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Exploration of the Way for Red Associations to Promote the Construction of Campus Civilization in Colleges and Universities

―Taking Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University as an Example

Yanjuan Qi1,2

1Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University, Daqing, China

2Ph.D. Candidate, Harbin Normal University, Harbin, China

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The construction of campus civilization is an important part of ideological and political education in colleges and universities. The construction of social organizations is an important carrier of ideological and political education in colleges and universities. Based on the analysis of the internal unity of red society and campus civilization construction, this paper takes the development of red society in Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University as an example, and emphatically expounds the way of red society promoting campus civilization construction.


Red Community, Campus Civilization, Path, Thinking

1. Introduction

The report of the 19th NPC pointed out clearly that “building a powerful nation for education is a basic project for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and we must give priority to education”. “We must fully implement the party’s education policy and implement the fundamental mission of the education” (Xi, 2017) . For higher education, it is an urgent requirement for the party and the country to cultivate a college student who is civilized, healthy, and innovative. In my opinion, in today’s university education, the construction of campus civilization has become an important part of developing ideological and political education in universities and people with morality.

2. The Campus Civilization Construction Connotation

2.1. Connotation

Civilization refers to the total wealth created by mankind, especially spiritual wealth, such as literature, art, education, science, but also refers to the social development to a higher stage of the performance of the state. In modern Chinese, civilization refers to a state of social progress, as opposed to brutality. Campus civilization has three levels of understanding, one is a narrow sense of understanding, especially the campus civilization and norms. The second is a broad understanding of the campus civilization understood as the school in the process of construction and development of the formation of the sum of material and spiritual civilization. Including hardware and software invisible civilization and explicit civilization. The third includes generalized and narrow comprehension (Wang, 2013) . Campus culture is a unique school spirit, style of study, and values of teachers and students, modes of thinking, social psychology, and behaviors that are formed by schools during their long-term education.

The construction of campus civilization is a systematic education project of cultivating people and creating people. The formation of one’s ideas, the establishment of political beliefs, the cultivation of moral qualities and the improvement of cultural qualities all require some education. The construction of campus civilization is not only a process of dissemination and exchange of college cultural knowledge, but also a process of purifying and upgrading ideological education of teachers and students in colleges and universities.

2.2. Significance

2.2.1. The Construction of Campus Civilization Is the Inherent Requirement of the Party to Strengthen the Ideological Initiative of Colleges and Universities

Xi Jinping at the national ideological and political education conference made it clear that the university shoulders the training of what kind of person, how to train people and for whom the training of important responsibilities (Ji & Wu, 2010) . From this perspective, colleges and universities to strengthen the building of campus civilization, making it ideological high ground, high ground and cultural high ground is the party’s internal requirements to strengthen the ideological initiative of colleges and universities.

2.2.2. The Construction of Campus Civilization Is to Cultivate the Needs of Demeanor College Students

The ultimate goal of building a civilized campus is to cultivate and bring up specialists with socialist consciousness, culture, morality, discipline and high quality. Therefore, the construction of campus civilization is conducive to college students to adhere to the correct direction of success is conducive to the development of college students’ civilized behavior, which is conducive to the improvement of college students’ humanistic quality, which is conducive to the cultivation of college students’ innovative awareness.

3. The Internal Relations between Red Society Building and Campus Civilization Construction

3.1. Red Community Originated

Under the guidance of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of “Three Represents”, the scientific concept of development and Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics, and taking the building of a harmonious society as their own responsibility, the red society of colleges and universities should, based on their interests, Hobby and specialty are composed of students who have continued to grow their learning ability, carry out their own activities in accordance with the norms and by-laws, and continuously enrich and develop their own students through continuous learning and activities. The community is committed to promoting the idea of the advanced nature of the party, has unique political advancement, advanced theory, advanced spirit and advanced nature of thought, and positively and positively guides the contemporary young college students’ thinking.

3.2. The Construction of Red Society and the Construction of Campus Civilization Are Inherently Unified

3.2.1. The Ultimate Goal of the Two Is Consistent

The final destination of the two constructions will all train college students to become outstanding socialist builders. It is the responsibility of the red clubs to promote social development. Through community learning and activities, members can develop and surpass themselves in self-education and self-management. The construction of campus civilization aims at providing a platform for the healthy development of college students through cultural construction and environmental construction so as to create a composite talented person with all-round development of morality, intelligence and the body.

