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Causality and Reversibility in Irreversible Time:
Book Review
M. L. Arushanov
Laboratory of Uzbekistan Hydrometeorological Research Institute, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Received January 10, 2012; revised February 15, 2012; accepted February 22, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-935068-55-6
117 pp Pub. Date: October/2011
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From classical point of view the full description of a sys-
tem is the sum of its parties descriptions. Quantum me-
chanics introduced essential correction in the classical
view: the measurable properties of a particle ensemble
can exceed the properties sum of its particles. It is im-
possible to describe such entangled states by the known
local field equation. Now nonlocal quantum correlations
are well known, they underlie quantum information sci-
ence and have the practical applications already. On the
other hand in macro-physics, in particular, in astrophys-
ics and geophysics a lot of facts about distant dissipative
processes correlations (including violating classical cau-
sality) not reducible to electromagnetic and gravitation
interactions have been collected. These correlations could
be explained by their nonlocal nature. Although thermo-
dynamic limit now is already a subject of entanglement
research, the mentioned large-scale processes have re-
mained out of scope of quantum information. The book
“Causality and Reversibility in Irreversible Time” by S.
M. Korotaev is the first attempt to fill this gap.
S. M. Korotaev is the well known physicist, follower
of N. A. Kozyrev, working both in the theory and experi-
ment. In his book chapter by chapter, starting from semi-
classical Kozyrev causal mechanics, through quantum
theory (illustrated by wide series of model entangled sta-
tes) he approaches to his outstanding experimental results
described in the last chapter. On this way, in Chapter 4
the hypothesis, which to be experimentally tested, is for-
mulated as macroscopic entanglement equation, taking
into account propositions of causal mechanics, quantum
nonlocality and Hoyle and Narlikar action-at-a distance
The Chapter 6 is the main in my opinion. It presents
the results of wide and long series of the experiments,
conducted under the supervision of S. M. Korotaev, on
observation of nonlocal correlations of the distant mac-
roscopic dissipative processes. Most of them are of solar
terrestrial scale. The above hypothesis has bee success-
fully tested. The high level of advanced correlations and
considerable time shift allowed suggesting and imple-
menting the real and r eproducible solar and g eomagnetic
forecasts. The results are of fundamental importance for
basic physics as well as for astrophysics and geophysics.
The applied aspect concerning solar-terrestrial physics is
also obvious. As an expert in atmospheric physics I have
to stress first of all a possibility of the principally new
statement of weather and climate forecast problem. The
measurements of advanced nonlocal correlation open a
way to forecasting a random component of atmospheric
activity which is by definition unpredictable in the fra-
mework of classical paradigm and namely which, at pre-
sent, limits the horizon of predictability. In addition, the
way to understanding strange observed correlations of
the distant processes of different nature opens.
I believe the readers will find the book interesting and
stimulating their own reflections and activities.
[1] S. M. Korotaev, “Causality and Reversibility in Irreversible
Time,” Scientific Research Publishing, Inc., Irvine, 2011.
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