Smart Grid and Renewable Energy, 2012, 3, 148-151 Published Online May 2012 ( 1
Research on Synthetical Production Proration of Deep Gas
Well in Xu Jiaweizi Block Considering Multi Influential
Qingbo Zhao
Northeast Petroleum University, Daqing, China.
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Received January 14th, 2012; revised May 3rd, 2012; accepted May 12th, 2012
Xu deep volcanic gas reservoir is typical of complex lithology, severe inhomogeneity, big difficulty to extract. Pressure
sensitivity always exists in gas reservoirs. Prorating productio n is too high or low, causing problems, as for the en ergy
loss, reservoir damage, bottom effusion, thus lowing the gas productivity and affecting development benefit. So it have
to research on a new reasonably production proration method considering multi influential factors. It is a reasonably
production proration method considering multi influential factors in Xu gas reservoir, with guidelines such as capacity
use, pressure draw down, gas recovery rate, water out and throughout water data is reasonably, so we can long term use
it to guide gas field exploitation.
Keywords: Deep Gas Wells; Multifactor; AOF; Synthetical Production Proration
1. Preface
Xu deep gas reservoir is located in Anda territory of
Heilongjiang province. It is a volcanic rock gas field of
billions of reserves in the domestic, which is the main
part of the exploitation of Petrochina daqing natural gas
company. At present, the hydro carbon gas reservoir of xu
deep gas reservoir has submited 1193.36 × 108 m
3 of
verified geological reserves, including 202.7 km2, of gas
that contains six blocks namely Sheng Ping, Xing Cheng,
Chang De, Wei Shen 5, Wang Jia Tun deep and Zhao
Zhou west. So far Xu deep gas reservoir has invested 30
production Wells and 148 .18 × 108 m3 reserves.
Xu deep volcanic gas reservoir has a complex lithology
and strong heterogeneity which make it difficult to exploit,
and there is no successful development experiences so far.
According to the existing production wells, edge water or
bottom water exists in most gas reservoirs. If the way of
exploitation is taken unreasonably, waterflooding will
easyly emerges. Gas reservoirs is always pressure-sen-
sitive. Prorating production too high or low, can lead to a
series of problems such as energy loss, reservoir damage,
andbottom effusion, thus will lower the gas productivity
and affect the development benefit. Prorating production
of inital gas wells is often 1/4 to 1/6 of AOF, it has certain
artificial while lack scientific basis. Most study schemes
of optimal prorating production recently only consider the
single limiting factors [1], which can’t meet the other
indexs of developing optimal gas reservoir. So it is ne-
cessary to carry out comprehensive researches, determine
reasonable method, and control the mining method of gas
reservoir. In this way, the gas well production can work
in reasonable production, refrain gas reserve from water-
flooding. So we can make sure that the gas reservoir has
a high recovery degree.
In the realization of the gas field in prorating production,
domestic has the following several ways: gas extraction
curve method, the optimization method, the material ba-
lance method, Production history to legal method, num-
erical simulation method, experience method and so on [2].
Throughout the present situation and development at home
and abroad of the gas well (reservoir) production research,
we can know that there are a lot of mature researches for
each type of gas reservoir of single well production dy-
namic analysis and pressure drop change process. To the
condensate gas reservoir of oil and gas system in the
actual form, seepage flow characteristic, the development
of the dynamic and the different production period of
optimization research in single well production process
are to be further discussed; But for the study of each
single well production in optimization constitute research
of the whole gas reservoir production configuration is a
new field of learning.
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Research on Synthetical Production Proration of Deep Gas Well in Xu Jiaweizi
Block Considering Multi Influential Factors 149
2. Research on Synthetical Production
2.1. Energy Use with Reasonable Production
The coordination of gas well is refered to joining re-
lationship in the process of gas flow. To make the gas
well product stability, in the system of gas well, each
connected flow process must be coordinated [3]. The co-
ordination conditions is: 1) the mass flow of each cohe-
sion in the process are equal; 2) the rest pressure of pre-
vious process is enough to overcome the pressure con-
sumption of the next process, that is to say, the rest pre-
ssure of previous process should be equal to the starting
pressure of the next process. Node system analysis is co-
ordinating concept in the development of the application.
Gas well node system analysis can be quickly and easily
changed the system parameters to realize the dynamic
simulation of the gas well and be convenient to gain the
coordinate gas well production.
With bottom hole for node is the most commonly used
method of analysis. Set the bottom hole node make the
whole gas well system as Lifting oil tubing, ground line
two parts, As sh own in Figure 1 shows. The part of node
inflowing is the seepage for gas, with inflows dynamic
(IPR) curve to describe. From the central of gas layer to
ground separator, the pressure drop is the sum of lifting
oil pipeline pressure drop and the ground pressure drop.
The upstream and downstream pressure of node is:
Nod e into the pressure:
wfrsc sc
Node outflow pressure:
tubingground pipelinewf sep
pp pp  (2)
In the coordinating chart draw the inflowing dynamic
curve, and the outflowing dynamic (pwf-q) curve, It is
also IPR curve and OPR curve, make the two curve be
drawed in the same coordinate figure, The intersection
point of the two curve is the coordination bottom-hole
flowing pressure and production of the gas system, As it
is shown in Figure 1.
2.2. Gas Recovery Rate with Equilibrium
The determination of single well control reserves occupies
an important position in the development process of gas
reservoir, single well production of Gas well is the im-
portant parameters in analysising and planning gas field
development [4]. When Matching production need to
achieve a balanced recovery speed, ensure reasonable de-
velopment, long-term and stable production of gas fiel d.