3.2.2. Both are Focused on Internal Causes

Campus civilization is the inheritance of a university culture. It is an atmosphere, a kind of spirit, a manifestation of harmony, and a unity of spontaneous and man-made construction. The internal cause of the construction of campus civilization is that the main body of the school, that is, the teachers and students, should consciously and initiatively inherit the civilization belonging to their own school and inherit and carry forward the civilization of the Chinese nation. The theme of the red society is the spontaneous organization of college students, and proactively learn and carry forward the red theory and inherit the platform of advanced culture. In the process of building a civilized campus, the red society better embodies the unification of the combination of the independent activities of the community and the teachers’ instruction, and meets the needs of the internal cause of civilization construction.

3.2.3. Both Are Important Ways of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

CPC Central Committee and State Council issued the Opinions on Further Strengthening and Improving College Students’ Ideological and Political Education (No. 16 Document of the Central Committee), stressing that “we must strive to develop an effective way of ideological and political education for college students in the new situation” and “Leadership and management” and give play to the unique role of the community in the ideological and political education of college students (Li & Sun, 2012) . Nowadays, the promoting role of college students in the ideological and political education has become a consensus. The red society has the characteristics of a general student association, but different from the general student associations. It also plays an irreplaceable role in spreading the red theory and developing ideological education The lead role.

3.2.4. The Two Are Mutually Reinforcing

The gradual morality and lack of belief of university students aggravate the urgency and effectiveness of carrying out the construction of campus civilization. However, it is very urgent for the school syndicate to propagate and popularize the Marxist theory and the ideological and political theory course can hardly achieve the effect of education. Demands to find close to the life of college students, all students accept the way to carry out the ideal and faith education. Through the community activities, the red clubs allow members to understand the Marxist theory and the extensive and profound Chinese culture from different perspectives. It is bound to become an important force in the ideological and political education and campus civilization construction for the undergraduates by stimulating their sense of responsibility and mission. The vigorous development of red clubs can promote the positive development of campus civilization, meanwhile, good campus civilization helps red clubs develop to a higher level.

4. The Red Community to Promote the Path of Building a Civilized Campus

In how to carry out the construction of campus civilization, I believe that through the construction of the red community culture, the construction of the main theme of red and the construction of university students can promote the construction of campus civilization.

4.1. With the Spirit of the University Combine to Build a Red Community Culture, for the Construction of Campus Civilization to Create a Harmonious and Elegant Culture

The spirit of the university is the civilized achievement of the unique form of the spiritual form formed by the precipitation, selection and condensation of history in the long-term development of the university. Its unique personality manifests itself as the unique cultural quality and spirit of every university temperament. In response to the situation of Chinese universities, the spirit of the university also includes the patriotic love schools, inheriting and carrying forward the excellent Chinese cultural traditions, pioneering and innovating, and contributing to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

University student community culture mainly refers to the style, temperament, concept or spirit of the community organizations, community members and community activities. Red community culture while maintaining the “red” characteristics, but also with the school spirit of university integration. Take Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University as an example. This was an agricultural university established in 1958 by General Wang Zhen, then Minister of Agriculture, to lead 100,000 officers and men. The spirit of the August 1 Agricultural Congress of “hard work, selfless dedication, pragmatism and truthfulness, and bearing the weight of Zhiyuan” inspired all teachers and students of agricultural universities. Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University in 2005 established the Marxism-Leninism Research Association, the student red society. In many years of building a community culture, the Marxism-Leninism Seminar merged with the spirit of the Agricultural Congress of August 1 and gradually formed a community spirit of “exploring the truth, seeking truth from facts and contributing to society.” (Juan & Li, 2012) . Each member of the association plays a vanguard and exemplary role in inheriting the nation’s national spirit and the spirit of the times, carrying forward the communist faith and spreading the spirit of the August 1 Agricultural Congress.

Red society in promoting the red theory at the same time, if with the spirit of the university where the integration of the red theory in the reality of communication to find the point of integration, so that the cultural construction of red associations more theoretical, cultural, realistic and life-style, Easier to be accepted by community members. Inheritance of the university spirit of their own schools, can unite the people, spread the red theory can Ming, the combination of the two will surely promote the creation of college campus civilization.

