Vol.2, No.2, 112-114 (2010) Natural Science
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Study on promoting quantum mechanics-teaching
modernization by information technology
Hong-Mei Wang
Department of physics Dezhou University, Dezhou, China; Whm_2327@126.com
Received 17 November 2009; revised 14 December 2009; accepted 30 December 2009.
Quantum mechanics, one of the important
theories of modern physics, is fairly esoteric
and abstract. Based on the characteristics of
the quantum mechanics course, the article
studies the modernization of quantum mechan-
ics teaching in four aspects: the modernization
of the teaching idea, Computer-Aided Instruc-
tion, the development of Information technology
software and the establishment of three-di-
mensional digital curriculum teaching resource
Keywords: Quantum Mechanics;
Information Technology; Modernization of Teaching
Information technology is the general appellation of
communication technology, computer technology, mul-
timedia technology and network technology. In recent
years, information technology has been applied in all
walks of life, greatly promoting the social progress and
economic development; meanwhile, it has also provided
the more vast development space for higher education,
thus bringing significant changes to higher education
content, form, methods have undergone [1]. Quantum
mechanics, as one of the two pillars of modern physics
and the most important required course for physics ma-
jors, is an important basis for some post-graduate
courses such as theoretical physics, materials science,
laser physics and technology, bio-physics, and theoreti-
cal chemistry. Through the study of this course, students
can master the basic conceptions and theories of quan-
tum mechanics and acquire the ability to analyze and
solve problems with the basic theories of quantum me-
chanics. But it is very difficult for the beginners to ac-
cept the theory, for it is fairly esoteric, abstract and com-
plex. Modern information technology can integrate and
construct an ideal learning environment effectively,
which can support the creation of the real situation, the
sharing of resources without the limit of time and space,
the fast and flexible obtaining of information, and the
interaction of rich resources, thus leading to new learn-
ing methods such as research-based learning and coop-
erative learning, and achieving the goals of deepening
the teaching reform and training innovative talents. So
the introduction of information technology in the teach-
ing of quantum mechanics can effectively promote the
modern teaching of quantum mechanics.
Education modernization demands not only the renewal
of equipment and technology but also of the teaching
idea. Updating teaching idea is to change the educational
idea, teaching content and teaching methods, which are
behind the times. Traditional teaching is based on the
basic purpose: teaching students knowledge, telling stu-
dents the way to live and answering students’ questions,
and teaching knowledge is the fundamental goal of
teaching. This old teaching model and teaching idea do
not fit in with the law of education and hinder the im-
provement of the students’ physical quality, thus being
not conducive to the cultivation of talents. To cultivate
talented personnel of high qualities who meet the new
age’s needs and intense competition, we must reform
education ideology, instruction content and instruction
means. Computer is the basis and the core of modern
science and technology. Mankind has entered the com-
puter age and the information superhighway era. More-
over, more than 90% of the invention and development
of the world science and technology is closely linked
with the computer technology in recent 30 years. It can
be said that commanding the knowledge of computer is
an essential quality for the future talents. As for the re-
quests for the next generation of young people, the em-
Eleventh Five-Year National grade teaching reform Identify (FIB070
H. M. Wang / Natural Science 2 (2010) 112-114
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phasis should not be put too much on the amount of the
knowledge they have reserved, but on their ability to
obtain knowledge.
Computer and software are the crystallization of the
wisdom and a valuable knowledge product. As an im-
portant component of modern teaching technology,
Computer is introduced to classroom teaching and fam-
ily tutoring, which will not only be good for us to streng-
then the times, competitiveness and pathbreaking of the
teaching and to face the challenges of a new era, but also
help students form new ideas, new concepts and new
methods in the learning process, which is very important
for them to become a high-quality personnel in future.
3.1. Computer-Aided Teaching Enriches the
Class Teaching Method
The enrichment of quantum mechanics teaching content,
the decrease of teaching hours and the improvement in
the request of talent training quality make the contradic-
tions of the teaching enforcement process more obvious,
so it is essential to put forward the best solution to solve
the problem to enhance the effectiveness of teaching.
There are some obvious shortcomings in traditional class
teaching and the lag of teaching technology led to rigid
forms of class teaching. The original teaching pattern, in
which teachers teach and students listen and take notes,
hindered the students’ interest in study. Therefore it is
necessary to change the writing on blackboard simply
into electronic teaching plan, writing on blackboard,
video, CAI, demonstration of the experiment and the
network to achieve the best teaching results. It is worth
mentioning CAI, the character of which is the visualiza-
tion and diversification of teaching content, the rigorous
and scientific nature, the unified applicability and timely
interaction, which favors the implementation of indi-
vidualized teaching. CAI, as an effective means of mod-
ern teaching, is getting more and more favor of teaching
workers. The emergence of CAI brought a vitality for
class teaching, and its powerful demonstration function
can not be compared by traditional equipment.