The single well control reserves calculation formula:
G (3)
Recoverable reserves:
2.3. Safe in Prorating Production with Carry
Liquid Flow
Critical carry liquid output:
c2.5 10
 (5)
The parameters that influence the critical flow rate and
the critical flow velocity are: Gas to liquid density, Gas
to liquid surface tens ion, gas compression coefficient, oil
tubing cross-sectional area, pressure, temperature, gas
production and liquid production and so on. But in the
given production situation, Calculated point temperature
nd pressure decided other parameters [5]. a
Figure 1. Compatible production general schematic drawing of gas well.
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Research on Synthetical Production Proration of Deep Gas Well in Xu Jiaweizi
Block Considering Multi Influential Factors
Temperature and pressure for the influence of Carry
critical liquid flow is the opposite (see Figure 2), From
the bottom of the well to the top of the well, temperature
drop make the critical fluid flow value increases, but
pressure drop make the critical fluid flow value decrease,
so from the bottom of the well to the top of the well, the
increase and decrease of the critical value depends on the
influence of the temperature and pressure which accounts
for a leading role. From the bottom of the well to the
mouth of the well, Because of the temperature of the
lower strata is higher, he temperature of the initial gas
loss is little, and the pressure loss is bigger. At the same
time, the pressure is the leader factor.
Above the analysis about typical data in Xu Jiaweizi,
we can conclude that the control conditions of carry
critical liquid flow may be in bottom, or in top. Calculate
the carry critical liquid flow of the bottom well and the
top well, and then converted to the carry critical liquid
flow under the standard condition, the larger value can be
as the critical fluid production of the whole well.
Figure 2. Reguler pattern of critical flow rate and critical
flow velocity affect by temperature and pressure.
2.4. Bottom Water Coning with Safety Prodction
One of the main tasks of Bottom water drive gas re-
servoir engineering research is to determine the critical
production and breakthrough time of the gas well [6], If
the prorating production of the gas well is more than the
critical production of the gas well, the well must be
breakthrough, then when design reasonable production,
take the critical production as a constraint, control its rea-
sonable yield less than critical p rodu ction , so as to realize
the mining without water.
Bottom water coning critical production calculation
 
0.7311 1.94341
 a
0.8467 hwg
3. Mine Field Example
Above all comprehensive plan of proration production,
combine with oil well outwater dynamic analysis, use the
theory of the comprehensive factors to deter me the final
match production plan of the gas well with corresponding
gas block (see Table 1).
4. Conclusion and Understanding
1) The volcanic reservoir heterogeneity is extremely
strong, and the relationship between gas and water is
complex, gas well with the general policy in reasonable
should be “for hole and appropriate, take into account the
2) Make the single well with reasonable production
principle, that is, based on the single well control reserves,
it should get the speed of recovery balance. According to
the productivity equation, relative to the energy, it should
get to the pressure drop balance. According to the system
analysis of gas well node, make full use of the formation
energy reasonable [7]. With the requirements of the liquid
is greater than the minimum yield, avoiding bottom
effusion as far as possible; Less than bottom water coning
critical production, prevent bottom water coning cracks
along the high angle to the bottom; According to the dy-
namic analysis results of gas well water, adjust the yield,
slow down the output of the water.
3) In this paper, the study is for the deep gas of xu
multi-factors comprehensive method with production,
considering the o pen-flow capacity, gas speed equilibrium,
pressure drop balanced, energy reasonable be used, liquid
security, bottom water coning and so on. It is a more sci-
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Research on Synthetical Production Proration of Deep Gas Well in Xu Jiaweizi
Block Considering Multi Influential Factors 151
Table 1. Proration production under multi influe ntial fac t or s (104 m3).
Xu deep 1-2 well 11.610 14.5 14.5 14.5 12 12 12
Xu deep 1-1 well 10.323 12.9 12.9 12.9 12.9 12.9 10
Xu deep 6 well 17.893 15 15 15 15 15 14
Xu deep 6-1 well 2.370 4 5 5 5 5 5
Xu deep 603 well 7.090 6 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5
Xu deep 1 well 16.370 16 16 16 16 16 15
Xu deep 1-201 well 8.056 8 8 8 8 8 8
Xu deep 1-304 well 16.569 14 12.5 12.5 12.5 12.5 12. 5
Xu deep 6-104 well 11.930 11.5 1 1.5 11.5 10.5 10.5 10.5
Xu deep 6-105 well 12.297 12.5 1 2.5 12.5 10 10 10
Xu deep 1-101 well 13.578 12 12 12 10 10 10
Xu deep 1-3 well 19.385 20 19 19 18 18 18
Xu deep 1-4 well 3.037 3.7 4 4 4 5 5
Xu deep 6-101well 6.923 8 8 8 8 8 8
Xu deep 6-107 well 2.358 2.9 3.75 3.75 3.75 4 .5 4.5
Xu deep 6-209 well 2.109 2.6 3.5 3.5 3.5 4 4
Xu deep 6-3 well 2.652 3.3 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5
Xu deep 6-2 well 1.761 2.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5
Xu deep 6-211 well 2.589 3.2 4 4 4 4 4
Open-flow capacity (AOF); Prorating production with pressure drop of balance (PPDB); Prorating production with Gas speed equilibrium (PGSE); Prorating
production with Rational use of energy (PRUE); Prorating production with Bottom water coning (PBWC); Prorating production with carry critical liq uid flow
(PCCL); Ultimate prorating prod uction with dynamicwater (UPDW).
entific and reasonable method, make the gas well produc-
tion tends to optimization. According to match production
results, The daily output of Xu block 19 Wells deep gas
scale is 164 × 104 m3, The daily output of average single
well gas is 8.631579 × 104 m3.
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