4.2. Promote the Red Melody, Innovative Practice Platform for the Construction of Campus Civilization Construction Material Carrier

As an important carrier of students “second classroom education, student associations play an irreplaceable and important role in improving students” overall quality and prospering campus civilization. The red society leads the construction of campus civilization with the theme of red. The cultivation of college students is not only the improvement of knowledge ability, but also the cultivation and guidance of ideological and moral education. Heilongjiang August 1 Land Reclamation University Marxism-Leninism Research Association, over the years to carry out “promote the red melody” as the theme of social activities more than 20 items. Each year, we focus on one-day college education and invite the professors from both inside and outside the university to give lectures. We carry out thematic study and practice activities and conducted more than 10 social practice activities since the founding of the Association. Members of the community walked out of the classroom, into the society and carried out various investigations Visit, discussion and other practical activities, in-depth Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, Lindian County, Datong District to carry out research on rural democratic system in rural areas to carry out large rural village policy advocacy and legal advice, but also to farmers in the new rural construction research; many times Into the community to carry out research on urban health conditions, civilized city construction propaganda, honor and disgrace concept preach and other activities; Into the Daqing City Welfare Institute, care for the elderly to carry out volunteer services, theatrical performances, care for the elderly living alone. These activities not only enable students to deeply understand the national conditions, social conditions and public feelings, but also allow students to practice themselves and sublimate their own ideological realm. At the same time, organized a knowledge contest of the constitution, volunteered to clean the classrooms of the main building, “discussion on the theme of innovation and contention,” discussion on the situation and policy, study and education seminar on “two studies and one education”, and competition on the mini party. These red melody thematic activities, to seize the students are most concerned about the issues and social hot spots, to take forums, book clubs, research projects, commonweal activities such as the unity of the four in one form, to achieve the advanced ideas and advanced campus culture building interactive, resources Share, effectively enhance the effectiveness of the construction of campus civilization, improve student morality.

4.3. Satisfying Students “Needs, Creating Excellent Activities and Arousing Students” Participation Consciousness in Campus Civilization Construction

The purpose of the red society is to deepen the study of the firm belief in Marxist theory and actively disseminate it as a carrier of launching red theory at the university level. Therefore, college students are not only the advocates of red theory advocacy, but also the object of accepting the red theory inheritance. The activities carried out by the red clubs must take the needs and appeals of the university students as starting points and carry out publicity and education activities in a way that college students like. They focus on combining the hot topics that occur with university students and actively solve practical problems that are closely linked with the student groups. Marxist advanced theory guides and builds a harmonious and healthy campus civilization environment.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in his report at the 19th National Congress that “youth are more prosperous in their country and strong in youth are strong in their own country. The younger generation have ideals, ability and responsibility and the nation has a future, and there is hope for the nation.” In order to better cultivate and bring forward a batch of conscious learners and practitioners of Marxist theory, it is necessary to attract college students with lively and novel, rich content and distinct levels of activities, and strive to achieve the theme of life activities and the era of distinctive activities , Boutique activities brand. Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University Marxism-Leninism Institute for many years formed its own boutique, one is to create a red forum, a theory of college students to learn and exchange platform. Invited both inside and outside the school experts to conduct discussions and discussions on the security situation in neighboring China, Marx’s outlook on life and governing the country according to law (Juan & Li, 2012) . In 2017, we will conduct three studies around the hot issues of Youth Marxism Project and the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, with more than 1000 participants. The second is to carry out “four one” activities, namely to read a main theme book, to participate in a campus research project, enjoy a classic red film, participate in a public welfare activities. Association members to complete a number of research projects to form a survey report. The use of “July 1” and other commemorative day collectively watch the red movie, reading experience sharing experience, and actively participate in social welfare activities. The third is to visit patriotic bases. With the advantages of geographical resources, the society organizes members to visit the patriotic education base including the Iron Man Memorial, the Oilfield History Management, the Daqing Museum, the Site of July 31, the Great Northern Wilderness Museum and the History Museum, etc., accumulating 8 times. Therefore, all colleges and universities should actively encourage the development of red theory and society, adhere to the principle of combining theory with practice, current affairs, characteristics and students’ needs, and learn and culture through current affairs reports, learning salons, theoretical study forums, hot face-to-face meetings and practical visits Activities, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of young students to learn the theory of red, to “light a lamp, illuminate a large,” the red theory of community at this point, promote students to consciously learn from the face, mobilize students to participate in the red theory of learning And the enthusiasm of campus civilization construction.

5. Conclusion

In summary, practice has shown that red societies as the carrier of campus civilization dissemination in colleges and universities, relying on the inspiring red melody, the active up-to-date theme, and the activity beats, become an important way for the construction of college campus civilization. However, we should also see that the construction of the red community has yet to be improved. We should continue to innovate in inheriting traditional practices, build a good brand, a good quality, widely promote and apply, and strive to explore the red building of colleges and universities and the new construction of campus civilization. Growth point, and strive to create a learning campus for colleges and universities.


The Nineteen Major Theoretical Subjects of the Party of Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University in 2018, Research Findings, Project number sjd18208.

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