu Women's Football
Now there are 32 members in Jiangsu Huatai 's team, and it
introduced six players from Qingdao and Sichuan in the end of
2002. In 2004 the team introduced international Teng Wei from
Beijing, but it is still a young team. The rest of the team are
below the age of 24 except that the 3 players are over the age of
27 and the smallest member is only 17 years old, and the aver-
age age is 21 years old. now the team's average height is 1.67
meters. Jiangsu Huatai female football has transported many
players to all levels of national teams: for example, Weng
Xiaojie, Zhang Yanru Ge Yang, Xinzhi Weng and so on are
transported to the national youth team who has won the 2004
World Youth Championship runner-up; six person such as
Zhang Yanru, Weng Xiaojie, Ma Jun, Guan Jingjing, Wu Min
and Xinzhi Weng are in the newly established national team in
2010. In the Team, there are 12 people with university degree
or above, 20 people with secondary education.
3) The Zhejiang Women's Football
Now there are 29 members in Zhejiang Hangzhou West
Women Football team, and its average age is 17 years old and
the average height is 1.66 metersas well as a maximum age of
20 years and the minimum 15 years. Because team is built in a
hurry, the team quality is not high with the low starting point.
The main purpose is to exercise the team in the spring training
and prepare for the 2010 contest. There is only one national
team member, Zhu Qiao, who served as a goalkeeper. Players
are mostly students in physical education College of Ningbo
The Training and Com petiti on S i tuation o f Yangtze
River Delta Region Women's Football Team
Because the three teams are different in management systems,
management ways, channels, training properties, composition
of the team and their main tasks, there should exist differences
in establishing the training target, making training plan, select-
ing training content and method and training effects. According
to the coaches and athletes' interviews we can find that women
athletes is later than male soccer players in football training
time. The women's football coverage is narrow, thus many
women players are from other sports. Although they have good
physical quality of football, their technical masteries are uneven,
therefore they must spend a lot of time to improve and enhance
the technical ability. Training 32 hours Weekly is the longest
time in Jiangsu, a minimum of 15 hours in Zhejiang as well as
Shanghai for 26 hours.
1) The Shanghai Women's Football
The Shanghai women's football is made up by province, City
Sports Technology Institute ( sports team ) management of the
semi-professional or amateur teen girls soccer team. Their
training target and task are very clear, i.e. to train develop and
transport the talents for the first team. Therefore, they pay much
attention to the equipped coaches, who are of political qualifi-
cation, good business style and high level of professionalism. In
the training management and daily management, training is
more formal with high quality and the training time can be
guaranteed with more than 20 hours in every week training. In
order to defend the women's FA Cup,they immediately put on
sports clothes on training field after arriving in Kunming with
stationary luggage on the first afternoon. Why do they go to
train so seriously? Because the emphasis on this year the Asso-
ciation Women's Football is completely different. Every team
seizes every minute and second, thus they are certainly no ex-
ception. From the female soccer players' personal comprehen-
sive ability performance, Shanghai team is the best one with a
leading position in the tactical level, literacy in the whole coun-
try. Players are strong in controlling the ball ability individually,
teamwork between players is very good, in midfield the o rgan-
ization is capable and passing is in place, and there are a variety
of attacking, whose tactics level ranks the forefront in the
2) The Jiangsu Women's Football
As the Jiangsu team has got great achievements in October
Games, it payed close attention to training from the provincial
leadership to coaches, it camp up to 32 people to participate in
training in the spring. It has 32 hours a week training with
warm-up match and teaching competition, whose YOYO test
resulted the best. The Jiangsu team has been famous for its full
stamina in the whole nation for a long time. The training and
competition guiding ideology of the team is to take physics as
basis, technology as the means, and use the advanced practice
strategy and tactics accorded with their team. They have pur-
poses to strive to follow the existed teams or any othe teams so
as to compete and fight the physical fitness and physique in the
high-speed motion, and master a variety of football skills and
tactics after 1 to 2 years of efforts according to the play me-
thods different situations used in different formations oppo-
nents. In other words, to create a physical technology is the
team's struggled direction. Jiangsu women's football team is a
young team with strong battle effectiveness and cohesion. It can
fight a hard battle and it is a young team thus their style is quite
hale and hearty. The team has super luxury lineup: from the
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keeper, Zhang Yanru you, Weng Xiaojie ( No1 and No2 na-
tional team goalkeepers ) and Ning Zhenyun ( former national
team ), the guard line; Xinzhi Weng, Zhou Gaoping (national
team main force ), Ruan Xiaoqing, Zhang Wei ( national youth
team main force ), and Ge Yang ( former national team ); mid-
field, Zhu Wei, ( national youth team striker ), Yu Weimin
( ISA period the main national team main force ), and Song
Xiaoli; the vanguard line, Ma Jun ( from Jiangsu 3 teams in 3
into the national team, can be competent striker, front waist,
back waist and guard ), and Ding Jiahuan ( Elizabeth you se-
lected the national team). Besides some young country mem-
bers, basically not any team can match it.