3.2. Digital Software Development for
Typical Teaching Content
Quantum effects, quantum model, quantum theory,
quantum computing, quantum experiment and quantum
application in quantum mechanics are very difficult and
abstract to understand, so the teaching effect has been
less prominent. But it has been proved by practice that
the development of proper software for teaching will
achieve better results.
3.2.1. Make Full Use of the Three-Dimensional
Demonstration of Information Technology
to Learn Abstract Wave Function
Comparing quantum states with the state statistics in the
teaching of wave function, accepting wave function with
the idea of distribution function is called the probability
density [2]. Then, make a surface of the equivalent prob-
ability density, and the probability of emergence of mi-
cro-particles is equal. It will be fine to find the dot
(, , )r
, which satisfies the equation
and then to run the dot in a smooth surface (Figure 1,
Figure 2).
3.2.2. Play a Numerical Calculation and
Simulation Capabilities to Achieve the
Strengthening of the Basic Concepts of
Quantum Theory and the Experiment
Content in the Classroom
Movement of micro-particles is random in general. The
description of the motion of the wave function is the
probability (density) range, and eigenvalue and eigen-
state reflects the side of movement determinism. That is,
the measured corresponding value of physical quantities
is determined when the particle is in a mechanical eigen-
Figure 1. Probability density two-dimensional infinite well
Figure 2. Three-dimensional infinitely deep well the prob-
ability density-wave.
H.M. Wang / Natural Science 2 (2010) 112-114
Copyright © 2010 SciRes. OPEN ACCESS
The calculation and solving on eigen equation, the ei-
genstate and eigenvalue of the mechanical quantity is the
important teaching content and methods to understand
the basis of quantum theory. However, it is difficult to
study when facing the energy spectrum of one-dimen-
sional finite deep square potential trap, so we can make a
potential trap spectrum distribution of different wide
with digital technology (Figure 3). We will feel more
relaxed by studying the energy spectrum of one-dimen-
sional finite deep square potential trap by diagram.
In addition, when introducing the teaching of quantum
experiments [3], we can take full advantage of the digital
calculation and simulation technology to show students
quantum fence and quantum decoherence, which are dif-
ficult to understand, and instruct students to realize the
simulation by programming (Figure 3, Figure 4). The
technology is also widely used in the teaching Spatial
Orientation quantization of angular momentum, two- di-
mension brillouin zone of energy band theory and comp-
ton scattering experiment with perfect teaching result.
3.2.2. Set Up Three-Dimensional Digital Teach-
ing Resources of Quantum Mechanics
The characteristics of college students learning are the
combination of class learning with extra-curricular
learning. But extra-curricular learning resources in many
schools are the teaching plan of teachers and the answer
to exercises, etc, which can not provide effective help to
Figure 3. Quantum corral.
Figure 4. Quantum decoherence.
students. Information technology has been promoting the
reform and innovation of the traditional audio-visual and
computer-assisted education since the mid 90s of last
century. Fine quality learning resources on quantum
mechanics can be found in network learning resources at
home and abroad at present and the resources are very
rich; therefore, we can collect high-quality digital teach-
ing resources about quantum mechanics at home and
abroad, and then select, integrate and create the existing
digital teaching resources by combining the teaching
practice with teaching research of chief teachers in ac-
cordance with the new education ideas, with the aid of
modern information technology to build three-dimen-
sional digital resource library and at the same time to
assist the teaching resources on the Net which include
teaching software, management software and Informa-
tion Consultation. It is especially important to establish
the multi-dimensional database of information integrable
ware according to the thought of the integrable ware, and
teaching on Net becomes true by using the integrable
ware to assemble a platform. Provide students with a
broad three-dimensional self-learning space for students’
extra-curricular learning. (Shandong Province, the pro-
vincial Quality Course Digital Web site of quantum me-
chanics: /kc/lzlx/index.php )
Nonesuch Courses Building is one of the important con-
tents of the Project of Teaching Quality and Teaching
Reform in Colleges, the aims of which is to improve the
teaching quality and the quality of personnel training [4].
Information technology is a powerful backup of the re-
alization of the teaching modernization and a necessary
condition of Course Construction. It can be predicted
that the further development of information technology
will promote quantum mechanics-teaching moderniza-
tion to a higher level.
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