3) The Zhejiang Women's Football
Because the team is the semi professional youth women
football team which is administrated jointly with Province
Sports Bureau and the enterprise, team menbers were in Ningbo
University taking half a day on the literacy class and another
half a day for training before 2005. Team members' individual
ability is bad and the training quality is not high, thus it is dif-
ficult to achieve good results. With Hangzhou West holdings
corporate sponsorship, the West Women's Football has made
progress quickly, got a good sustainable development and has
also attracted many powerful members to join. The the treat-
ment of West Women's football players in the country is the
forefront in the country, which is very attractive in the current
football environment. The goalkeeper Zhu Qiao is from the
Beijing women's football team and was selected in a new na-
tional team. Training time there is 15 hours a week or so, play-
ers' ages are small and they in thin body, thus training effect is
just so-so. The Zhejiang women's football is a new young team,
as to this only 3 anniversary of the founding of the club, it is a
normative construction team mainly in personnel training with
sustainable development. Its first aim is to make known and
then seek greater development.
4) Competition
Competition is a controlled lever to guide training and adjust
the training process. According to the present competition sys-
tem developed by the Chinese Football Association, there are
three main events in the women's senior team each year, re-
spectively for the national championship, FA Cup, and female
ultra league tournament.
Both Shanghai and Jiangsu have got remarkable achieve-
ments. The Shanghai women's football has been a strong vet-
eran player for many years, yet the alternation of the new and
the old made the achievement glided somewhat. Young play-
ers' condition has bigger fluctuation, and the mentality is not
very stable, thus such players occupied a large part in today's
Shanghai team. Of course, after several years of temper, and
these players continue to grow so that the Shanghai women's
football team will open the opponent gap of the strength.
Jiangsu women's football is a new force which suddenly rised,
walking the grabbed right way from reserve in Jiangsu women's
stable development environment, which has 4 echelon. A
province-wide recruitment constantly made the prosperity of
the women of all ages with talented people in the level of na-
tional team. And the Jiangsu women's success also benefited
other teams in the development of reference. It is a team based
on the development of the cultivation of reserve talents and
their own reliable talent. In contrast, the Zhejiang women's
football team is a young team, although it has abundant funds
and hardware equipment guarantee, it also needs to introduce
domestic and foreign outstanding team improve the quality of
training to obtain better result. It should draw more lessons of
the successful development experience from Shanghai and
Jiangsu on the management and training.
Conclusions and Suggestions
1) The Shanghai Women's Football
The Shanghai women's football management system is get-
ting clearer and more and more mature day by day, the profes-
sional teams are really enrolled into professional management
system. Tactics is mature and stable. Players have good psy-
chological quality and they can take time on various conditions
appeared in the field and get the key events of the game, show-
ing good techni cal and tacti cal leve l and qua li ty. Playe rs' abi lity
of controlling the ball is quite good, teamwork between players
cooperates well, in midfield the organization is capable and
passing is in place, and there are a variety of attacking. The
Shanghai team received a good attack effect due to their high
technology content, outstanding ability, scoring more staff,
coupled with sophisticated style and rich 's attack repertoire in
the game .
2) The Jiangsu Women's Football
There are more young players in Jiangsu women's football
team, who are stamina. Some promising young players are
gradually growing and have begun to play some important po-
sition in the team according to different opponents using cor-
responding tactics routines when combined with courage, fast,
simple, live characteristics of playing. But compared with the
old players, they also appears slightly immature in some of the
details about adjusting to changing circumstances in the field,
and their mutual tacit understanding is not enough. In the actual
psychology there exits apparent difference, causing perfor-
mance instability. We hope that they can gradually form a set of
the tactics with formations of complete system through this
further run-in work in the cooperation degree and deepen un-
derstanding between new and old players, and further streng-
then the midfield organization strength and anti consciousness
so as to train player both offensive and defensive ability, which
can make the team a qualitative leap in the tactical fighting
3) The Zhejiang Women's Football
The Zhejiang women's football had already participated in
the National Women's Football Super League in 1999, but the
present situation is its narrow popularity, no successor, and it
hasn't formed a good echelon construction, which will affect
the sustainable development of Zhejiang 's women's movement.
According to the economic strength of Zhejiang, it is not a
problem for Zhejiang Province to start money to set up a wom-
en's football team, but it is an urgent problem to solve about
how to collocate reasonable configuration of women's soccer
characteristic and reform team management system. Based on
this, the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau and Football Asso-
ciation of Zhejiang province want to revitalize Zhejiang prov-
ince women football movement with the help Hangzhou West
Group, and they need further study management system from
Shanghai and Jiangsu so as to draw lessons of a rapid rise from
Jiangsu 's experience.
Jiangsu women's football team has got many fruits in the
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October Games and support and sponsorship of government
and other kinds of business. The Jiangsu team is very sound at
all levels of reserve echelon. Now the Jiangsu 's football team
has become China's specimens. The Yangtze River Delta region
should give full play to regional and economic advantage and
get more applications and contractors of large women's football
competition events. It can arouse social all circles force to en-
hance the interest in the development of female soccer and
strengthen the news media propaganda to create an atmosphere
to promote women's football development in this way.
The three provinces and cities should be based on the prin-
ciple of resource sharing, complementary advantages, mutual
benefit and common development, clear the professional goal
of reform, accelerate the process of women's football occupa-
tion, strengthen coach and athlete's communication, give more
a series of invitational tournament with format diversification,
develop the common development of the Yangtze River Delta
region of the women's football market with joined efforts, and
encourage more people to pay attention to women's footbal.
Thus it can expand the influence of women's movement and
stabilize the team to increase in Yangtze River Delta area of
women's football in participation, and jointly promote the de-
velopment of Yangtze River Delta region women's football.
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